Steel Boned Corset vs Latex/Spandex Waist Cincher

The Difference Between Cinchers and Steel Boned Corsets

Shaping, Slimming, or Smoothing?

We’ve added even more information about the differences between waist cinchers and waist trainer corsets and what it really means to waist train to our Waist Training 101 page!

Hello OC Blog Readers! We get asked all the time “What’s the difference between a waist cincher and a corset?” The quick answer is “LOTS!” I am going to try an offer a little more detail today as to the differences of these products, and also how you might want them both to work together towards your goals.

Waist cinchers, which is a term used to define those shaping garments that target the abdomen specifically. That is where the similarity to corsets ends. A waist cincher will usually shave an inch or two from your waistline while you are wearing it and is designed to provide a slimming affect underneath your clothes. Most cinchers are made from a combination of nylon and latex or spandex, some with plastic boning. If you carry your weight in your tummy, they can help give you more of a waistline for sure-but not the hourglass curves a steel boned corset will give you.


46.5″ natural waist in a size 36 CS-411

Steel boned corsets are designed to not only give you AMAZING curves, but will instantly take three, four even six-seven (or more) inches off instantly (depending on how much “fluff” you have). Corsets also will help you to re-shape your body overtime (like braces for your teeth or tapers to stretch earlobe piercings-I personally find corsets to be less invasive than either of those options-but you get the idea). Proper dedication and patience to waist training will give you a smaller waist even without your corset on, and a little corset maintenance will keep it that way.

Many women find they want to waist train almost around the clock, but sleeping in a steel boned corset is not for everyone-and you certainly shouldn’t work out in one! That is where you might benefit from both products. Cinchers are more comfortable to sleep in and work out in, but still provide some support and shaping. Corsets are bulkier as well, and if you are looking to for some slimming help underneath a fitted top or dress, the cincher is easier to hide (as it is meant for that). As I said at the start of this blog, you will not achieve the same results with a cincher, but it will shave a little (and bring in your waist if you carry excess weight in your tummy).

Vedette-bodybriefer-shapewear-cropAnother coupling of these two products come from trying to reduce or eliminate that dreaded “back bulge” that can arise from wearing some styles of corsets. The CS-426 sits high on the back (which usually prevents any bulge), but not everyone can wear a longline underbust. For women with average to short torsos, the CS-411 or CS-305 work better, but can sometimes leave an unwanted back bulge between the corset and the bra line. Wearing a high-backed cincher or other bodybriefer form of shapewear under your corset will help.

So many products with so many different uses..it can make your head spin! I hope this clears up at least this one FAQ for many of you. We would love to hear your experiences and advice on cinchers and corsets below in the comments.

Great curves belong to everyone at Orchard Corset!



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135 Responses

  1. Great Information about Waist cinchers!!

    Anyone can try for waist cinchers for instant results at this garment provide full support to your body.

    Your blog is really very informative for those who really want to lose weight.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yurie

      Hello, I am currently using a 25boned steel corset.. I am 5flat (i guess).. So the corset is a bit longer than I expected. It actually covers my lower abdomen.. Will it affect the size of my hips? will my hips get smaller as my midsection does?

      1. Hello! Unfortunately, our hips are fixed points. They cannot be moved or affected by a corset. With strength training and specific exercises, it’s possible to change their shape a bit, but it’s unlikely that you’d reduce the actual size of your hip area, unless you have a fair amount of soft tissue there in which case you could lose weight and have your hip measurement become smaller with diet and exercise.


    HI, after giving birth to my daughter, now already 1.5 year old, my tummy still bulge and my belly button protrude, when I do crunching, the middle tummy tissue push out, I read from internet this is diastasis recti. Can I correct my problem with corset or waist cincher?
    I read that it’s not possible.. hope to hear from you if other wise. Tqvm

    1. That definitely sounds like something that you should talk over with your doctor. Depending on how severe the diastasis recti is, your doctor may recommend a splint which is a little different from a cincher or corset. There are also specific exercises you can do to repair the damage.

