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Underbust OC Corsets: 305, 411 and 426 shown here

Hello OC Blog Readers! As you can imagine, with so many unique bodies in the world we get emails and phone calls from customers who are having some trouble getting their corset to fit properly.  At Orchard Corset, we sell several different styles of corsets to fit different shapes and corseting needs or goals (and looking to add more variety).

The most common complaint we get is that the top is too big, but the bottom cinches up just fine (or is too small).  This is generally very easy to fix-the corset is on upside down. I can hear you giggling, but it happens more often than you might think. For our corsets, the loops or hooks will be on your right and the pins on your left as you are closing the busk. Also, the top edge will always measure smaller than the bottom edge on all of our corsets (this will help with the 331 as there is not split busk).


V-shape lace closure on 426

Many of our customers are looking to really give themselves an hourglass figure-and why not! However, if you have a small, leaner frame without curves you will not be able to jump into something like a 426. Another common issue is that the bottom closes up completely (V-shape lace closure) or worse, there is a gap at the hip. Sizing down will not likely fix this unless the corset is too big everywhere. A different corset style (like the 305) will probably work best. With much time and patience, many women will find they can eventually wear a curvier corset as their shape changes with dedicated waist training.


305 offers moderate curve

Many women who find the hip spring too big also have gap issues at the underbust or top edge of their corset. This problem is the same…not enough natural curve (or “fluff”) to fill out the corset-and the solution is usually the same. New corseters with minimal curves and leaner frames will probably need to begin with a less curvy corset like the 305. The 411 might work, despite the extreme curve it offers as it sits up above the hip and doesn’t have the same hip spring as the 426.   I have a friend who has small waist and hips, but a more pronounced rib cage. This gives her a “V” lace as the top cannot close over her ribs. She is an athlete and very lean..so no fluff to help. In this situation a 411 worn upside down can do the trick-she doesn’t need the extra hip room, so why not flip it!

Finally, there is corset length. The CS-426 is very popular due the extreme curve and longline style that really accentuates curves and the high back the reduces that unwanted back bulge. The problem is that this is a longline corset and therefore not meant for everybody.

Double Steel Boned Black Satin Corsets: CS-426 and CS-411

Longline vs Standard Length with the same curve

If you find your 426 rides up into your breasts or makes it uncomfortable to sit down because the bottom edge of the corset digs into your legs-this corset is too long for you. The 411 is the best alternative to the 426 with the same curve at the waist, without the extra length at the top and bottom edge.

Corseting is not an exact science (unless perhaps you are having a custom fit corset made). At Orchard Corset we have tried to make purchasing an off-the-rack corset more custom than other retailers with extensive sizing guidelines, silhouette levels and corset dimensions. At this time we offer three distinct underbust corset styles, with plans to add at least two more to provide a better fit to even more of our present and future customers. Check out our sizing page for detailed sizing information.

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123 Responses

  1. Emily

    Hello, I just bought two of the same corsets, just different colors. I got the black cotton CS-305 and the beige cotton CS-305, both in size 22. The black corset fits me perfectly, however, when I wear the beige one it seems to be too big on the top and the bottom. Is this something that as I season it, that it will fit me better?

  2. hey all! quick question: how di i know if my corset is too short? i have a 10″ torso and so i got the cs 426 short and when i sit it like doesn’t dig into my legs which is perf but i feel like just the slightest bit of my lower tummy may not be covered. how far down should it go when standing? i also feel like it may be like kinda riding upwards in the back but when i touch it it feels okay. i don’t know maybe i am just weird. also, i LOVE my cs 426 short and have been showing it off to everyone it’s so amazing. Orchard corset you’re doing everything right <3

    1. Hi Itzel, I think that corset may be too small for you and possibly the wrong style as well. A 12″ reduction is quite a large jump down for sizing and I worry that would make the gap in the back of your corset much too large. With your measurements, I would have suggested a size 38 in the 305 or the 201. Have you already received this corset? If so, would you mind sending photos over to us so we can be more sure of a recommendation? Our return/exchange policy is very generous! As long as your corset is in new condition and within the 30 day window you would be able to send it back for another item. If you are willing to send those photos over, you can do so by emailing info@orchardcorset.com
      Thank you and we look forward to helping you out 😀

  3. Irene


    I purchased a cs-411 in a size 26 as was recommended for me but when I start lacing it down, I get an awful lot of back spillage over the top of my corset which makes it impossible for me to stealth in it. Is there any way to minimise this?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Irene! A lot of us here really like this Vedette bra booster to help smooth the back area out. It does a fabulous job! If you have the torso length for it, the 345 could work for you too (the shape is very similar to the 411) and it has a higher back that can smooth that out as well. Longline bras do a great job at smoothing out the back bulge as well! Hope that helps! Happy corseting 🙂

      1. Irene

        Thank you for getting back to me Brittney! I’m sure it does a great job, I had a look at it but I’m quite top heavy already and wouldn’t want anymore attention on the girls. Is there nothing else I can do whilst I cinch down and close this one before purchasing another corset? Thanks again 😊

        1. Hi again Irene! I think a longline bra could do the trick, it wouldn’t accentuate the bust like the bra booster would and it would help to smooth out the squish better than a typical bra. There are a number of lovely retailers that sell beautiful longline bras. Happy corseting!

  4. monalysa

    Hi! I recently purchased a 20″ CS-426 short. I still have gaps at top and bottom, where the hip part springs out.. My measurements: 33-28-39″ hips.. Please advise..

    1. Hi Monique! In looking up your order I see that you purchased a size 22 in the 426short which is a good thing because a size 20 would likely be too small for a good fit. 🙂 Is the corset fully seasoned yet? There can be some gapping with a new corset until you are able to cinch a little tighter and especially with the extreme curve of the 426 styles. However, your measurements lead me to believe you are in the right corset for your beautiful figure. In your size the 426short when fully closed will measure 29 inches at the top and 34 inches at the bottom. With your measurements above this should mean you won’t have gaps. How much space do you have in the back, anymore than the modesty panel? You can certainly send pictures, front and back, of you wearing the corset to info@orchardcorset.com and we can take a look at what you are experiencing. That always helps us better respond to your concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  5. Hi Cheri,

    My measurements are UB 33.5 W 33 (squish able) UH 37.5/38. What would be the best corset for me to get to waist train? And would you know roughly how long it would take to arrive in the UK? Thanks in advance,


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