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Selecting the Perfect Corset: Sizing and Style Tips, Part 1

Corset Shopping Guide for the Novice Corset Buyer

Nearly everyday we get questions from new customers looking to buy their first authentic steel boned corset from Orchard Corset. What size do I need? Which corset should I buy if I have a short waist? a long waist? small hips? large hips? large breasts?…and the list goes on and on. Here are some tips compiled from our knowledgeable staff and customer feedback we receive.

How to Measure:

When you wrap the tape measure around you, pull it taut but not tight. Don’t leave any slack in the tape, but don’t create a crease or indent in your body by pulling it too tightly. You will need your natural waist (often the smallest part of your waist-check out this video), hips, underbust and fullest part of your bust (for overbust corsets) in inches. We will discuss corset length in part 2.

underbust crop
Underbust measurement
Waist measurement
Waist measurement
upper-hip crop
Upper hip measurement


When I measured myself, the smallest part of my waist was about 27″, my underbust just shy of 30″ (37″ at the fullest part) and my upper hip was about 36″. The fullest part of my hip measures about 40″, but your corset will not come down that far. With these measurements I am pretty solid size 22 with just barely enough hip curve for the 426. The 411 and 426 short fit great, as does the 201 and 301 if I am in the mood for a shorter fitting corset.

Silhouette Level:

CS-426 in Black Satin. Notice that the bottom of the corset is almost closed, forming a ‘V’ shape in the laces. Not a tragedy, but parallel is what we’re looking for here. She just doesn’t have quite enough hip to fill out the 426.

Orchard Corset has developed and exclusive system for determining the “curviness” factor of a corset. This is determined by taking your waist -upper hip and waist-underbust ratios to determine how curvy you are to help you choose a corset that will fit properly. It’s possible to create more curves than you have by moving up a silhouette level, but new corset wearers should take the time and select a corset that isn’t too far from your natural shape. The leaner you are-the more you will need to select a corset that has your shape. If you are blessed with some extra fluff, then the corset will redistribute tummy weight to fill out the top and bottom of your corset, in essence shaping you to the corset. As you can see from to the right, Danielle doesn’t quite have enough hip to wear the 426. The bottom can close completely, but not the rest of the corset. Check out our Silhouette Level Guide to see where you fit. Remember, this is not an exact science-just a guideline.

Silhouette Level
Bust-Waist Ratio
Hip-Waist Ratio
Level 1 Moderate
4-5 in. (UB) 5-6 in. (OB)
6-7 inches
Level 2 Enhanced
5-6 in. (UB) 7-8 in (OB)
7-9 inches
Level 3 Extreme
6+ in (UB) 8+ in (OB)
10+ inches

How to Determine the Right Size:

As a rule of thumb, we have our customers order 4-7 inches below their natural waist size. So if you have a 29″ waist, you would order a size 24 corset. However. there are other factors to consider. If you aren’t looking to really cinch up your waist, but perhaps are more interested in back support, fashion, or a costumed event, then we recommend only 3-5 inches. That would mean that same 29″ waist could order a size 26 (depending on curve and type of clothing worn under the corset). Brand new corset wearers should error on the side of too big and work your way into a smaller corset. Another important factor is the “squish” factor. Lean muscle is not going to have as much give as soft tissue. So if you have 28″ waist that is packed with muscle and very little soft tissue, you will find cinching down to a 22″  corset very challenging and very uncomfortable. Whereas someone with a 34″ waist with ample soft tissue will be able to cinch down into a 28″ or even a 26″ corset, depending on their level of experience. Individuals with longer torsos will also find it easier to lace down-more area to spread the excess “fluff”. If you are tall and have lots of extra fluff, you may find 8-10 inches is not too extreme a reduction. Check out part 2 of this blog for more information on corset length and overbust/underbust comparison.

If you’re still not sure what size and style of corset is right for you, head over to the sizing page of our website, give us your measurements, and one of our sizing experts will be happy to help you!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Thyra Skött

    Hi, looking for my first corset! I´m 5´6, 120 lb with a 24 inch natural waist, a 28 inch underbust, and 31 inch hip (high) measurement. I´m looking to achieve a curvy shape.

  • Sodasia

    Hey guys! I was wondering what email address we would send measurements to if we wanted advice on which corset would be best for us?? Thanks!

          • Sodasia

            Sorry just one more question! So I just ordered the 426 short and haven’t gotten it yet but wanted to know, will it have a high enough back to sorta help my upper back or “bra bulge” because OMGG I hate that and when I wear costume corsets even I tend to have like so much extra it’s so annoying and I wanna just compact it all. Have I ordered the right corset to sorta help me with that? I have like a ten inch torso and a 34 and a half inch waist, a 35 and a half inch underbust and about a 43″ upper hip. If this corset isn’t right can I exchange it?

            Thanks for your answers in advance!

          • Brittney Loveall-Talley

            Hi again! Don’t even worry about it! The short 426 has a high back which helps with back bulge and smoothing everything out 🙂 If you get a lot of back bulge that you want to try and smooth out more, you can try our Vedette 941 or a longline bra with your corset to help smooth you out. That corset sounds like it will be a good fit for you. Which size did you get? We have 30-day return policy in case you don’t love it. And our sizing team is always happy to help too! Let us know if we can help with anything else. 😀

  • ms_jwong

    Hello there – I’m very new to this ‘corset’ forum and information, so I am hoping someone can help me a little. I’m not even sure if I’m measuring properly but here goes…. I have been measuring in inches by the way. My body shape is quite small and petite already – but I am obsessed with an hourglass shape of a very tiny waist, especially with wearing those poodle ‘circle’ skirts with the petticoat flaring out… and tight dresses.

    Here are my measurements:

    Height: 5’15 foot (157cm)
    Waist: 25′ inches
    Bust: 31′ inches
    Under bust: 28′ inches
    High hip: 31′ inches
    Low hip: 34′ inches

    Unfortunately I have a little bit of a lower tummy gut, and absolutely no bust. I’m really looking for a corset that will hopefully clench my waist in… as I have given up on trying to push up my non-existent bust.

    But do you think it’s wise for me to try the ‘overcast corset’ so that it will help with my flat chest? Or should I just opt for an ‘underbust’ corset?

  • Charlvannah

    Hi there
    I’ve been looking for a corset that fits well but no bulging also comfortable to wear for long periods of time I don’t know my torso size but
    I’m 5’2
    Waist 38.5
    Bust 44
    Under bust 37
    High hip 41
    Low hip 49.5
    I’m squishy in the back looking for something to slim me down and make whatever I have on loom appealing to me in any type of clothing and something that won’t make my butt look like a box I’ve recently lost weight #needhelpplease

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hello! #happytohelpyou 😉 I would go with a size 32 in the 411 or the 345 style. I think that the 345 (if you have enough torso length for it) will be a great choice because it has a higher back and can smooth out back squish. I hope that helps! Let us know if we can help with anything else!

  • Eve


    Based in the UK, London.

    My details below:

    Underbust : 31″
    Natural waist : 31.5″
    Upper hip : 36.5
    Torso(when sat down) : 9″

    Would you consider me as a small torso? And I have other corsets in size 24. I bought that elsewhere when i meatured 29″ natural waist.

    I am looking at cs-411 mesh at size 24 and same size for other cs-201 size 24 too.

    What do you this?


    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Eve! Thanks for those measurements. Based off of your current measurements, I would suggest a size 26 in the 411 or the 201, your torso is on the shorter side but not so short that the 411 would be too long. I think a size 24 would be too small for now, unless you are very squishy or accustomed to being cinched in. Hope that helps!

  • Sara


    I am new to the corset world- I tried contacting you through your link but it won’t work for some reason. My measurements are below and I am just not sure what size to order. I have been using a latex trainer for a few months and can cinch down to a 38 at this point (I am pretty darn squishy from my natural waist down… any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Underbust 40
    Natural waist 43
    High Hips 46
    Torso 15


    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Sara! So sorry the link didn’t work. I suggest a size 34 for you since you can naturally cinch in so easily. I would try the 426 styles or the 201 style. I think that you can make the super curvy 426 style work because you are so squishy, normally I like to see an underbust larger than the waist to fill it out but I think because you can cinch in so easily that it won’t be an issue at all. I hope that helps, please let us know if we can help with anything else. Have a great day!