    2. Kelly

      Connie, My son turned 19 a month ago. In Oct I saw my plastic surgeon to have a tummy tuck. Since I had a hysterectomy in 2002, and woke up feeling like I’d been run over by an 18 wheeler, I swore I’d never get a tummy tuck. I had a pooch for over 18 years. What convinced me that I had to get the tt was when I had the consult with my plastic surgeon, and he told me I had Diastasis Recti, and he said it would never go away, no matter how many exercises I did, because the muscles had separated, and had to be sewn back together. One reason I believed him, other than the fact I’ve had other surgeries and procedures done by him, is I still remember being in high school, and my English teacher, who was also the aerobics instructor and volleyball coach had her first baby, and lifted her shirt in class one day to show us how her stomach muscles were separated. She had stomach muscles you could see, unlike me lol. I wore a corset and waist trainer before my tummy tuck, which took 3 inches off my waist the first day,and it stayed off, but the muscles stayed separated. About 8 or so weeks after the tummy tuck, I went back to wearing my waist trainer and corset. Everything I’ve read says surgery is the only option to fix he muscles. If you don’t have a lot of loose skin like I did, sometimes some women only need the muscle repair, and not an entire tummy tuck. I feel like my muscles at the top still stick out a tad, but I can feel that they are together, and not on each side of my stomach. The tummy tuck was a BREEZE. Nothing like the hysterectomy. You leave the surgery with a pain pump, which they take out I believe on day 1 or 2 post op, and my Dr. told me to stop taking the pain pills on day 2 as well, because they slow the healing. I was barely taking them anyway. My back hurt the worst from being hunched over, scared to stand up straight. I wish I would have had the surgery years ago. Yes I was cut from hip to hip, and my hips are 42 inches, but the incision started to fade within weeks. It’s been since 27Oct, and you have to look to see the scar. Good luck with whatever choice you make πŸ™‚

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  4. Sonia

    Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great day. I bought the Vedette 103 powerful Latex Waist Cincher from you, along with your corsets. I have found that after a couple of wears the center of the waist area has creased substantially , I guess because my tummy creases when I sit. Challenge seems to be it doesn’t seem to return to its original shape afterward, the creases seem etched into it but I don’t want to do something to try to fix it and make it worse. Any suggestions at all or is it just a fact of life with this type of product?

    1. Hi Sonia! I have seen that effect when a cincher is too long for your torso, the 103 does the same thing on me and it’s much too long for me! The 103 measures 12.5″ long in the front, which is rather long… we do have the 348 style that is 11″ or even the 902 which is only 7″. A cincher can’t hold itself upright like a corset can so our natural creases aren’t smoothed out and held in quite the same way. It could also be slightly too big for you, rather than squeezing you in it might only be sitting on top of your stomach. If you want to get in touch with our sizing experts with your measurements they can be more accurate with sorting out what’s going on, the email address is info@orchardcorset.com

      Thank you for being a customer and take care!

    1. Hi Cate! Great question and the answer is YES! There are many benefits of corseting to include treating back pain. Of course we always recommend that you discuss the option with your physician as we don’t know your unique situation. You might like to read a testimonial on our Blog https://orchardcorsetblog.com/2013/09/23/in-her-own-corsets-how-the-cs-426-gave-maya-her-life-back/ as an example. I personally have noticed improvement in my posture and back pain relief since beginning my corset journey. We hope you join us!

  5. Deena

    Hello. I am a thin girl but have always had a wider waist. I’m 5’7, 123lbs with a 29inch waist. I wish I had more of a cinched waist but I’m just straight until my hips. Oh and I exercise regularly. Really I’m no slouch. Does this work on skinny girls who want a cinched waist? Nothing extreme. Maybe just 3 inches off. It would be nice to have more of an hourglass look.

