Corset 101 Video Blog: How to Properly Lace a Corset

Bi-Directional Corset Lacing: A Video Tutorial

Hello OC Blog Fans! We are back with new video on how to properly lace your corset in the traditional Bi-Directional Lacing Style. This video features our stunning Emerald Green CS-411 Overbust Corset.


CS-511 Emerald Green Overbust Corset

As stated in the video, all of our corsets are individually wrapped and prepared, fully-laced, before we ship to our valuable customers. However, you may want to change the location of the loop or accent your corset with one of our super strong paracord laces or high strength satin ribbon laces.

Enjoy the video, and stay tuned for future Corset 101 Informational Videos from Orchard Corset!

Click HERE for Video

9 Responses

  1. Shanell Johnson

    I’ve been corset training for just over a year. I’ve bought countless corsets from you guys. My question is why does the size of the laces vary? Sometimes their super long, which I have no problem with, but more recently the laces were barely enough for me and I’m not a big person. I suggested that the only way to fix that would be to relace the corset. Which alot of new corseteers may not be confident enough with doing.

    1. Hi Shanell! Well, we have several manufacturers that create our corsets and they all seem to have their own ideas about how long corset laces should be…that’s why you will see the different lace lengths. However, if you receive a corset with laces that are much too short, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service department at info@orchardcorset.com so we can take care of it for you!

    1. stephanie

      the mini wasp only has 12 steel bones. I was under the impression that a proper one for waist training should at least have 20??

      1. That is certainly not true. As long as the corset has the strength to cinch and reduce your waist. More boning will generally result in a more rigid corset which can have a more dramatic affect on your posture.

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