      • Sara

        Hello Brittney- Thank you so much for your response! I’ve actually ordered a 34 426 from your advice, and have been seasoning it for it’s big day. The unfortunate truth is I just don’t think that I have enough hips to fill it out. It really flares out and I have to tame it down with shapewear and the result is not aesthetically pleasing. Also, I live in a cold weather region and it looks just ridiculous under pants (even high waisted ones). Any thoughts on another style that I can use to stealth under pants and still cover up that dreaded shelf?
        Thank you again for all of your help!

  • Angela

    I’ve never tried waist training and would love to give it a try.

    Waist 31
    Under bust 31
    Underhip 36

    Only 5′ 2 and I have about a 10-11 inch torso…suggestions please

  • Denisa


    I purchased my first ever corset a little over a year ago and am looking to expand my collection. I initially got a size 28 due to below measurements:

    Underbust: ~36 in.
    Waist: ~36 in.
    Hips: ~42 in.

    My measurements now are:

    Underbust: ~36 in.
    Waist: ~32 in.
    Hips: ~40 in.

    As I am thinking of going down quite a bit on my measurements in the following year I was considering buying the CS-426 in a size 22. I am more on the squishy side and would like more of an extreme cinching in the waist. Do you think this size is suitable for my measurements?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Denisa! Wow! Look at that change, congrats! With your measurements, I suggest going with a size 26- possibly a size 24 if you are super super squishy. I do suggest getting the 426 with hipties though, you will need that extra hip room to be comfortable and to be able to get a good cinch in. I don’t suggest going down to a size 22. That is a size more suited to someone with a 27/28″ waistline and I think would be much too small for your figure. I hope that helps, please let us know if we can help with anything else.

  • jena

    Hi! I’m looking into buying a corset but I think just must be a weird shape because I can’t seem to make my measurements make sense, for example the siloute levels, I seem to be half 1 and half three. I would love some advice on a good corset style and size for me!

    Waist 24
    Bust 33
    Hips 31
    Underbust 28

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Jena! Is that your full hip or your upper hip measurement? If it’s your upper hip… I suggest that you go with a size 20 in the 411, 345 or the 201 style; the level 2/3 should be a good fit for your figure. If it’s actually your full hip I suggest you retake your measurements and get back to us. Just in case you need to check this blog shows how to measure yourself. Thanks!

      • nara

        I am interested in corset cs426 longline and cs 411 actually not sure which one would suit me.
        I read blog and i have 11inch from middle of breast to hip. I am a plus size and would like to know which corset size i am.
        Bust 44″
        Underbust 37″
        Natural waist 38″
        Upper hip 45″
        I have big stomach from pregnancy.
        oh also approximatelly how much would cost shipping to italy?

        • Brittney Loveall-Talley

          Hi Nara! Thanks for those measurements! I think that you could do a size 30 in the short or long 426 style will look great on you 🙂 Be sure to check our blog on how to measure your torso for the longline 426 style too, if your corset is too long for you it can dig down into your thighs which is quite uncomfortable and can bend the boning of the corset. Lucy’s Corsetry also has a great video for a trick to keep your lower belly in the corset rather than squishing out of the bottom as well.

          I am unable to estimate a shipping cost for overseas shipping. We have a few different shipping speeds and costs for international customers. If you place the items you want in your cart and then proceed through checkout it will give you those different options with prices. As shipping costs can change pretty regularly and do change with the item you are wanting to buy due to the weight… going to the website is the easiest way to find those prices.

          I hope that helps, happy corseting!

          • nara

            Thank you for quick reply. I am 5’5 height. I have equal overall body fat and stomach. Does it mean cs411 not good for me? Maybe too short? I want to buy 2 corsets.
            Looking forward x the answer,thanks

          • Brittney Loveall-Talley

            Hi again Nara, you’re very welcome! I think that your hips are just too wide for the 411 style. The short 426 is a similar length if that’s something you were interested in. You can absolutely try the 411 style out, but I don’t think that you will be able to close the hip portion of the 411 style. You could wear the 201 style though in the same size 30, if you want something short that would be a good one for your figure 🙂

      • Hannah

        Hi there! I tried to submit a query but it wouldn’t go through for some reason. Anyway, I am looking for a bit of advice on which size/style I should purchase.

        I’m 5’11”
        Underbust: 32.5
        Waist: 30
        Upper Hip: 36.5
        Torso: 11.5

        Thank you!

  • Jane Ng.

    What corset would you recommend me ? Thank you for your time.
    Bust : 36″
    Underbust : 33.5”
    Waist : 34”
    Upperhip: 35”
    Torso Length: 14″

  • J

    I would like to purchase a mesh corset for the warmer weather. I am currently wearing a CS 411 in a size 28. It laces just inside the modesty panel. The length is okay – my torso wouldn’t be long enough for anything longer.

    What size would you recommend for a mesh? Would you recommend 411 again?

    Thanks so much!

  • Marie

    Hi, I would love some help. I’m interested in the 345, 411 and 305. I really like the look of the 345 and 426, mostly because of the contoured underbust. What would you recommend for me?

    Underbust 36″
    Waist 35″
    Upper hip 37.5″
    Hip 38″

    Also, I had a c-section with my last child which has resulted in a horrible stomach pouch. I feel like the smaller styles(411, 305) might not cover this so I was leaning towards 345. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Marie, I think you’re on the right track leaning toward the CS 345. You don’t have quite enough hip to fill out the CS426 so you would end up with gapping at the bottom edge and the bottom of the corset would close giving you a significant ‘V’ in the back (not a tragedy, but we like to keep the laces parallel when possible). With all that said and your comment about your tummy I think the CS 345 in a size 28 would work well for you. Good luck!

    • Asha


      Hi ….I’m new to the corset training… I would love some help in getting the right size of corset for me…I would really love to reduce my waist… And would u recommend for me?

      Under bust …29


      Upper hip…33


  • Angel Alvarez

    Hi Cheri,
    I am looking to see what Corset would be the best fit for me to get Super Curvy. I have a natural curve to me already, I would like a smaller more noticeable waist. Which corset would work the absolute best for that… O, and also i have hips just not really big hips, Which corset will form me into bigger hips, at least a little? My measurements are :

    Underbust: 30in
    Waist: 27in.
    Upper Hip: 33 1/2n.
    Lower Hip: 37
    Length of Torso: 10 in.

    Thank You !! -A.A

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Angel,

      Welcome to OC! A corset will not actually make your hips bigger, but you will appear to have a more ample hip because of your cinched waist :). With those measurements I think a size 22 in the 201 will work best for you.

      • Angel Alvarez

        Thank You !
        Sounds perfect. What is the difference between cs-426 and the others? Also, The corsets that lay over your hips bone and the ones that meet the very top of your hip bone? and one more question, the difference between the 411, 301 and the 201 its self. Id love for it to go over my stomach as well and not just sit on top.