    1. Hi Deena! Great question and the good news is the answer is Yes! We have several staff members who are on the lean side and have been able to wear corsets for that beautiful hourglass look you desire. We would need a few more measurements to make some recommendations for you so please watch our sizing video: and get back to us with online chat, email, phone or if you prefer here on our Blog. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  6. Alexis

    How well does the vedette 103/149 works I am looking to loose tummy fat and well as inches and will I be able to work out and sleep with this waist trainer as well

    1. Hi Alexis,

      The 103 is great for both sleeping and working out! It will not really modify your shape the way a corset does over time-but you can shed some unwanted water weight in your midsection with that latex wrapped around you.

  7. Miriam Garcia

    Hi which corset would be good for me. I want to lose some inches. I do have a belly and muffin tops which I dont like. But what really pops out more are my sides which make me look really fat.

    1. Hi Miriam. Please head over to our sizing page and enter your measurements in the form at the bottom of the page. There is additional information on that page about how to measure yourself as well. One of our sizing experts will be able to point you toward the size and style of corset that will suit you best.

  8. kate

    I seem to have a very short torso which leaves me feeling boxy. I am curious to start waist training to give me a bit more of an hourglass figure but am not sure where I should start. I have a little bit of a the curve now but my hip bones and rib cage literally only have about a finger-width of space between them… not much opportunity for that curve inward whatsoever. Do you have a corset that could help?

  9. ACE

    Do you ship to Nigeria? Can I get assistance from customer care in choosing my steel boned corset n latex waist cinched for working out?

          1. ACE

            Thanks so much for your response back to me really appreciate. Do you ship to Switzerland? I can get it from switz. I really need to start waist training for my big day. Pls help me out

          2. ACE

            Hey Cheri , am a beginner in this n don’t know which to start with. Please, can u recommend a steel boned corset and any other I can use for work out? Also how I can know my size for them. Thanks n God Bless. Await our response

          3. ACE

            Hello Cheri, I have been tied down with office work. Finally got my measurement. under bust- 36, upper hip- 40, natural waistline- 39.. Hope this information will help in the recommendation for the appropriate corset. Thanks and God Bless

          4. ACE

            Guess I would go for a size 32 steel boned under bust leather corset. For the waist cincher I saw vedette 103/149 powerful latex waist cincher but do not know the size to pick for it. Cheri with my measurement do I go for a large, x-large,2x or 3x large?

  10. miyae

    Hi there, complete novice here to waist training and corsetry. Wondering if you guys could help me pick the proper choices in corsets. I’m looking to reduce in size by 4 to 5 inches with an underbust corset to wear under clothing and whatnot! I already am quite curvy and have a hourglass shape but plan on clean eating and exercise to help me waist train.

    Underbust: 32
    Waist: 32.5
    Upper hip: 40
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 162


  11. Monica Nyland

    I am interested in beginning waist training but really have no idea of where to start. I have a 21 inch waist naturally, am 5’5 and 100 lbs (age 18). I would like to get my waist down a couple of inches but nothing really extreme. “Technically” I already have an hourglass shape (32-21-33) but on my small frame it doesn’t really look to be. I am a little frightened by the whole rib and organ displacements and whether or not those are harmful or not. I have been looking into waist cinchers and corsets and so far I have not really been able to find any waist cinchers that would fit me. Are there any of either that you can recommend that would be good for my size as well as everyday conceable use (like under clothing when going to school)?

    1. Hi Monica,

      With a natural waist of only 21″ you will likely need a custom fit corset as even sizing down into a 16 you will find the top and bottom edges far too small in the corset for you-as even our curviest corset only allows for a 7″ difference between waist and top edge of corset and you are at 11″.

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  13. shyshy87

    i want to lose inches off my waist will the Vedette 348 Latex Underbust Strapless Waist Cincher help me to do that? .. if so when will i start seeing results? my waist is a 32 so should i go with the med?

    1. Hi there,

      The Vedette is not intended to help you lose inches (except while you are wearing it). It is not a waist training corset. It works great for workouts, etc when you cannot wear a corset and it will help you sweat away some unwanted water weight (but that will come right back).

