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To Sleep or Not To Sleep

Adding the “sleepover” to your waist training

Hello OC Blog Readers! Cheri here again with my latest corset adventure-sleeping in my corset. My first attempt at this didn’t fair so well. I wore my maroon CS-426, lacing it how I would normally. Big mistake! I had a mild panic attack and had a hard time relaxing. After about 90 minutes (which seemed like hours) I had to take it off. I panicked just a little bit more then, irrationally thinking that I might not be able to remove it (so silly, I know-but our model Danielle had a similar experience her first attempt).

Not one to give up so easily, I tried again a few nights later. This time I laced my corset up about an inch to an inch and half less than I would for daytime corseting. MUCH BETTER! My theory is that when I am corseted during the day, I engage my core muscles (hold in my gut) because that obviously makes the corset more comfortable-better posture through corseting. Well, when I am trying to sleep, I (and everyone else) relax the muscles in my body, which causes my midsection to expand slightly. This made the corset feel uncomfortably tight and caused my original panicky sensation.


Lace more loosely at night

Now, I did not survive the whole night, when I woke up midway to use the restroom, I chose not re-lace my corset. However, I believe I could have. I was not miserable and uncomfortable (warm-perhaps) If you are interested in a more aggressive waist training regiment-sleeping in your corset can be done. What I can say is start slow (try just a nap if you are a napper), loosen up your laces, and give yourself a break. If you are feeling uncomfortable, physically or mentally, then STOP! Work your way into a full night’s corseted rest…a few hours at a time. If you normally wear a double steel boned corset, I would also suggest trying a less restrictive single-boned corset for sleeping.

Most of you who have read my blogs know I am not a waist trainer, I began wearing corsets as research for my job…and now wear them daily at my desk for support and posture (and I just feel sexier and more confident!) Sleeping in a corset is something I wouldn’t do personally (outside of research for this blog), but I realize many of our customers do. Read up on our corset care and seasoning blogs (and videos), and if you have any medical concerns it is advisable to seek the advice of the doctor, before beginning a waist training regiment.  Remember your safety and well-being are important to us-so take care of you!

Many women find it’s easier to sleep in a latex waist cincher. Check out this blog for more information on that.

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64 Responses

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  3. Yesenia

    Hi Cheri I just bought my corset it came in yesterday. My question is if I can nap in my corset while seasoning it or will it not season correctly?

    1. Yesenia

      I bought the CS 411 (size 28)
      UB 35 1/2
      W 35
      UH 39 1/2
      T 9 1/2
      There’s a lot of gap on top and it sort of flares out on the bottom but I also wanted to know if I bought the wrong style I mean it fits fine but I’m still new to this and the modesty panel is about two fingers away from closing. Could I have bought the wrong size as well… so can you please help?

  4. natalie

    My measurements are 28 for my waist, 31 for upper hip and 28 and a half for underbust. I’m a tall, slim girl with a slight natural curve but I want a great hourglass figure to not make myself seem like a board. I’m interested in the CS-301, is that a good option and what size should I get?

  5. olamide

    hi! I recently purchased a corset and I av no idea which one it is because I’m kinda new to d whole waist training thing. And I av stomach ulcer so im wondering if its advisable to wear corsets or will it affect my ulcer?

    1. Hi Olamide,

      I am not sure about the ulcer and what impact a corset would have on that. I will say if it hurts-don’t wear it :). I recommend speaking with your doctor about that.

  6. Jael

    Hi i hav a 44-45inch waist…i am 5ft7-8inches…..i have been hunting for a overbust 24steel boned(if even 26) waist training corset but the o es that is 15-16inches long i front and the ones that sorta high up under the arms(side of tje breast to prevent that side-breast bulge)&highup in the back to cover the bra strap……do u hav anything like that…..

  7. Antoinette F.

    Hi Cheri,
    I bought the CS-426 for this past chirstmas and I has worked wonders. My original waist size was a 37″ so I purchased a 32″. I have been able to comfortably wear the 32″ for a while, it just feels a little snug when fully closed. I feel like I need to go down another size. Also since giving birth to my son I have a excess fat /baby pouch that rests below the bottom of corset which is a problem for me. Is there any corset that would go lower to help that problem area and What size would you recommend?

    1. Hi Antoinette,

      I certainly think you can size down to a 30. There is not another corset that goes down any further. Some women find that a shaping brief under their corset helps with that pesky pooch!

  8. Lori L.

    My measurements are under bust 54, waist 56, upper hip 60, torso length 14. What would you recommend for me?

      1. Lori L.

        Thank you. That’s what I thought. It arrived today and I wore it for 1 hour today. I also have the cS-411. They both are so different.

  9. Connie

    Hello, I am new to corsets and I would like to know the correct sizing for me. My waist measurement is 39 and my hip is 43 and my bust is 36 and the fullest part is 42 inches. I am 5/4.5 inches tall. I am not sure where to start. Please advise. Thank you

  10. Melissa

    Hi! I took my measurements, and my waist is 26″, underbust is 29″, and upper hip is 31″. My torso length is 10″. My body is pretty straight, not much natural curve but I am on the firmer side, and don’t have much squishability. I really want the CS-305 cotton corset for occasional use, probably mostly under my clothing but may occasionally wear it over as well. I was going to order the 22″ but its out of stock, do you think the 20″ would work for me, or would it look too big in the back? I don’t plan to do any serious waist training but I like the figure and straight posture the corset gives your body and wouldn’t mind taking an inch or two off my waist in the process, no to mention eating smaller meals! Bottom line, do you think the CS-305 is a good model for me and could I get away with a 20″?

    1. I think the 305 is a great choice for you. I do fear based on all that info that the 20 will be too small- but we expect more size 20’s tomorrow (Tuesday) so sign up for stock notification on that. Also, try the corset both upside and right side- you may find upside works better for you,

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