  • Danielle

    Interested in the 426, but need some advice (long vs short & whether the hip ties would be unnecessary)….I purchased a 26 – 345 based on original measurements i think were inaccurate. I like the high back, it fits comfortably when sitting. The side length is a bit short I think as my squishy hips kind of bulge a bit when sitting and the extra front length that dips out I’m hoping will adjust overtime. I am getting an A shape closing, the modesty flap closes up to the first 3 grommets, then at the hips i have about 2 inches of my undershirt still visible. I am only on day 4 of ‘seasoning’ and do not want to force the hips closed…
    I’d like to try the 426 and am wondering if I can pull off the long, I do not want the same hip-bulge problem I have with the 345…

    UB 35 W 32.5 UH 39/40 fullHIP 42.5 L(standing)11 (sitting)10/10.5

    Also, if the 345 is closing with a 26, would you recommend a 28? I am pretty squishy though and think the 26 might close after awhile…
    I was recommened a 36 short w/ties based on original measurments of:
    W 32 UH 42 L9.5


    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Danielle! First of all I definitely would not suggest that you go to a 28, it would be completely closed and if you can close a corset all the way, especially before you have seasoned it, then you won’t be getting much benefit from cinching it (since it will already be closed). If you are able to close that 26 within a couple of weeks of wearing it, then I would go with a 24 for the next one. Strictly speaking from your measurements I wouldn’t normally have someone with a 32″ waist size down to a size 24 corset, but if the 26 is completely closed by the time you are done seasoning, you may want to consider it. I’m very squishy in the middle with a 29/30 inch waist and on paper that would put me in a size 24, but I wear a 22 in just about everything, so I’m thinking you might be a squishy person too! 😉 You could go with the CS 426 short, but you are right on the verge of having enough hip to fill out the bottom of the corset. You’ll definitely have a bit of a gap to start, but it should form up to you as you season it. You may even have a bit of a ‘V’ in the laces as the bottom may close more quickly than the top (just the opposite of what is happening now. The original recommendation was based on you being 2 inches bigger on your upper hip measurement than your current measurement, so the hip ties would have made sense, but with a 39/40 you won’t need the extra room in the hip that the hip ties offer.

  • Jayleen N

    Hi Cheri !
    This is my first time ordering a corset, I was wondering what would you recommend me 😀

    My measurements are:
    Bust: 34″
    Underbust: 29″
    Waist: 26.5″
    Upper Hip: 31″
    Torso Length: 9 or 10″

    Thank you for helping all these lovely ladies out.

  • Shannan

    Hello, i am new to waist training and am interested in the steel-boned-short-underbust-corset-cs-426-short. I am clueless as to what size i should get,please help! My measurements are 32″ underbust 27.5″ waist 35″ upper hip and my torso is 9.5

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Shannan, I would suggest a size 22 for you. You are right on the edge of having enough hip to fill out the CS 426 short. If you are squishy, you should be fine. (squishy vs. firm) The bottom of the corset is definitely going to close faster than the top so you will have a bit of a ‘V’ in the laces. Not a big deal, just wanted you to be aware of it.

  • Jackie

    Hi Cheri,

    Thank you so much for this blog. This is very helpful but I still find myself overwhelmed with all of the corset options. Would you recommend a corset for me to waist train? My measurements are UB 33″, W 33.5″, and UH 37″. I wanted to go for the CS-426 short but I’m afraid my frame is too wide to start with that option.

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Jackie, you don’t have quite enough natural curve for the CS 426 and I think you would have a problem with gapping at the top and the bottom. I would suggest that you go with either our CS 411 or CS 345 in a size 26. Good luck!

    • Tappy

      Hi Cheri ,

      I recently purchased a CS-345 and sort of in the first phase of seasoning ? Anyway the corset is very comfortable but the back has an inverted V in the back ( closer at the top , very wide at the bottom ) .

      The size I bought was a 22 , my waste is 27″ my UB is 32″ and my iliac crest is also 32″

      I am a male , but not trans , straight , I just wanted to try a corset for my back problems , as I have other types of supportive garments ranging from the elastic back supports to a custom made Tru-Form 3X3 fan laced.

      Just for the heck of it , I watched one of your videos , the one where you suggested wearing the CS-305 upside down , and wouldn`t you know it , a perfect parallel fit with the modesty panel slightly tucked in the other side.

      Problem is , it is not very comfortable on the top , but a perfect , I mean perfect fit on the bottom.

      This may sound totally bizarre , and would never have thought of the upside down try had it not been for your 305 video.

      Should I still continue to season it , wearing it correctly ? would seasoning give me and the corset that much of a change ?

      O , I should mention that wearing it right side up , there is still space at top and bottom , like I said somewhere in the middle of seasoning ???

      Anyway , thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to share.

      Take care , 🙂

      Gary 

      PS: I love OC`s YT channel and have already been a subscriber !

      • Cheri Dudek

        Hi Gary-and thank you!

        I would think the 345 would be tricky to wear upside down as it has a very contoured top and bottom edge (unlike the 305 which is straighter). You won’t do any damage I don’t think to either yourself or the corset-but a 305 (probably in a 24 as it is less curvy) would be more comfortable. It is a little shorter so I am not sure if that will impact the level of support you are looking to achieve.

        You should find that you will surely get a better fit with seasoning..but whether that ever becomes a “great” fit is questionable in the 345.

        • Tappy

          Hi Cheri ,

          Thank you for your kind reply. 🙂

          I just was curious about the upside down 345 , you are correct , the 345 is not intended to be worn that way , just wanted to try.

          Good call , on suggesting I try a CS-305 and upsize to a 24 , I was thinking the same thing , especially where the modesty panel is 4″ instead of 5″.

          I saw a video where a CS-305 was shown , but not the topic , and it was an OC youtube video and it was in White Leather , any chance that might come back ?

          Also , is the current “white” 305 in white ? , just wondering because I ordered my CS345 in white , but received it in violet ( lilac ) , I am actually liking the color that is why I am inquiring about the current 305 in white ( lilac ? ) like advertised for the 345 , or really white as advertised and not lilac ( violet ).

          Yes , I think I should give the 345 some more time , it might mold into my shape , although I am not holding my breath !! LOL , but time will tell.

          As for as the “support” factor , yes and yes ! , the 345 does provide the support I need , and am hoping the 305 will too if I try one. My main back issues are lumbar and not thoracic , so the height would { does = 345 } do more to provide stability and comfort.

          Sorry for the long reply , and thanks again , and please let me know about the CS-305 in White Leather , will in make a comeback ???? I hope so 🙂

          Take care , and have a great day !

          Gary 

          • Cheri Dudek

            Hi Gary,

            Yes..the white leather is alas no more. The white satin should be white that your ordered..but it definitely has a different undertone than the white satin 305-which does not have the violet undertone you are seeing in the white 345. I am working on a longline straigher corset, but at least 2 months out on that.

          • Tappy

            Hi Cheri ,

            Thanks for confirming the color of the CS-305 , I actually like the violet ! , but white would have been my first choice , either way — a-ok !! 🙂

            Thanks also for the info in reference to a possible longer length straighter ( although I will keep the CS-305 in my wish list or cart ! ) , and I do have some curve , just not enough , unless I train , but was really looking for just a supportive corset , I lack the hip spring , so maybe the future will hold a perfect fit !! 🙂

            I am sorry to hear that the CS-305 in white leather will not be making a comeback , however news of a new style or design well definitely be something I will keep an eye out for.

            I hope you and Amber and your entire staff have a fantastic spring , and thanks again for being so helpful , I truly appreciate it.

            Take care 🙂

            Gary 

  • Courtney

    Hi, I’m wanting to start waist training and I have no idea which corset and silhouette level would be best for my body type. My underbust is 31, waist 29, upper hips 33-34 and torso 9.5-10 in. I really like the curved underbust look and I’ve got some squish lol I have “love handles” that I’d like to cover with the corset. I’m worried that the corset might make my love handles look worse if it does not extend far enough down. I need you’re expertise!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Courtney, I think our CS 305 in a size 24 would probably work great for you, unfortunately it doesn’t have the contoured underbust. The CS 345 in a size 24 would also work, but the sides are cut up a little higher so I can’t guarantee that it would cover your ‘love handles’ but I’m guessing that it would. Our CS 426 line also has the contoured underbust, but you need to have more natural curve to fill out the hips in that one than you currently have.

  • robin

    I apologize for writing again, but I don’t think you saw my reply since there are so many here. I measured my upper hip wrong. I am 5″6-5″9 depending on how many joints dislocate for the day. My ob-36 ub-28 waist-25 UH-34 LH 36.5. torso standing-14 inches torso sitting-12 inches. Am I still ok getting a 345 in 20 or 305 or 411?
    Thank you,

  • Nikki

    Hi… I would like to start waist training… I’m squishy…. My measurements are

    Under bust 36
    FUll bust 39
    Natural waist 37
    Hip 44.5
    Upper hip 42
    Torso sitting 9

  • Heidi

    Hello! I’m interested in getting an over bust corset if I’m not too short! Although I’m open to suggestions in either style.

