Corset Sizing for Fuller Figures-Updated!

Corset Sizing Revisited

What our plus size ladies need to know!

blue_satin_411_underbust_steal_boned_corset__66184.1361228043.1280.1280Hello OC Blog Readers! We have wonderful customers in all shapes and sizes here at Orchard Corset. Most of my blogs are based on personal experiences-which is great but all of our lovely BBW’s need insights that I just can’t offer. We have a local customer, Stephanie, with a little more fluff than me who was willing to do the leg work (or should I say “lace” work) for this blog. So now I offer you the skinny on corset sizing for plus sized ladies!

Let’s begin with Stephanie’s start: Height 5’6″ with average to shorter torso, Waist 46.5″, Upper Hip 51″, Underbust 43.5″. (Need help with measurements? Check out our plus-size measuring video) So we can see that Stephanie carries most of her weight in her abdomen, but she does have some hip curve. It’s important to note here we used tell our customers to measure the smallest part of their waist, but when you carry your weight in your tummy that doesn’t work! Your natural waist is where you bend naturally-usually an inch or so above your belly button.  If she just took these measurements and went to our Silhouette chart, she might think she has to go with a Level 1 corset. But as I have endeavored to explain in our sizing blogs-when you have the goods to work with, the corset shapes you! Stephanie went from no waistline to great curve with just the snap of a front steel busk!

We began with a CS-426, 1920’s black and white with pinstripes. I started with a size 40 and could tell as soon as we had the front busk clasped that it was too big-despite the 5.5 inches we went down from her natural waist.  So then I grabbed the 38. We were able to lace that easily, and I decided to have her begin there and break it in. I wanted to know how long it would take before she was fully laced and needed to move down to a 36 (I was sure I could start her in a 36…but saving that for the 411). It was just a matter of days before she had that totally closed and needed the 36!

Stephanie-Corset-Front-croppedNow we move over the CS-411 in gun metal gray. I started her in the 38 and it laced up easily and I was curious to see how far we could get a 36. As I began to lace her in the 36, it was obvious that this would work. We were careful not to over-tighten and I had it closed so that the modestly panel almost completely covered her shirt, just a small gap at the top. After her first hour I tightened another half inch and then her blouse was covered by the modesty panel. I sent her on her way with strict corset seasoning directions for a week.

When Stephanie returned to my office a week later, her corset was fitting nicely. She said it was Staphanie-Corset-Back-croppedreally comfortable and easier to move in than her 426 (which I find to be true also). We did both notice that if she was looking to wear this under an outfit, she might experience some back bulge and hip bulge that the 426 generally covers. One more reason to have more than one corset in your arsenal! I was able to lace her to within one inch of fully closing the corset without discomfort to Stephanie. That’s almost a full 10″ reduction! Bottom line is ladies with more get more instant reduction when corseting. This is exaggerated when you don’t have a big spread between your waist and hips as the corset will redistribute that weight and give you an hourglass shape.

As a follow up, we had another friend of OC come in and help us out with this blog. Kim is 5″11″ and her measurements are 39″ underbust, 43″ waist and 55″ upper hip with a DD cup size. We wanted to find an overbust for her wedding dress. The 511 in a size 32 was a great fit (even in the bust), but rode too high in the back for her dress. Kim already has a 426 (in a 34, which she can still wear, but she has lost some weight and I would have placed her in a 32 now). Despite her height, she has a shorter torso and the 426 really comes way almost between her breasts. I suggested the new ivory in the 411. I started with a 34, as Kim has full hips, but realized we could do the 32. It will be perfect under her wedding dress and gives her some great curves!

More good news-we now offer the 426 black satin and the  411 black satin in sizes 42, 44 and 46.

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891 Responses

  1. Susan McKee

    Hi Cheri,

    Looking to buy my first corset. I want something breathable like a cotton or mesh. What under and over bust corsets do you recommend for my measurements:
    OB 40
    UB 36
    W 35
    UH 40
    Torso 8
    C cup

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks so much for those measurements! I would go with a size 28 in the 201 or the short 426. Your torso might be a bit short to wear an overbust as they measure over 15″ long each. But, if you do give one a try (we have a 30 day return policy- might as well give it a try!) then I would go with the 511 in the same size.

