Corset 101 Video Blog: How to Lace Yourself Into a Corset

Lacing Yourself Into a Steel Boned Corset Video Tutorial

Patience and Practice is All You Need!


gold-laces-4-yards-closedHello OC Blog Readers! Lacing yourself into a corset might seem impossible…but just about anyone can master this skill with a little patience and a lot of practice! It’s easier if you have a mirror you help make sure your modesty panel is in place and that you are lacing your corset evenly from top to bottom. I am using our beautiful purple satin CS-411 with bright yellow laces to help

Don’t try to rush the process when you are first learning to lace yourself. The shorter corsets are much easier than the longline as you have fewer grommets to contend with. You may find your shoulders get sore and tired the first few times you try to lace until you get a feel for it and your coordination improves. It really does get easier-so don’t give up!

lace yourself


I have also heard that some women use a doorknob to help out. This works by hooking one of the pull loops to a doorknob and then pull the loop taut. Have the other pull loop in your hand (on your more “flexible” shoulder side). With your free hand begin working the “X’s” from top to center and bottom to center walking away from the door to keep the laces tight. There is no one right way to lace yourself into a corset. The key ingredient is practice, practice and more practice!

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7 Responses

  1. Marlene

    Hi cherri,
    I’m looking into buying a corset very soon. I am currently getting my measurements but I was wondering how to measure the torso….where is the starting and end point?
    Thank you for your time

  2. Heidi K

    Yes, please do share! I sometimes end up with a bunched up panel…. especially if a particular model has the panel attached to the opposite side from what I am used to!

  3. Jillian

    I have a secret trick I use that is super easy for anyone to do, which makes for a COMPLETELY FLAT lacing guard/modesty panel, EVERY single time no matter what! No bulges, no creases & no nothing except a 100% flat and smooth panel every single time in seconds- less than 5 secs or so! And anyone can do it—ANYONE!!! Maybe I should post up a video or it and release my secret little hint and trick to the OC FAMILY??

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