    Natural waist 31-32
    Under bust 33-34
    Over bust 34-35 (wear bras in size 32b or 34b depending on styles and comfort)
    Upper hip 37
    Torso 9-10

    Thank you!!

  • robin

    Hello, I was wondering which model would work best for me;this will be my first real corset and my doctor recommended it to help hold my joints in place since they all dislocate. I am squishy like a baby even though I am thin because I have ehlers-danlos which makes my collagen weak and stretchy. I am 5″6-5″9 depending on how many joints dislocate for the day. My ob-36 ub-28 waist-25 UH-32.5 LH 36.5. torso standing-14 inches torso sitting-12 inches.
    Thank you,

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Robin,

      My goodness! I am happy to hear you consulted your doctor first-and it sounds like this definitely more for support and not for waist training. I think a size 20 in the 411 (305 will fit even better I believe) or 345 will work for you. The 426 will be have too much hip room and the 301 too short to do much good.

      • robin

        I measured my upper hip wrong. It is 34 inches not 32.5 (I failed to look up where to measure before measuring). Would that alter your recommendations? My other measurements were correct.

  • Ellie

    Hi Cheri,

    Wonderful blog!

    I’m looking for recommendations a first corset. I’m struggling to pick the right silhouette because my figure is a little funny – big in the natural bust and lower hips but leaner in the waist, underbust, and to some extent the upper hip.

    Bust: 39.5″ (bra size = 32 G/H)
    Underbust: 32″
    Waist: 29″ down to ~28 in the summer when I eat fewer cookies 🙂
    Upper hip (iliac crest): 36″
    Hip: 39″
    mid bust-to-UH (sitting): 13-13.5″
    underbust-to-UH (sitting):11.5-12″

    Recommendations appreciated! I’m game for anything – tho maybe an underbust would fit better? Thanks!

    PS – I definitely have some squish although maybe less than my bust and hip measures would make you think.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Ellie,

      Thank you! I think a size 24 in the 411 will work well. Perhaps even a 22 in a 426 short (or the 411) if you are closer to the 28 and have some squish. The 201 in a 22 is another option as well.

      • Ellie

        Thanks Cheri!

        The 411 size 24 fits like a dream. Totally comfortable and very wearable. Perfect. 🙂

        You were also spot on about the 426 size 22 too. I got nervous and ordered a 24 — which ended up a little big (definitely! even accounting for seasoning). Should have tried the 22.

        Last question:
        lol. Somehow I under-estimated/measured my torso length – even after watching the video! (I think i was nervous about not being able to sit down in my corset, lol… so I measured to the very top of my hip bone and have several inches below the 426 short to work with even when sitting.

        Do you have anything like the 411 on top but a little longer through the hip? I’d like a 2nd corset for variety (in addition to the fabulous 411) and I love the rib fit of the 411. Or would you recommend the regular 426 if the 426 short was too short?

  • Talitha de Leon

    What styles go well with an underbust corset for daily wear? Are there any styles I should avoid either because they just don’t work together well or are uncomfortable? I am noticing that much of my wardrobe doesn’t work well with my corset but you ladies always seem to look so put together.

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Talitha, pants that sit at your natural waist are more comfortable than pants that sit at your hip. Leggings work great with corsets as do skirts. For tops anything that already has a waistline to it usually looks great, but many of us are wearing t-shirts and button up shirts. I’d suggest following us on Instagram and Facebook as we post an outfit of the day and that is usually something that one of us has worn to work, then we throw a corset over it. Also check out the My Waist Training Journey blogs as one of the questions on there is related to what the waist trainer typically wears with their corset. Hope that was helpful!

      • Sandra Guardado

        Hello I wanted a good recommendation for my first corset. I’m more squishy than firm.
        Waist- 33
        Upper hip-44
        I’m 5’1 and already pretty curvy

        Thank you

        • Amy Lewis

          Hi Sandra, based on your measurements you could do a size 28 in our CS 411, CS 345 or the CS 426 Short (you didn’t list your torso length, but I’m guessing the standard CS 426 probably won’t work for you at 5’1″).

  • Natalie

    Hi…I’m new to waist training and I have no clue on what size or type of corset to purchase…I can use some help, thank you in advance.

    I’m 5’3 with a long torso…and I have squishability also. I want to add I have lower belly fat also….Here are my measurements:

    UB 38; waist 36; UH 44

  • Aliya

    It looks like I’m in between level one and level two. This is my first corset in my waist training journey. Underbust about 28/28.5, waist 23.5-24, and the upper hip of 30.5”. The level two corsets are all level 2/3, so i’m worried they’ll be too much, but also worried level 1 wont be enough.
    also, should i go with a size 18 or 20? I have a little squishibility but not much.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Aliya,

      My biggest concern is that most are going to be small at the top edge of the corset. I think the 201 in a size 20 (18 perhaps for the mesh) may be your best bet. It is curvy-but short enough that you do not need a larger hip spring to pull it off.

  • aura101

    hi i bought the 22′ cs411 corset, I’m also looking into shrinking my ribcage a bit, my ribcage/underbust measures 27″ will wearing a 22″ corset shrink it a bit? i also want to wear my 22” corset for a year. (i just ordered through my cousin, i live in asia, do you ship to thailand?) if i wore this 22″ corset for a long time, what is the possible size of my uncorsetted waist?

  • Jamie

    Needs some help not sure what will be better for me ..

    Waist – 34 inches
    Underbust- 32 1/2 inches
    Upper hip – 39 1/2 inches

    I’m 5’7 with kinda a long torso ( I think)

  • Kim

    Hi! I am interested in waist training with either the 411 or the 426 (I am looking at the short version). I am plus sized and have the extra “fluff” as described in the blog on sizing. What size would you recommend? Also, would the short 426 be better for me? I am 5’4″ and feel like the original longline may be too long to sit down comfortably, which is why I was looking at the 411 with the same level 3 curve (but I also have a stomach pooch I want to fit in the corset!) I have a 40 ” underbust, about 40″ waist, 47″ upper hip, and 11-12″ torso length but I am not sure if I am measuring that right. Help please 🙂 Thank you!

  • amanda

    Hello My name is Amanda
    I just discovered waist training and I’m obsessed but having trouble picking a corset.
    I took my measurements

    bust : 44
    natural waist: 43
    hip : 52
    torso lenth : 14 sitting * I lost a inch

    My goal is to have the accentuated hips and small waist.
    I have a tummy I have had 2 c- sections. I’m short about 5’2 I think I have a long torso, what corset would you suggest from my measurements I was thinking of the 426 or 345

  • My'Rieka

    HI Cheri!!! I am beyond ready to order my corset but I am still a bit confused as to what would be the best style/size for my body. I am really looking to slim up and get that extreme hourglass figure but I’m worried about ordering a corset too long to where it is too difficult for me to move or sit or one too short to where any back fluff spills out and doesn’t get toned causing muffin top, so I was wondering what corset should I order based on my measurements??

    Under bust: 32 1/2 in”

    Waist: 33 in”

    Hips: 38 1/2 in”

    Under bust to belly button waist: 7″

    I’m pretty short (5’2) and my torso from my under bust to my belly button is only about 7-8 in” so I don’t think I can pull off the CS-426 or the CS-4211 but I still really want as much of a defined hourglass as possible without any muffin top spilling over or under. Please Help??!! 🙁

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi My’Riecka with your short torso I’d suggest a 301 or a 201 in a size 28 (if you go with a 201 in mesh, a size 26). I think you’ll have better luck with avoiding muffin top (and bottom) with the 201 as its a bit longer than the 301. Good luck!

  • Maria

    Hi! So excited and looking forward on buying my first corset, but I’m having a hard time choosing one, and the right size. I would really like to get back in shape. My measurements are:
    UB: 37.5″
    W: 37″
    UH: 45.5
    torso: 10″
    Thank you!!!

