Which Corset is Best For Me?

Choosing the Right Corset:

There is no ONE right answer

Hello OC Blog Readers! Cheri here again with some insight into a very common question we get here at Orchard Corset: “Which corset do you suggest for me?”  We often struggle to answer this question, because without some detailed information from our customer, it’s very difficult to choose.

Each person has their own unique set of circumstances: body type, torso length, desired results, level of experience, occasional use vs specific use vs waist training…and even more variables with an overbust corset. I will attempt in this blog to lay out the differences side by side in our 3 most popular underbust corsets: CS-411, CS-426 and CS-305.

Corset Comparison

First let me say that one is not better than the others; they each have something unique to offer. Of course, one could definitely be better for you than the others-which is really what we are here to figure out! What they have in common is each is made with flat and spiral steel bones, front split busks, all metal grommets, and lacing guards. The 305 and 411 are standard length corsets-about 10-11 inches at the front and back and 8-9 inches along the side. The 426 is a longline corset and measures 13-14 inches at the front and back and 12 inches along the side (Can I wear the 426?). This doesn’t mean if you have a long torso you have to buy the 426, nor does it mean if you are 5’4” tall you must buy a 411 or 305. Even if you are tall, if you have a very short torso, the 426 could be uncomfortable for you to wear.

Double Steel Boned Black Satin Corsets: CS-426 and CS-411

Double Steel Boned Black Satin Corsets: CS-426 Longline and CS-411 Standard

Personally, I can wear all 3 comfortably. I prefer the 411 because I have more freedom of movement. Some women complain about the back bulge from the lower riding 411 (especially for longer, full figured gals). I don’t have any problems with that, or I would probably prefer the 426. I am very curvy, so the 411 suits me better than the 305, but I can wear the 305 and in the leather (it’s VERY comfortable).


CS-305 Single Boned Brown Leather

All three of these will work for waist training. Many people wear corsets for back support-all 3 of these would work great for that as well. Your decision might then be determined by your torso length and level of curve.


CS-411 Red Plaid Underbust Corset

Many of our corsets have beautiful prints and designs-maybe you are looking for an exotic club look or attending a costumed event. Than that’s an easy choice-if it fits it the right corset for you! We have super cute plaids and pinstripes. All of our corsets are available in our high strength, high shine satin. Many styles are also available in leather and cotton as well, and the 411 and 426 in polyester: pinstripe, brocades and plaids.

If you’re new to corseting, your best bet is to head over to our sizing page and send your measurements to one of our sizing experts. They will get back to you with the style and size that should work for you!

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  1. Olivia

    Hi Cheri,
    I am having trouble accessing the Orchard Corset site. It keeps telling me that your site has an unsecure connection and that it is possibly a scam, my identity will be stolen, and my debit/credit information compromised.
    I know several other people who have had thing problem too.
    Is there a solution? Because I would really like to buy one of your corsets!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Olivia! I emailed you just a few hours ago about this, we would love to get this sorted out to make sure that everything is okay. What we see on our end looks as it should but if it’s not showing that on your end we would like to get that error fixed. Thanks so much!

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