Corset 101: How to Properly Remove Your Steel Boned Corset

Corset 101 Video Blog: Corset Removal

Avoid Damage to Boning and Busk


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Hello OC Blog Readers! Cheri here with a quick video blog to address a concern the lovely ladies in our Customer Care department brought to my attention. As you know, Orchard Corset wants all of our customers, old and new, to feel confident when they order from us. This means if a product doesn’t fit, or isn’t right for your needs, you are free to exchange or return that item-as long as it is in “new condition”. So here is a tip to avoid damaging your corset.


Corset 101 Video: How to Properly Remove Your Corset

With the flood of new waist trainers and corseters (and we love you all), we have many corsets that need to be exchanged for a different size and/or style. Increasingly, these corsets are being returned damaged. The problem is when our customers try on the corset (and perhaps realize pretty quickly that they have ordered the wrong size or style), there is much haste in removing the corset. If you don’t loosen the laces properly and completely BEFORE detaching the hooks and pins at the front busk, you risk warping and even bending the flat steel bones at busk.


Left: Spiral  Center/Right: Flat

The bones along the busk are not like the bones throughout the body of the corset that are spiral and meant to move multi-directionally.  The flat bones at the busk are meant to bend back and forth only, not side to side. So when you contort them to unhook the busk because the laces are not fully loosened, the bones are bent which makes ruins the corset.  It just takes an extra minute or two to save the life of a corset!


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