  • Clara

    Hi. I want to buy a corset (cs411 or cs426), but i dont know which size would be best for me.
    My measurements are:

    Underbust: 28″ (4″ from waist)
    Waist: 27.5″
    Upper hip: 34″ (4.5″ below waist)
    Lower hip: 35″ (5.5″ below waist)
    Torso: 11″

    Thanks for any help.

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Clara- I would suggest the 411 in a size 22. I think that you would have gapping at the top and bottom with the 426 as you need a bit more curve (or a lot of fluff) to fill it out.

  • Clara

    Hi. I want to buy a corset, but i dont know, which size would be best for me.
    My measurements are:

    Underbust: 28″ (4″ from waist)
    Waist: 27,5″
    Upper hip: 34″ (4,5″ below waist)
    Lower hip: 35″ (5,5″ below waist)
    Torso: 11″

    So would be better 24″ cs411 or 22″ cs426 ?

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Clara- I would suggest the 411 in a size 22. I think that you would have gapping at the top and bottom with the 426 as you need a bit more curve (or a lot of fluff) to fill it out.

  • Kelli

    Hi!! My name is Kelli, and my friend and I are looking to get a training corset.
    My under bust is 31″, waist is 28″, upper hip is 31.5″, and my torso length is 12″. Which do you think will work for me?
    My friends under bust is 27″, waist is 24″,upper hip is 28″, and her torso length is 11″. Which do you think will also work for her?

  • aura101

    I asked my cousin in the US to order a corset for me.
    I asked her to order a CS 411, in size 22.
    I’m wondering if I got the right size, my under bust is size 31, waistline is 25 and upper hip is 33, Im afraid of getting size 20 because i only want to stop around size 22

    • Amy Lewis

      At a 25″ waist we would have suggested a size 20 for you. If you aren’t looking for much of a reduction it may be fine, but you may be able to fully close it after you season it. It sounds like you are out of the country. My suggestion would be to have your cousin return it for a size 20 before she sends it to you. To give you an example, my waist is 29″ and I wear a size 22 corset.

  • Karson

    Hi Cheri!

    I wanted to ask your advice on the style and size corset I should get for waist training. My under bust is 25.5 inches, my waist is 22.5, and my upper hip is 27.5.
    Thank you!

  • Crystal

    I am interested in purchasing a corset but I am unsure about what size and style to order. My underbust is 38 inches, waist 33 inches, and hip is 41 inches. My natural waist is small but I do have some love handles. I am also only 5’2. I want a corset that will help will redistributing the love handles and give me a “hourglass” shape. Does it matter if the material is satin or cotton? Thank you for your help!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Crystal, I think the best fit for you will be our 426 Short in a size 28. Our 411 in a size 28 would probably work too, but with the natural curve that you already have the 426 short is the best bet.

  • Chloe

    Hi cheri!
    Was hoping you could help me choose the best orchard corset for me.
    My measurements are:
    Bust: 32″
    Underbust: 29″
    Waist: 23.5″
    Upper Hip: 30″
    Height: 5′5″
    Weight 101 lbs

    What corset is best for decreasing the size of the upper bust/ lower ribs?

    Thank you so much!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Chloe,Based on your measurements I would suggest a size 20 in our 411 or 345. You could also wear the 426 SHORT in a size 18. You do have a rather pronounced rib cage..and that takes a great deal of patience and diligence to train the bottom two floating ribs down. You will need a corset that sits at that level…which will depend on how much length you have between your natural waist and ribs as to which corset will work best for that and still work with your overall shape and measurements.

  • j

    Hi Cheri,

    What style and size do you recommend based on my current measurements:

    UB 34″
    Waist 35″
    Hip 45″
    torso 10″

    Possibly a 411?

    Thank you for all your help and advice!


  • Lingy

    Hi, i need help with sizing. My measurements are as follows:
    My underbust 27 inch, waist 26.5inch, upper hip 32 inch.
    What size should i buy in CS-411? I’m not sure if i should buy size 20 or 22?
    I am slim thus not alot of squish. Thanks for your help!

  • Ashley

    Hi! Late to the party here, but I’m looking for some guidance in purchasing my first corset.
    My goal is to wear my corset very often (I would aim for every day or 12-20 hrs, but at least 4-5 days a week for 8-12 hrs) and reduce the size of my waist. I am looking for an under bust style.

    I’m 5’4″, UB: 32″, W: 31″, UH: 35″ (measured over where my hip bone sticks out) and a torso of 11″ (when measuring under my bust at center of breast down to the top of my lap, but it it’s 9″ from that point under my bust to where my hip bone sticks out; not sure which the torso!).
    The widest point of my hip (across my pubic bone) is 38″. I have squish in my midsection. Tummy bulge, yay!

    I’m not sure whether to get a size 26 in a level 2 or 3 silhouette, or if I can even comfortably/safely go down to a 24. I’m still conflicted on the silhouette level.
    I definitely want the curves a level 3 would give me, but being inexperienced I don’t know if it would be realistic to start at a 3.
    I was also told at one point that I’m on the edge between a 305 and a 411, so I could wear either. That makes choosing a corset more difficult! So I need another opinion. 🙂

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Ashley!

      Welcome (and better late than never)! I think a size 26 in the 305 would be a very good fit for you. If you want to try the curvier 411-you will need to size down to a 24 as you have a smaller hip spring.

  • skelettdunn

    Hi, which corset should I purchase for waist training? Personally I like the cone/wasp corset style but anythng will work!

    Height: 5’3
    Body type: pear-shaped, firm yet padded
    Underbust: 32″
    Waist: 29.5″
    High hip: 35″ (near top of illiac)
    Full hips: 40-41″ approx
    Torso length: 10″

  • nikitaarmstrong

    Hi I have been wanting to start waist training but been putting it off because I have found it so confusing choosing the right corset.
    Could you please help me , I have a 29.5 inch waist and 30 inch under bust with a 36.5 hips.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Nikita,

      Of course! A size 24 in the 305, 411 (will close up at the bottom edge most likely), 345 or 301. The 201 will also work, but you may need to size down to a 22 depending on how squishy you think you are.

        • Cheri Dudek

          Both will work. For reference, my upper hip is 37″ and my waist is 27″ (so I wear a 22). The 305 is not quite roomy enough in the hip for me in the 22, and the 411 almost closes at the bottom edge for me in a 22. So in a 24-the 305 should work for you-but the 411 should be alright as well.

  • Samantha

    Hi Cheri,
    Like the other ladies here, i’m debating on which corset to buy as my first corset.
    I like the looks of both the CS-411 and CS-426 but not sure the latter would fit me. I work at a desk all day so I need to be comfortable.
    I want a corset for esthetic purpose only, I want to have a more defined hourglass shape and smaller waist.

    My measurements:

    Under bust: 34.6
    Waist: 30.7
    Upper hips: 40.2
    Torso: I measured it standing and it appears it is 12, I measured from under one of my breasts down to the upper hip (level with hip bones).

    I’m 5″7ft and curvy.

    Thanks for your help! 🙂


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Samantha,

      It looks like you have quite a prominent rib cage. The 411 will likely be more comfortable at a desk all day (the mesh especially). I think a size 24 will work for you. You will find you get a bit of a “V” shape in your laces as it will not close up as much around your rib cage. The 426 will also work for you in a size 24 (most of our corsets will…just not the 305).

  • Laura

    Hi, I just ordered a size 20 (under bust corset) for myself in a 2/3 silhouette and it literally will not close when it gets to my rib cage.
    I am 39 bust,27 under bust, 25 waist, and 35 hip.
    I have never tried a corset before so maybe that is why it isn’t closing?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Laura,

      Did you buy the 411? In a size 20 that should measure about 24-25″ around the top edge…so although it may not close…you should be able to lace it (but expect a “V” shape to your lace based on your measurements).

    • Marie

      Hi Cheri,

      My underbust is a 40″, my hips 45″, and my waist 39″. I have a longer torso and short legs. I’m looking for an underbust corset. I definitely have a lot of belly fat so I guess that constitutes “fluff”? What corset would you recommend for me?

