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Hello OC Blog Readers! Here is a just for fun blog. We know that corsets can really help with back pain and spine issues; relieve anxiety , increase confidence and other numerous benefits. But did you know a corset could save your life? I came across this site while looking for some historical pictures of corsets-and found it very amusing. YesterYear Once More has many fun and interesting historical ads, pictures and articles on more than just corsets. I wanted to share some amazing tales of steel (and whale) bones saving the lives of damsels everywhere!

Saved By a Corset Steel.

Missouri Republican Last Saturday Mrs. Lucy Moore, aged twenty-one years, and a Mrs. Historical Steel Boned CorsetMiller were among the passengers on the Santa Fe train coming to El Paso. About seventy miles north of El Paso, the train stopped in the open prairie on account of a hot journal. Mrs. Miller has a revolver that she had loaded for some time, and as she had tried in vain to pick out the cartridges, she thought it a good time to fire them off to empty the chambers. She fired several shots just at random, and then snapped the pistol three times. After the last shot she thought it was empty and went to picking out the shells when the weapon went off, the bullet striking Mrs. Moore in the pit of the stomach. The wounded woman was brought to El Paso. A medical examination showed that the corset had acted as a chain armor. The bullet struck a corset steel and was turned to the right, apparently causing only a flesh wound. (The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Jan 5, 1888)

Saved by Her Corset.

CHICAGO, Aug. 14 — Lillie Vale, who was shot by her lover, George Slosson in a Washington street saloon Sunday night, will not die. The ball struck a whalebone in her corset and glanced off, inflicting a serious but not fatal wound

Steel Boned coset historicalHer Corset Saved Her.

New York, Jul 6 00 John Billses, out of pure patriotic devilment fired a loaded revolver into a crowd on James street yesterday. A bullet struck Mrs. Oliver Fairly in the waist but glanced off without doing her any injury. Her steel corset saved her life. John is held for trial.

Now we wouldn’t recommend trading in your bullet-proof vest for a corset, but you never know when that steel bone might do more than just give you fabulous curves!

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