CS-511 Overbust Corset-Can You Wear It?

CS-511 Double Steel Boned Overbust Corset

The Overbust sister to the CS-426

Hello OC Blog Readers! The CS-511 is a longline corset and requires all the length and curve of the CS-426 .


“V” Shape on CS-511 Gun Metal Gray

Women without enough hip curve will find the 511 (and the 426) harder to fit, as it will tend to fully close at the bottom, but not the waist or top-leaving a “V” shape lacing pattern. This is exacerbated when your bust is too large for the corset. The “V” can occur even when you have an ample hip if the corset doesn’t support your upper curves, leaving a gap at the top.

As return readers know, we are perfecting our design for a fuller-busted overbust corset that will fit the many women out there with D-G cup breasts. This task has proven much more daunting than we initially thought! The 511 works great for B-C cups in the smaller sizes (up to about a 24 or 26) and work pretty well for D cup gals in the bigger sizes (over 28). In fact, women who wear a size 36 or better generally find the overbust corset can fit a DD.

As I sit here in newly renamed CS-511, it’s very clear that it does not fit my bust. I sized up to a 24 (normally I wear a 22 in both the 411 and 426) in a vain attempt to add a little more bust room, without much success! I am definitely one of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of women anxiously awaiting the new fuller-busted overbust corset. If you have a small waist and an ample bosom, you will find the 511 with some serious overflow at the bust, while managing to squish your breasts. Of course, if you are looking for that old Victorian look this will be perfect!

Don’t despair my fellow big busted ladies-we are getting closer to perfecting the elusive full-busted overbust corset. I will get a blog out as soon as I have one to test drive! Until then, check out our other informative blogs and YouTube videos.

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32 Responses

  1. Jak

    I am dying to get into an overbust corset. I have underbust corsets, but wearing a bra with them is difficult. Many bras that I have do not work well with the underbust (I have the 411 in a size 24). The corset makes the underwire of my bra dig into my underarms and it is beyond annoying, not to mention uncomfortable and sometimes painful. For this reason I have not been wearing my corsets as much lately, and it makes me sad. Finding a bra that works well for me is very hard because I am a 34D and very small in the shoulder area.

    So I would just love to have an overbust corset in cotton (not satin!). I haven’t seen any overbusts in cotton yet, but if someone knows something about an overbust corset in beige/nude cotton I would just hug you! But first, I need to know if I would even fit into one, so here are my measurements in inches:

    Overbust: 34
    Bust: 37
    Underbust: 32
    Waist: 28
    Hips: 36.5
    Torso length (from underbust to upper hip): 9

    Would the overbust corset work for my shape? If not, what would you suggest about the bra issue?

    1. The new cs-530 might work for you! I recommend the same size as your 411-a 24. If not, I recommend wearing a light tank top or camisole under your corset (but over your bra). Also the cs-201 is a little bit shorter (or the 301 is much shorter) and should not interfere with your bra band.

      1. Jak

        I noticed from the video that the 530 comes down about an inch or so more than the 411 in the front between the hips. The 411 is just barely comfortable for me to sit down in. With this being the case, I feel like the 530 may not be a good idea unless I’m only standing in it. Any thoughts on this?

        1. Hi Jak-

          I can’t say for certain if it will be a problem or not, but I’ll point out that the part of the corset that would actually come into contact with your upper thigh as you sit down will be the section nearer your hip bones and the part of the 530 that is longer than the 411 is right in the center. You could give it a shot…the most you would be out would be the cost of return shipping to us.

  2. morgan Weber

    Hello . so my question is – if I plan on not sitting in my corset and only standing would the cs511 work since I’m only 5feet tall ? I need a red over bust corset and it’s the only one you have .

  3. Sophie

    I’ve tried corsets in the past but they were always uncomfortable. Either they kept digging into my hip or the bones would bend. Ideally I would love an over the bust corset; however, if it’s impossible for me to find a bra that fits my bust, I highly doubt I’ll be able to find a corset that would fit them. I’m a 26F. Below are my measurements. Any suggestions?

    Bust: 34
    Under bust: 27
    Waist: 26 1/2
    Top hip: 34
    Under the bust to the hip: 8 inches

    1. Sophie

      I’m sorry I failed to mention that:
      1) when I said it bends, I meant the bone in the corset bends into my waist and digs into my sides and ribs.
      2) also not sure if this matters but I have an S curve scoliosis but it’s mild, hardly even noticeable. It just causes a lot of discomfort and pain in my middle back on the left side.
      3) And lastly I’m really looking for an every day corset that I can wear to work out in. I have a pooch that I’m trying to push in and I’ve tried all the ab work but no matter how flat I get my stomach, the pooch (located at the pelvic area) still remains.

