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Corset 101 Video Blog: How to Lace Yourself Into a Corset

Lacing Yourself Into a Steel Boned Corset Video Tutorial

Patience and Practice is All You Need!


gold-laces-4-yards-closedHello OC Blog Readers! Lacing yourself into a corset might seem impossible…but just about anyone can master this skill with a little patience and a lot of practice! It’s easier if you have a mirror you help make sure your modesty panel is in place and that you are lacing your corset evenly from top to bottom. I am using our beautiful purple satin CS-411 with bright yellow laces to help

Don’t try to rush the process when you are first learning to lace yourself. The shorter corsets are much easier than the longline as you have fewer grommets to contend with. You may find your shoulders get sore and tired the first few times you try to lace until you get a feel for it and your coordination improves. It really does get easier-so don’t give up!

lace yourself


I have also heard that some women use a doorknob to help out. This works by hooking one of the pull loops to a doorknob and then pull the loop taut. Have the other pull loop in your hand (on your more “flexible” shoulder side). With your free hand begin working the “X’s” from top to center and bottom to center walking away from the door to keep the laces tight. There is no one right way to lace yourself into a corset. The key ingredient is practice, practice and more practice!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Lonna

    I discovered today that the knob on the bed post makes an excellent lacing assistant. I put the ends of the laces over the knob, and that keeps them taut while I tighten the x’s. Pull each cross snug, work up to the lace, pull it tight and lean back. Repeat for top and bottom, then remove the loops and tie off. 🙂

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Alexis! If you have plenty of lace left over, you could always untie the knot at the base of the corset and snip the excess which will help quite a lot. Or you can try one of the suggestions in this blog here. If I’m trying to be super stealthy, I like to sort of weave the laces in and out of the X’s in the back which can sometimes hide the bulk of the corset really well.
      I hope that helps, happy corseting!

  • Amanda El

    I have tried the door knob trick, but found it to be largely inconvenient.
    I did, however, find something that works better for me and is a bit unconventional.
    If you are petite, with short laces, or are under a certain height it may not work as well,
    but for me I have found that an over-the-door rack works best for me. It’s over the door
    so it’s high up to give you the ability to bend at the knees or step away from it to keep
    the proper tension at all times…also, with the door closed you don’t have to worry about
    slipping off of any door knobs. Simply tighten up the slack…and hook your tying loops up
    and over onto the two empty hooks…works especially well if you have one of those door
    mounted full-length mirrors!

    Happy lacing 🙂


  • Sandy marrufo

    My question is, did i buy the right style corset for me ? What i bought is cs-345, size 26, I wear it 6-8 hrs a day. I’m 145 lbs 5 ft 6 inches tall and a size 6 and 22% body fat, 30 inch waist. It’s still very uncomfortable to wear. My upper back hurts and feel pressure on upper and lower extremities and lower back is sore a lot more. I feel like my lower abdomen gets pushed down instead of pushed in and too much bulge comes up the top middle of back. I see that most videos are done with cs-411, did i buy the wrong style or am I placing corset in wrong place. I’m a bit muscular since I lift weights 5 times a week but don’t wear corset during exercise. I’d like to slim my waist to hour glass figure but I see more and more women on instagram with these hourglass figures wearing latex cinchers, I’m confused?

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Sandy, it is possible that you got a style that isn’t right for your body. The 345 is a pretty curvy corset, so if you don’t already have some curve it won’t fit you correctly. You should also loosen up your laces. You shouldn’t be that uncomfortable in a corset.

      To determine if the 345 is really right for you, we’ll need all your measurements. Underbust, waist and upper hip (here’s our blog if you need some help) Check out this video for tips on measuring. Then either post the measurements here or send them to with your explanation above if you’d like to do it privately.

        • Cheri Dudek

          Hi Sandy,

          It sounds like that corset should work for you (in fact I would have suggested a size 24-but as you are very firm the 26 might be the better choice). If you are looking to train your waist…it is not necessary to dramatically overtighten the top and bottom of the corset-but focus instead on the waist. You want to be sure the waist tape of the corset is at your natural waist line. If you are stealth corseting just for waist training-you may find something like the mesh 411 easier to hide and wear. Again…I think a size 24 in that..and just take your time to season properly. It takes time to work up to wearing your corset for more than 90-120 minutes at a time and you don’t want to rush that process.

          • Sandy

            Thank you Amy, 2 more questions and thank you in advance for your help. I would have ordered the 24 if I’d known. I understood that you order 3 to 4 inches from your actual waist size. I just don’t see progress at all and wondering if next one should be a size smaller than 24? Would the discomfort I’m experiencing be the modification of my ribs? I worry that it may affect my kidneys.

  • Marlene

    Hi cherri,
    I’m looking into buying a corset very soon. I am currently getting my measurements but I was wondering how to measure the torso….where is the starting and end point?
    Thank you for your time

  • Heidi K

    Yes, please do share! I sometimes end up with a bunched up panel…. especially if a particular model has the panel attached to the opposite side from what I am used to!

  • Jillian

    I have a secret trick I use that is super easy for anyone to do, which makes for a COMPLETELY FLAT lacing guard/modesty panel, EVERY single time no matter what! No bulges, no creases & no nothing except a 100% flat and smooth panel every single time in seconds- less than 5 secs or so! And anyone can do it—ANYONE!!! Maybe I should post up a video or it and release my secret little hint and trick to the OC FAMILY??

    • Anni

      Jillian – why wouldn’t you share this trick, since it’s such a common problem, if you can help others?

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