  14. Meliss


    I am looking for a corset to wear underneath my wedding dress. It is a beautiful ballgown dress but the top is not a corset. I am looking for something I can wear underneath that will give me the hourglass shape without sweating! I am 5’1 and weigh 110. I currently have the steel boned half corset (i have a short torso and yes my back fat sticks out up top) also the corset has the string at the back so it would look bulky. Which corset would be suitable for me?

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Congratulations! I would suggest trying the cream satin 301 (and buy the satin laces-4 yards- for less bulkiness). The mesh 201 in beige might be an option as well…not bulky and very breathable. If the dress is really low backed..the 301 may be your only option.

  15. StaceyS

    Does anyone have a problem with getting itchy welts on their skin after wearing your corset tightly? Another problem that I have is that the corset pushes my jeans/pants down while I’m wearing it…it make my jeans/pants look weird and feels very uncomfortable. My job does not allow me to wear dresses or tights… Any suggestions regarding these issues?

  16. Nette

    Cheri Dudek,

    In one of your earlier posts you said the corsets can’t simply be thrown into the wash. What are the care/cleaning recommendations for corsets. Specifically, the satin and cotton ones?

  17. Stacey

    I just bought a Ann Chery cincher, because I have always had a small waist but after gaining weight and losing it my waist went from a 27 to a 31. I thought the cincher would help me lose the 4 inches for good, but I don’t want to wear it during the day. Can I and will it help to just sleep in??

  18. jacky

    I had a baby about two months ago and I’m looking to slim my abdomen and I’ve always had like a little bulge on my sides on my lower back that I would love to get rid of. I’m about 5’7 5’8 and I’ve always weighed about 120 125. I’m wanting to gain weight but just on my thighs and I thought maybe an aggressive cincher would work but now I’m not so sure. I want to slim my waist like a corset would do but I want something that will cover my entire back to get rid of the small bulges I have on my sides

  19. Crystal

    I find it hard to wear the corset under clothes. I’m on day 3 of seasoning it. It’s really loose on the top but fits everywhere else. But the bottom shows and top shows when I wear clothes. Will the corset fit better and not be so loose in these places after awhile? I’m wearing a cs-345 in size 32

    1. It should lie flatter as it is seasoned and you are able to tighten it up more. It would help to have your measurements to be sure you are in the right size (underbust, waist and upper hip). Corset are tricky to hide under some modern clothing. Dresses and skirts work well (leggings too). But nothing too fitted. Belted tops and dresses work well also.

    2. darkangelwingz

      I’m having the same issue! I have the mesh 201 corset and I’ve been seasoning for about a week and a half. Even though I can lace it much tighter and it fits better from the hips, the underbust is still bulky/loose enough that it’ll pop through my shirts πŸ™ Hopefully this gets better over time, ribcage is pretty narrow in comparison to my waist and hips. Good luck, Crystal!

  20. Janaki

    Hey…. I really want to start training my waist…. I’ve been working out…. I want to do all I can to get rid of this stomach… I weigh 222 I’m 5’6. I need something I can wear to work and not sweat in I need something I can workout in.

  21. darkangelwingz

    Hello, I’ve been checking out the site/blog and I really appreciate all the info and options! My goal is to reduce the size of my waist permanently, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for a full corset yet or if I should start with a waist cincher first, maybe someone can give me some tips. I work sitting down 90% of the time and I do a quick workout during my lunch break at work. I would like to wear something that I’ll be comfortable in sitting down, working out, and even eating/drinking water (I eat small portions during work but do drink lots of water) but that will still help me with my tummy and posture. I wear mostly fitted t-shirts and jeans/shorts and would prefer something that doesn’t show through.

    I’m about 5’4″ with a shortish torso and these are my measurements: UB: 33″, Waist: 36″, Low Waist: 40″. I also have pretty large breasts (40″) so I hope that they’re not touching my chin when I’m cinched up πŸ˜‰ Even at my size, my ribcage and hip bones are almost “touchable”, I’m pretty narrow but most of my weight is at front in my tummy.