    2. Hi Sophie,

      I think a size 20 or 22 in the cs-301 or a size 20 in the 201 will be the best fit for you. You cannot work out in a steel boned corset, however (aside from some brisk walking or lighter stuff like that). With your shorter torso…I think these shorter waisted (but curvy) corsets will work best for you.

  4. Hi there. I’m looking for some advice. I’m a big gal, but have been thinking about waist training and using a corset for a while. Last year I had shoulder surgery and bra straps cause me terrible pain. So I’m wondering if an over the bust corset might be the way for me to go. I’m really not sure. I’ve also always thought of myself as short waisted, so I’m not sure how an over the bust would work with the measurements that I have. What do you think?

    My bust is a 42DDD and my measurements are:

    Under bust: 42
    Waist: 41
    Under the bust to the hip: 8.4 inches.

    Thanks so much for your advice.

  5. Linn

    Hello! Whitch corset would you recommend for a girl with a natural hourglass shape that just wants to reduce waist inches?
    Underbust 30
    Waist 25
    Upper hip 32
    Torso length under 9

  6. Catherine

    I have received 2 prompt polite replies from two different reps but I am curious to see what your opinion would be. I am looking to serious waist train. I am 5 feet, 104-108 lbs, my torso is only 8 inches and my measurements are as follows.

    Bust 33
    Underbust 28
    Waist 28
    Top hip 33
    Hip 34

    I am definitely buying the CS-411 but I would really love to purchase the CS—511 as well though I have been cautioned about the 511 for waist training. I am being very fastidious but I want to do this correctly.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Catherine,

      With those measurements I would recommend a 301 in a size 22. The 411 may be too long and you will have some extra room in the hip area (and the 511 will be too long and way to roomy at the hip). The 305 is also 10″ long, but would be a better fit at your hip. We have a new overbust that will be available in a few weeks that might work for you better (in a size 22 as well).

  7. Brigid

    Hi I am wondering if the CS511 would be right for me. I am looking at the Royal Blue color for cosplay in October. I know I am more than long enough for it, now the question is will it be able to fit me. By the way my 33″ waist is very, very compressible.

    Uncorseted I am the following measurements:

    Bust: 42.5″
    Under bust: 36″
    Waist: 33″
    Upper hip: about 40″

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  9. Roni

    I would love to wear an overbust corset in the hopes of minimizing the back bulge I get in the 305. My measurements are 52″ overbust, 44 underbust, 41 waist, and 43 hips;. I am short torso and am 5’4″. I am currently wearing a size 34 in style 305 and I can tighten it almost fully(about 2″space) at my hips. I tired the 511 in a size 36 but there were several inches of floating corset around my hips. The waist and top seemed OK. I had to return it but I would like to try again. As you can see by my measurements, I carry most of my weight on top. I would like a corset without the bra straps which tend to dig into my shoulders by the end of the day. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank-you.

    1. Hi Roni,

      The 511 is currently our only overbust, but I have a few new styles I am testing out that will work better for ladies with shorter torsos and less curve that we hope to available later in the summer…along with an underbust that rides higher in the back.

  10. Genn Lori

    I wonder if my bust would fit in an 511 series overbust or if i need to wait for the new model? Measurement: Bust: 41, underbust: 32, Waist: 31, Upper hip: 37, fuller hip: 40.

      1. Genn Lori

        Well, I’m a 36DD/E (34DDD)… For my hip, right now I wear a 411 and I’m almost out of space around the hip ;-). My waist is very muscular but I have like 2 inches excess skin from previous pregnancies… I don’t know if i’m ready for a 24, I have a 28 and I think I will have a hard time closing it completely (even if i’m a inch away from this goal).

    1. Hi Carolina,

      I am worried that this corset will be too big in the hips. If you are just looking to wear for costuming and not waist training, than you might make a size 30 work for you.

      1. Machelle K

        I’d like to leave my experience with this corset so far in hopes it could be helpful for someone else! My bust is 36-37 in, waist is 28-29, and high hip is about 39. I very fully fill a 32 DDD (and by very fully I mean, I’m spilling out all sides of the cup and thus why I bought a corset). And the cs-511 fits me perfectly. It laces evenly down the back, and curves gently around the waist and the bust. You’ve mentioned in other blog entries and such that corset fitting isn’t an exact science, and a lot of factors aside from measurements alone come in. And I think this is an example. You guys are AWESOME with providing tons of resources, charts and information to know as much about the corset as possible, but it all comes down to trying it on. I’m a 32DDD, and the way I’m built, somehow, the cs 511 fits me. Another girl with my very same bust size, might not, depending on how she is built, where she carries her inches. As a busty girl, I am very happy with my purchase of this corset, and look forward to the possibility of even curvier lines in the future for my busty sisters out there who may just need a different design to support their ladies!

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