      • Cheri Dudek

        Hi Marie,

        I think you could make the 426 work in either a 30 or 32 (you are right between those…and it will depend on how much length and squish you have to redistribute your tummy weight). The 411 will work as well…but that is not as long.

  • Amanda iraheta

    Hi! I’m new to this corset stuff and I was wondering if I can get help on figuring out what size corset I need or what style. My measurements are:
    Under bust 45
    Waist 47
    Upper hip 55
    My torso is about 10 and a half inches and I am 5’9. Thank you so much!

  • Natasha


    Hello, I am looking to begin waist training. I am quite soft all over and I have a defined waist.. I’d classify my body type as a full hourglass. My measurements are as follows.

    Bust 47
    Underbust 38
    Waist 37 to 36
    High hip is 48
    Low hip is 49 to 51
    Underbust to high hip is 11 when seated
    I am 5 7″

    My weight does fluctuate. I would like to waist train for portion control and eventual weight loss and to improve my shape. I am not sure as to which corset would best suit me. I think I’ll stick with an Underbust as I think I would have more trouble fitting an overbust.

    Thank you

  • Sonia

    Hello! This is my first time into corsets, and I’m having some questions and curiosities before buying my corset. I’m hourglassy, my weight usually fluctuates and also my size, not much tho, but Im allways betwen 31 and 32 inches of waist. Yes im chubby, but I really like my weight, and I’m a usual exerciser. So I’m not looking forward on losing weight, I just want to achieve an aesthetic change. I’m really looking forward to enhace my hour glass shape in a subtle way, by waist training. I just want to reduce to a 28-27 inches, nothing dramatic. Im planing on being constant on the waist training so for the changes stick while im not wearing my corset. My questions are: is it posible just to waist train into that subtle reduction? What woud be a better choice for this task, a 26 or a 28?

  • Melanie

    Hi Cheri
    Was wanting your expert opinion on size. I’ve always wanted a corset and very happy to have found Orchard Corset. My measurements are:
    UB: 36 in
    Waist: 36 in
    Hip:40 in
    Waist length is 8 in
    Bust is 42
    It’s hard to believe my waist and UB are the same. I really want curves again! Also are UB and over bust corsets noticeable under clothing?
    Thank you

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Melanie. Based on your measurements I would suggest a size 30 in our CS 305. In an overbust you might be able to do a size 28 in a 530, but I’ll need your cup size to confirm that.

  • Cathrine

    This is my first time buying a corset and I would like to start waist training. I am not sure which corset I should start with. I want it to be long enough to cover my hips so it doesn’t squeeze them out in the bottom.

    Could you help?

    Waist -33
    Upper hip – 40
    Hip – 42
    Under bust – 36
    Torso – 11 (9 when sitting, as showed on product video)

  • Brittany

    Hi, I’m looking for my first corset and I’m not sure what to get. I’d like something that I could wear under my clothes without it being overly noticeable. I’d also probably only be wearing it 4 or 5 days a week as I do not want to wear it to my job as a waitress.

    Under Bust: 29
    Waist: 27 1/2
    Upper Waist: 34 1/2

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Brittany-

      I’d suggest a size 22 in a 201 or 411 mesh. The corset that would be best for your measurements would be a size 305 in a 22, but we don’t have it in mesh, however I know plenty of people that wear it under their clothes.

  • Jennifer

    Hello cheri!

    Was hoping you could help me choose the best orchard corset for me.

    Measurements are:

    Bust: 33.5″
    Underbust: 29″
    Waist: 25″
    Upper Hip: 33.7″
    Height: 5′ 2″

    Thank you so much!

  • Liesl

    Hello Cheri

    I’m interested in purchasing the Waspie Corset in Mesh (CS-201), and the CS-411 Corset.
    I was wondering if you could help me out with the sizing. Also, if the CS-426 is suitable (I’m 90% sure my torso is long enough).

    My measurements are:

    Bust: 35″
    Underbust: 28″
    Waist: 27″
    Upper-hip: 34″

    I’m 5’7″

    I have a natural curve, the extra inches is fat stored on my lower belly, not having an impact on the curve of my waist. I’m all squish.

    Kind regards,


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Liesl,

      The 201 in a size 22, and same with the 411 (you will find it closes pretty quick at the bottom-the 305 will be a better natural fit for you). The 426 will have too large a hip spring for you..but the 345 in a 22 will work.

  • Tasha

    Hi, I posted a couple of weeks ago and you replied but I didn’t see it and now my reply hasn’t been seen 🙂 I’ll just repost:

    I’m very interested in purchasing an underbust corset. I admit that I’m also a little overwhelmed with the measurements and trying to determine which one would be good for me.

    My measurements are:

    Underbust: 39″
    Waist: 36″
    Hips: 48″

    Thanks a bunch!

    And yes, that’s upper hip measurement.

  • Julie

    Hi! I love the look of the longer corset but I am short (5’0)
    Under bust 29″
    Upper hip 34″
    Looking to cinch to 26″ that I can wear under clothing
    What style/size should I be shopping for?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Cheri Dudek

      I think the new CS-411 in mesh (great for under clothing) in a size 26. The 305 in a size 26 will actually be a better-but is not available in mesh. The 201 could also work. If your torso is under 8″ will need the 301.

      • julie125

        Thanks Cheri, I got the CS-411 in a 26 but it is too large and I am going to exchange it for a smaller one. You said that if my torso is under 8″ I should go with the 301…my torso is actually right at about 8″ would the 301 or the 201 be best?

  • Barbara

    Thanks again for your help, Cheri! Oh, one more question – I’m wondering if there are any pros/cons with the contoured top edge of the CS 345…basically the “pointed” part between the bust. Does that style tend to push up the bust? Can it be uncomfortable between there? Does that type of corset top work better for fuller or smaller busts, or is there really no difference from a straight top? I just could not find any info shedding any light on this ! 🙂

  • Renee

    Hey! This is going to be my first corset ;-; I have no clue what size to get or anything.

    UB: 30″

    Waist: 30″

    Full Hip: 35″

    Torso: 10″

    Height: 5’4-5’5

    I wasn’t entirely sure where to measure for the Upper Hip length, but I measured like, the middle of my hip for the Full Hip measurement so I hope that is good enough.

  • megan

    Hello. Looking into getting a corset for waist training but can’t decide on the style. Torn between 411 and 426 not sure which would be better for me. I have a long torso and I am 5 foot 4 inches and pretty muscular but with a little extra belly and hip after having a baby.
    Underbust: 33 inches
    Waist: 31 inches
    Upper hips: 37 inches


  • Barbara

    Hi again, Cheri –
    My daughter (she is in college) is also interested in a corset and just sent me her measurements as well. Which corset would you suggest for her?

    Underbust: 30 1/2
    W: 29
    UH: 35
    LH: 40

    She has an average length torso (9″?) and is about 5’5.
    She is plushy!

    Thanks again!

      • Barbara

        Thanks! Oh, she is wondering if there are any pros/cons with the contoured top edge of the CS 345…basically the “point” between the bust. Does that tend to push up the bust? Is it uncomfortable between there? Does that type of corset top work better for large or small busts, or is there really no difference from a straight top?
        Sorry for all the questions, but we just could not find any info on this! 🙂

  • Barbara

    Hi Cheri –
    You gave me some insight about a corset about a week ago, but I had another question before I order.
    I am definitely considering the mesh 201…and maybe the 345,,,BUT…Would the pinstripe CS-411 be “too ambitious” for me to try for my first corset?