    Thanks in advanced, and I’m really excited to start cinching! πŸ˜€

    1. Hi there!

      Only a steel boned will actually give you (semi)permanent results, but it is not suitable for working out in. With a shorter torso, the Vedette 348 may work alright for you. As for corsets, I think a mesh 201 in a size 28 or 30 (depending on how firm vs soft you are).

      1. darkangelwingz

        Thanks for your reply, Cheri! Based on the price difference (not that much) I’m really eyeing that mesh waspie! So it would be impossible to ride my bike or do small barbell exercises while wearing it? I’m pretty soft from the front (tummy) but pretty narrow/bony from the sides. Would a 28 be too tiny to start off with? Sorry for all my questions, I’ve never corseted before πŸ™‚

        1. Sarah Chrisman (full time corseter) wears her corset while bike riding all the time! One thing to note is that you cannot throw your corset in the washing machine..so sweating all over it is not such a good thing! I imagine light resistance training with weights would also be fine.

          1. darkangelwingz

            That’s good info to know! I’d probably wear a light camisole underneath anyway to avoid scratching, etc. but it makes total sense to avoid a full workout where I’m going to be drenched in sweat. Thanks again, Cheri! I’m excited to start!

  22. Yolanda

    I started waist training about a little over a month ago and I love it. I have already gotten my corset to completely close and am looking forward to going down in size with ordering another corset. I think Orchard Corsets are the best, I wish there was a way to be a distributor of them myself. The quality of these corsets are amazing and ever since I started wearing mine I can not begin to count the ladies I work with who want to start training along with me. I am very happy with my results and am looking forward to continuing my waist training journey.

  23. T. Ward

    Hi, I really want to try a corset, but I’m afraid it will be too bulky under clothes (showing the bones and strings) and might be painful. So, I’m now thinking of the Vedette 103/149 POWERFUL Latex Waist Cincher. Can I get waist training results from the Vedette?

    1. H. Jackson

      I would say get both, I’ve had the same worries as you but I would say start off with a cincher, and later on buy a corset. I remember when I first had my cincher It was like training wheels getting used to the constant compression. And it will help you sleep in a corset when your ready. They also help with water weight. They make your stomach sweat, so it’s great for working out in. You STILL get the hourglass shape with the cinchers. They’re just more flexible rather than a corset in which constricts a bit more. Corsets are more for around the house and sleep. So if you want to look great in your clothes I would reccomend getting the cincher first.

    1. Georgia

      My waist is also 27″ and I have the 103 in a small. There are two rows of hooks and eyes, and I find that if I’m going to be wearing it for long periods of time, putting it on on the smallest row is a good idea, so that later on in the day you can unfasten it a bit when it starts to get a bit tight (and warm!)

      1. Hi Georgia,

        The longline corsets have that Victorian look about them. Have you tried cinching the bottom edge of the corset more? I find that helps for me. Of course, it is hard to wear fitted clothing with a corset as they have some bulk to them. The mesh corsets will be easier to hide I think once we have those available. It helps to wear skirts or belted dresses.

  24. Brittany Shaw

    Hello! I just purchased my first corset and was wondering when do I wear it? If you don’t recommend me sleeping in it & it’s bulky do I can’t wear it under my clothes, when do you wear it?? & last but not least, how soon do you see results? In thinking of doing a June challenge…so yea…lol. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Hi Brittany,

      If you have a well seasoned, well fitted corset you should be able to wear it under your clothing (most people do) and yes, many women sleep in their corsets, but only after seasoning. Results vary depending on how often you wear your corset, genetics and whether you incorporate diet and exercise in your waist training regiment.

  25. Miyah

    Hi Cheri! This will be my first corset and I had a couple questions! I have a 24″ waist, really skinny (100 lbs), and really short 5″2′. I am looking at buying the cs-301. Is this a good corset for someone with my proportions and good to “start” off with? Also can I buy one as small as 16″ ? My frame is already so small that I think I will need to go that small in order for an hour glass to be apparent. Also how long do you have to wear your corset to start seeing permanent results?