      I hope that helps 🙂

    2. Alycia

      I am interested in purchasing my first corset and would like some assistance in the one I should buy my measurements are
      Breast line 38
      Natural waist 37
      Upper hip 43 3/4
      Torso 10.5

  2. Carmen

    Hi I always been wanting a corset but I never knew where to begin so I was hoping you could help me out please.
    My measurements are bust 47.5″, underbust 42″, waist 40″, hips 48″, torso 11″
    Another thing can I wear it to work I work in a warehouse nothing heavy just printing and mailing but just wondering

    1. Hi Carmen! Thanks so much for the measurements 🙂 You have a few options that should work for your figure… a size 32 in the short or long 426 with hipties or the 201 styles. You could wear your corsets while working, as long as you don’t do any bending at the waist or an excessive amount of twisting so you don’t damage your corset in anyway. Be sure to check out our Corset 101 series too! Take care & happy corseting!

  3. Jennifer

    I’d like a little guidance regarding which corset you think would be best for me; My underbust is 44, waist 47.5, upper hip 52, torso 14 (all measurements in inches, of course).


  4. Rebecca

    Hi there, I’m a plus size girl looking into waist training for my sisters wedding in October . What would you suggest for me?
    My measurements are
    waist:38 1/2 in
    torso: 11 in

    1. Lynn Karol

      I I would like to know which corset would be good for me? I tried to fill out the form with my measurements but it did not work. My waist is 44 my under bra is 41 in my measurement around the upper thigh is 48. I am 5’5 please help

      1. Hi Lynn! I’m so sorry you had some challenges sending in your measurements. I’m happy to help you here or if you wish to send an email to info@orchardcorset.com we can reply via email also. I need to ask to you to verify the upper hip measurement is 48 inches and not the upper thigh. I also need your torso length which is not necessarily related to your height. Torso length is measured from just under the center of your breast down to the upper hip. If you haven’t already watched our video on measuring for a steel boned corset here is a link for you. Hope to hear back from you soon!

  5. Sonji

    First I would like to say how stunned I was to receive my order just ONE DAY after placing the order. I was already full of anticipation about receiving it tomorrow and it got here 2 days early! Second, I LOVE IT! When I first opened it (nicely wrapped in girlie tissue paper 🙂 ) I loved the material and design. I have the BLACK CS 426 with the side strings. I’m like a 60 in the waist and my hips and buttocks are a little wider than that. My partner laced me into the corset and I’ve got it on now and I’m beaming! I’m probably going to have to loosen the side strings to get it to close the last two holes at the bottom but I’m in it and that’s all that matters right now! I’m currently on a weight loss journey and have lost 22lbs since Feb. 20, 2015. This is the exact thing I need to start bringing my tummy in. I will definitely recommend your site to my friends and my little sister will be ordering from you guys soon! Thanks so very much for a wonderful product and prompt service!!!

    1. Thank you Sonji! We are thrilled to hear stories like yours! I will make sure the OC Team reads your kind words :). Congratulations and we wish you the best of success on your new journey.

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  7. NicoleGuay


    I recently ordered and received the CS-426 in cotton and I already love it though I know I ordered it too large, however I am just realizing that I’m more pear shaped than I thought because while the hip in the size 40 fits great and the waist is fine ( laces to closed and is just perfectly snug), I have room to store apples in the rib area even when it’s laced closed at the top. Given this information and that I have a long torso, can you suggest a better fitting corset for my next purchase?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole, we will need all your measurements to suggest a style and size of corset for you. If you would like some tips on how to measure yourself for a steel boned corset, have a look at our video on how to measure, http://goo.gl/sXz5Q3. After you have all your measurements, head over to our sizing page, http://www.orchardcorset.com/corset-sizing/ , enter your measurements in the form and one of our sizing experts will respond with the style and size that should work for you.

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