    To restate, I have the following measurements:
    bust: 33
    W:28 1/2
    UH: 35
    LH: 38
    My torso is on the short side of average 😉
    I am firm around the upper torso, but do have some plush in my lower abdomen!
    Thanks for your info!!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Barbara,

      It won’t be so much as too ambitious, but you may find the bottom closes up all the way (as I do not think you will want to drop below a size 24)-but the fit at the waist and underbust will be great. The pinstripe (and all brocades) is a stiffer fabric and takes a bit more to break in. IF you want this more to show off curves and wear as a statement over clothing, it should be fine. If you are wanting for a more rigorous waist training regiment-the 305, 345 or 201 will be better fit

  • Milly

    Hi i was interested in buying the 411 but I don’t know if this the best choice for me. When you say fluff I don’t know if that’s love handles and yummy. I measured

    Underbust = 35.5
    Waist = 36
    Upper hips = 42
    I am 5’5.

    I do have a love handles and slight tummy. It’s mostly love handles.

    Thank you!

  • Amber Ashlyn

    I have read through alllll of your blogs about sizing and I just don’t know what style to order. I’m looking to waist train with an underbust corset but I don’t know if I have enough “fluff” for the CS-426. Help!
    B: 38
    W: 30

    I would assume that id order a size 23-24? I like the idea of the longline much better but as I said, I’m not sure if I’ll fill it out. Thank you for any help you can provide!

  • Missy

    Hey there! I’m looking to begin waist training, but am unsure of the correct style for me. My measurements are:

    Underbust: 35
    Waist: 31
    Upper Hip: 39

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Stefanie

    Hi. I’m looking for recommendations for a white overbust corset to wear under my wedding dress next spring. I like the look of the 511, but I’m not sure if the 530 would be better for my body shape/size. I have plenty of squish, but I don’t want it all spilling out at the bust/waist areas.

    Bust- 44
    Underbust- 37
    Smallest Part of Waist- 37
    Natural Waist-38
    Upper Hip- 44
    Hip- 44
    Torso- 9


  • Jessica

    Here are all my measurements,a bunch of extra info, and questions I have. I have a fairly good idea of what I want I just need some clarification Sorry it’s so long!

    – bust 40
    – underbust 35
    – waist 33
    – upper hips 42-43
    – 46 full hip
    – Height 5’10 – with long torso
    – 12 inch torso
    (if I’m measuring correctly – under center of breast to lap… and when I sit 12 inches is resting lightly on my thighs)

    – have some fluff all over but I carry the cast majority of my fluff in my hips and lower belly. It’s very swishy compressible flesh that I plan on losing

    – I think I have a pear or maybe even a hour class shape. When I look at my body straight on from my armpits to my waist is a straight line … then I gain curve in the hips, lower belly, and butt. But it’s all soft highly compressible flesh. I lose more than an inch on each side by pressing my hands into my hips. I think it’s more love handles than actual hips.

    However I should mention I’m hoping to use corset waist training as part of my plan to lose weight and be healthier with proper portion control, healthier eating habits, light workouts ect). I plan to be losing weight while wearing this corset … I don’t know of that impacts the corset size I should chose?

    – I want something long enough that I can hide my lower belly while I’m in the process of losing it… but comfortable enough for everyday waist training wear.

    – I really love cut and shape of the cs426 and the cs345

    – could you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of each of these styles. I’m having a hard time choosing between them.

    – I’m thinking a size 26 in black cotton for one/both of these styles might work?

    • Cheri Dudek

      You are spot on with sizing, Jessica! I think the 426 will fit better with your natural curve. Women either love or hate this corset-it will take some getting used to :). You may want a backup more comfortable to wear corset as an alternative (or to begin with). The mesh 201 is super comfy. I think the 345 will also work for you and provides a bit more freedom of movement as it cuts up higher around the hip.

  • Rose Whalen

    Hi 🙂
    I am buying a corset for the first time and would like some help. Here are my measurements
    Bust: 51
    Waist 44
    Hips 50

    I am looking for both an overbust and an underbust corset. My torso length is about 10 inches mid boob to hip.

  • Tasha

    I’m very interested in purchasing an underbust corset. I admit that I’m also a little overwhelmed with the measurements and trying to determine which one would be good for me.

    My measurements are:

    Underbust: 39″
    Waist: 36″
    Hips: 48″

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Barbara B

    Hi Cheri, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with information at this point in my search for my first corset! I am so tired of not having a tapered waist – I can hardly wait to start waist training!
    I am 5’7, 125 lbs…UB = 30; waist = 28 1/2; UH = 35. I have an average length torso (but I do like to wear my pants low, so I hope nothing “hangs out” the bottom of my corset! :).
    What style and size corset should I order?

    Thanks so much for your expertise!!!

    (I will also be sending measurements for my college-age daughter soon – she has much more natural curviness than I do!)

  • Summer

    Hi, I needed help choosing a corset size! I’ve used waist cinchers off and on for a year now but this will be my first corset 🙂 I’m looking for an underbust corset 🙂
    Height- 5’5″
    Underbust- 34″
    Waist- 32″
    Hip- 40″

    Torso- 12″

  • Selina

    Hello im looking to purchase my first corset my measurements are
    Bust 40
    Under bust 38

    Waist 34
    Hips 43

    Would like to go down to a size 22 eventually.

    My name is selina

  • Malikah

    Hi Cheri! I am excited to begin this new waist training journey, but I am so confused. I want to wear under my clothing. how long should I wear each day, and is there a limit? Here are my measurements:
    Height 5’10”
    Weight 150
    OverBust 34
    UnderBust 31
    Waist 29
    Hips 36
    underbust to hip length 11 1/2

    Thank you for the advice

  • Judy

    Hello, I am a novice buyer. I am looking at the 201. My measurements are UB 34 waist is 36, UH 42. Torso 9 1/2. What do you suggest in style and size. Thank you for your help.

  • Lizzi Jacobson

    Hey ladies,
    I just wanted a second opinion. I want to start waist training and after reading the previous comments, the CS-305 sounds like what I’m after.
    My measurements are:
    Under bust: “31
    Waist: “30
    Upper hip: “36
    I’d appreciate any help and advice.
    Thanks heaps,
    Lizzi :):)

  • Sandra Farias

    I’ am currently using a size 24 on the cs426 almost closing completely. My waist is currently 28 inches I am 5’7 and weigh 140 pounds. I’ am wondering what size I should get next? I am considering a 20″ cs411?

  • Jessica Lynn McClaflin

    Help in suggesting a corset both under and overbust.

    Height 5’3
    Waist 34.5
    Under bust 36.5
    Hips 41.5
    Bust 50.5

    More on squishy side and when you say torso less then 8 inches Below that is measuring from where to where exactly.

    Thank you

  • Jamie

    Hi Cheri!

    I wanted to start waist training and was wondering if you could recommend a corset to start off with based on my sizes:

    Underbust – 32
    Smallest part of waist – 30
    Upper hip – 34

    If it helps, I’m very short, barely 5’1″, I have a lot of natural curve already and I’ve always been more on the “squishy” side. I was looking into maybe a 411 or 305, and thinking either size 26 or 24. Your input would be appreciated 🙂

  • K

    This is my first corset,and I’m excited to start waist training, since I don’t have much shape. I am b-45, UB-35, waist 37, UH 39.5, H-40. I have an average-length torso, I think. Can I really get an hour-glass shape?

  • Allison

    Hi There. My name is Allison. I’m looking to buy my first corset for waist training. My measurements seem odd to me, but I’ve checked them several times and I’m pretty sure they’re correct. I’m 31 inches for both my underbust and my waist, and 35 inches at the hips. I do have a bit of squish in my stomach, but I have very little curve to my sides. I’m looking for an underbust corset to start with. Do you have any idea what may work for me?

  • Steven

    My wife has always wanted a nice corset, but she is very insecure about her size. I would like to surprise her with one, so I did manage to get her measurements. They are Underbust-42″, waist-48″, hips-53″, torso length- 9-10″. She is 4′ 11″ tall, so I am not sure what would (if any), work for her. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. She has had her eye on the underbust style, but is open to either.

  • domini1989


    I am interested more in the girdle to slim down the pesky love handles and the lower belly ‘puff’ I have… I was looking at the Rago 6107….My widest hip size is 47 inches….Would that mean I go with the Size 46? Help!