    1. Brittany

      Thank you for such a fast response. My corset isn’t very ‘seasoned’ being that it’s new…so do you not recommend I sleep in it? Is there a specific diet you recommend while using my new corset?

  26. Sarmita Durham

    Morning. I recently has a tummy tuck and I understand that swelling takes up to 6months to a year. I ultimately want to wean into corset. How soon can I begin in the cincher for working out and full support until transitioning into bone corset? I am currently 5″4 185 and average torso. What do you recommend?

    1. Hi Sarmita,

      I would check with your doctor, but I think compression shapewear is often used post surgery. As for the steel boned corset-you will want to be fully healed from your surgery before you begin that journey.

    2. Sarmita, a full body compression garment is your best route . You can buy a latex cincher off OC and it would help out Compression garments are best to use POST OP. I would not do a steel boned corset until you’re completely healed which can take up to a year. The compression garment is best as it would help drain the excess fluid retention. A steel boned corset would not be able to help you in this manner.

  27. Hi, I am already very skinny. I’m 5’6 and 115 pounds. The reason I want to waist train is because the thing I lack is a feminine structure. Due to my extensive past in gymnastics I have a very boy like up and down “H” body type. I wanted to know if I can still waist train to reduce my waist line so I am curved, its all bone and skin really. No fat.. Or is that unsafe? I can never find an answer to the question if skinny girls can waist train too?

  28. Georgia

    I just got the Vedette 103/149 for sleeping, but was confused when it arrived how to put it on! Is it the same deal as a corset, with “loops on the right?”
    I tried it that way and it seems to make sense, but it means the tag is on the bottom so I thought I would check just in case

  29. Amber

    I’m really interested in buying one of your products. I’ve read that steel boned corsets are the only way to truly modify your waistline over time. However, I see that the Vedette 939 has steel bones. If I buy that in a small would it have the same effect if I want to go from a 30 to a 26? I’m usually around 28 but I’ve gained weight recovering from ankle surgery. I’m just now starting to work out again so I’m wondering what would be best as I start to lose weight.

  30. Amber

    I’m really interested in buying one of your products. I’ve read that steel boned corsets are the only true way to help reduce your waist overtime, but I see that the Vedette 939 is a cincher with steel bones. Could I buy that in a small if I want to go from a 30 to a 26? I’m usually around a 28, but I’ve gained weight since ankle surgery. I’m just now starting to work out again.

    1. Hi Amber,

      The cinchers are designed for you to buy smaller and size down. The limited steel boning in all the Vedette is there to prevent rolling and provide extra compression. You have to wrap the product around you and then connect the hook and eye closure. A corset you put on loose and then cinch down with the laces.

  31. L.foster

    I want to purchase one I want to loose stomach fat. Which one would be best for me?? I’m not big but the front area of my stomach is what want to loose..

    1. Corsets do not help you to lose fat. They can help you to lose weight if you corset regularly and therefore reduce your portion size while eating. Latex cinchers can help you sweat more when working out. But diet and exercise are essential to fat loss.

  32. becky

    I ordered a corset two weeks ago…Love it! (although my last little metal snap/button popped off :(, but I am hoing that wont affect it too much since it was the bottom one. I realized now that I need a smaller size because I did not take into consideration my “fluff” and yes I have a good amount right in my waist.Before ordering an additional (smaller corset) I am now considering a waist cincher, but i dont know if I need the Vedette 103/149 POWERFUL Latex Waist Cincher, or the Cortland 2027 Short Torso Waist Cincher, I am shorter with a short-average torso.. the cs411 corset fits perfect in length.

    1. hmm..tough question. The Vedette is much firmer. Depending on what size you need, you could go with the vedette 348, which is a little bit shorter than the 103. Also, I added a credit to your account (just log in when you order) of $25 for the pin snaffu to help cover the cost of your next corset.

      1. becky

        thank you very much, I truly appreciate it! I like the nude option of the 103, but I am now trying to determine if the 103 is any tighter/ more powerful than the 348. (I do not mind tight and I want to wear it under clothes and probably while sleeping.)

  33. I offer custom girdles to my clients. I refrain from getting them into the steel boned corset right away because most are over 35lbs overweight and have a postpartum stomach. The cinchers (both latex and alike) are great for creating a thermal heat and enhancing fat loss during a workout. I recommend everyone bring down the fluff as much as possible so that you can wear a steel boned corset that isn’t made to measure. I find that girdles/and cinchers are highly effective in defining the waist line alone . However, if you’re looking to reshape the lower portion of rib structure to cinch in – this is something only a steel boned corset can do . I find that most women don’t want to use a steel boned corset at first, but once they wear a girdle/compression garment and get used to that , they are then open to wearing a corset. Cinchers like the Vedette, Ann Chery are great ‘training wheels’ per se for those who are on the fence about jumping into a corset.

  34. Leticia

    About how long are the waist cinchers? I’m looking for a longer one, I currently own the 426 corset and love it’s length.

        1. Again that will depend on which cincher you are looking at. If you check the website you may find the one you want has the dimensions. If not, let me know which item number and I will check for you.

  35. Crystal

    Cheri, why do most of the cinchers OC sells have latex in them? I watched the video by DanielleDisease and she said if u wear them together, you will sweat. Well, I would prefer not to sweat in my corset (eww). So, is there a reason that 90% of the waist cinchers are latex? Which ones are not? I think wearing two is a good idea.

    1. Hi Crystal,

      Take a look at Rago and Cortland-no latex (and the Vedette 939 and 907 I think). Vedette is a line of extra compression shapewear..and latex is great for that!

  36. Lilly

    I recently ordered two cinchers from the oc website. I have a little extra “fluff”, but it’s not anything anyone would really notice. I have been thinking about getting into waist training for a while now, but want to shed that fluff first. Should I start with the waist cinchers then move to the corsets or go right into the corsets?

  37. Maria Shaw

    Hi, thanks for that breakdown! Question…Im looking for something to be worn under a fitte dress. Would the Vedette cincher be bulky to where you could tell its there?


  38. Jana

    The CS-411 and CS-511 are comfy and control my extra belly fat well. I need something to wear under more minimal dresses. I’m interested in trying a cincher. But cinchers and shapewear in the past have made me look fatter not slimmer. I think it’s because they were shaped like a straight tube rather than an hourglass. Can you talk about how Orchard Corset cinchers are constructed? Do they work with an hourglass shape — would they be less likely to turn my torso into a sausage?

    For reference, I have about 3 inches of extra abdominal fat, strong abdominal muscles, and a natural hourglass shape (measurements 40-30-44).

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Jana,

      We don’t make any of our cinchers, but we carry reputable brands like Rago and Vedette. Most have some hourglass shaping, but not as much as our corsets. I recommend reading customer reviews on any that you might be interested in, as that is a great source of information on these products. Most of our customer love the cinchers.

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  40. Cheri, this is so informative! Thanks to Orchard Corset, women can take back their waist lines! After a decade and a half of low rise jeans, rolling our tummy over the top and creating muffin tops and flat derrieres, it is so refreshing to see the hour glass making a come back. Love your blog!

  41. Bunny

    i just got the cs-426 size 20 underbust corset and its my first day breaking it in but i noticed its kinda big (wide) on the bust area i put it on and laced it but it seems that the top seems a little bit too big ? is it supposed to be like that till i break it in? or is the cs – 426 too big for me? and i made sure it was on correctly its not upside down or something

    1. Hi Bunny,

      The top (and bottom) edge doesn’t usually lay flat when you first begin to wear and season the corset. However, if you have a very small underbust (ribcage) it could be that it will be too large at the top edge-especially if have little to no fluff to fill it out from your waist (which I would guess is the case in a size 20). If you are able to close the top edge without any trouble, then yes it is too big-at least at that part of the corset.

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