  • Gabi

    Hi! I got an overbust corset in size 28 cause I thought if I wore 28 in underbust I could wear it in an overbust. Obviously it doesn’t close. So I was wondering if I bought longer laces for it, would that be ok so that I can fit into it? How many yards is a size 28 overbust corset? So I know how many yards of new laces I need to buy. Thanks you in advance!

  • Melanie

    I’m 5’11, 260, my bust is 48, under bust is 44, waist is 44 and hips are 52! First time trying out a corset and I was pointed here. Can anyone tell me what I should get? I’m very excited 🙂

  • Alycia

    Hello, I am looking to start waist training and am interested in purchasing my first corset. I am 5’4″ and 130 lbs. My bust at its fullest is 36.5″, under bust is 33″, waist is 28.5″ and my hips are just over of 36″. My torso from under breast to hip is around 11″, which corset would you suggest as my first?
    Thank you,

  • Beth

    Hi my name is Beth 🙂 I would really love to buy my first waist training corset.
    I hope I’ve measured myself correctly..

    Full bust – 41
    Upper bust – 35
    Waist – 34
    Upper hips – 42
    Widest hips – 43

    Please could you help me work out which corset would be best for me? Thank you!

  • Jhana

    Hello I’m looking to buy a corset that will look great under tight dresses my UB is 33 my waist is also 33 and the largest part of my torso, (belly)is 37

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jhana,

      The 201 mesh is the easiest to hide as it is less bulky than our other corsets (you may want to swap out and buy satin laces as well). A size 26 or 28 (depending on how soft vs firm you are) in that style. In the 305 (another option) I would stick with a size 28.

  • Paloma

    Hello I really want to start waist training , but I have a saggy lower stomach due to pregnancy and weight loss , it’s like a curtain of fat that I can’t get rid of !! Lol. My question is will a corset make it puff out more ?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Paloma,

      Depending on your shape (torso length) and the fit of the corset, some women are able to pull that pesky curtain up into their corset. Others need to wear a shaping garment underneath their corset (check the Rago 6107 as example).

  • Susana Rojas

    The lowest part (my waist) is 25

    The medium part (where my belly is) is 41

    and the underbust is 35.5

    What size should I get??

  • Carolyn

    Trying to figure out which corset to get to start waist training. I’m 5’9 160, slimmer hips UB-32 WAIST-29 UH-36. Also I’m at the end of a weight loss journey, 15 lbs left to go, with only a little plushness left in my belly. Any recommendations would be welcome! Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Carolyn,

      I think a size 24 in the 345, 201 and probably the 411 (although that style will work better once you size down to a 22 as it will cinch up all the way at the bottom edge).

  • jessica

    Hi I want to purchase a corset but I have no idea which one would work for me, I’m a plus size girl and need some help, I was wonder if something like the 426 would help.
    My under bust is 45
    Waist is 44
    Upper hip is 52
    I’m 5’10
    My lower stomach is flabby and I also have a wide back, I want to start waist training but I have no idea which corset to use.

    Please help!!!

  • carmen

    Hello my name is Carmen
    Under bust 32
    Waist 31
    Hips 35.5
    I am kids short I’m want a corset that is an underbust something similar to cs305 or if you have any recommendations on size and style

  • Ashley

    Hi! I’m very new to this and not sure if im doing the measurements right-

    My bust is 37
    Under bust is 32
    Waist- 32
    Hips -37

    I want to shape my body with a cotton corset. What would you recumbend and with what sizes? Help!


  • Laura Espinoza

    Hello. My name is Laura. I’am also interestes in getting a corset, but I’m not sure what size to get. My Under Breast is a 38″, waist is a 37″, and my upper hip is a 44″. I have a wide back and torso of 19″. Please help.

  • Lynn

    Hello I’m looking to get started in waist training so I really want to buy my first corset as perfect as posisble, but I’m a little bit confused with my silhouette level (and I feel a little stupid for it haha) my full bust is 40″ (UB 34), my waist is 32 1/2, my widest part of the hip is 44 and my upper hip 40… so if I take into account my “full” sizes I am like level 3 it seems but if I take into acount my upper hip and underbust sizes I seems to have a too small bust-waist ratio… so yeah help please! I’m quite lost here…

  • Chas

    Hi! My under bust measurement is 30 inches (full bust is 36 inches), my waist is 26 inches, and my full hip is 39 inches…
    I was looking at the CS-411 under bust corset. Would that work??

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Chas,

      With the corrected 34″ upper hip…I think a size 22 should work well for you. The 305 would be a better fit…you will find the bottom closes up completely in the 411 for you. If you are really squishy (which is unlikely with a 26″ waist) and have a longer torso, you may be able to size down to a 20.

      • Chas

        Thank you so much for replying!! I’m 5’9″ if it makes a difference…
        Also (for my mom), what would you recommend for 32 UB 30 W 37 UH??? She’s 5’5″

        • Chas

          I’m so sorry for just blowing you up with questions, but I just looked at the 305 and noticed it doesn’t have the double boning like I wanted 🙁 maybe I’m overlooking?

          • Cheri Dudek

            You might try the 411 and downsize. The 305 does not have the double boning, however it does have an additional panel on each side (so the boning is closer together than in the 411). You have a small hip spring, and the 305 has a smaller hip spring than the 411.

    • Chas

      Oops Cheri!! I just watched one of your YouTube videos and it reminded me about measuring my upper hip!
      If I measured right, I’m 34 inches.

  • Sage

    Hi, Cheri!

    I am looking to buy my first corset for waist training. My torso has a fair amount of muscle but my tummy and hips have some fluff.
    My measurements are as follows:
    Underbust: 28 1/2 in
    Waist: 28 in
    Upper hips: 32 in
    I am aiming to create a smaller waist, of course. I’d really appreciate your opinion on which corset to purchase. Thank you!

  • Crystal

    Hi Cheri,

    I just did my measures and im

    33 UB
    35 UW
    40 UH (45 at the widest part of my hips)
    11 1/2 Breast to hip standing in length
    Im 5 ‘6
    175 lbs. I am extremely serious in waist training and ready to take my time and do it correctly. Can you suggest a corset for me. Thank you!

  • Lynn

    Hi Cheri,
    I am interested in waist training…what recommendations would you make? My measurements are as follows (full figured):
    Under Bust: 44 (42 D Bra Size)
    Natural Waist: 43
    Upper Hip: 47.5
    Hip: 49
    Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me.

  • Jan

    Im really loving my black leather CS-426 Size 30 and am considering trying an overbust CS-511, im just worried cause I have a big chest…

    My measurements: 38DDD, 38 natural waist, 47 UH.

    If I go for the overbust, what size will best fit me?

  • Kris

    Hi need assistance in determining a size.

    Bust 36
    My under bust is a 30.5
    Waist 28
    Upper hip 35
    Lower hip 42
    Torso 21

    I am 5’2

    I am trying waist train which will be best corset and size for me.

    I was looking between 345 and 305. Not sure what would be best with my short torso and to pull the lower tummy in. Thanks for your help.

  • Sydney

    hi, my name is Sydney and I’m looking to get a new corset!
    I currently own a CS-426 underbust and I love it! Your corsets are beautiful and I cant wait to own another. I just need a little help, I would like to purchase an overbust this time, but I’m not sure if it’s right for me.
    My measurements are…

    29” waist
    31” under bust
    36” hip
    36” bust

    If the overbust isn’t right, what would you recommend? I cant wait to hear back from you! Thank you (:

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sydney,

      The 511 is just an overbust version of the 426-so if that corset fits you, so should the 511. In your size you will want a full B to a small D cup in order for the corset to fit properly. We also have a new cs-530 overbust that is here and should be on the site sometime tomorrow.

  • Jan

    Received my black leather CS-426 earlier this week and I LOVE IT! I’m soo happy I took the advise to get the size 30! I’m only one week into seasoning my new corset and it’s already the most comfortable and well-fitting corset I own! I’m definately going to be recommending Orchard Corset to my firends and I’m definitely going to be ordering from Orchard Corset again!

  • Caz

    Oh gosh some one help lol I’m new to this and I don’t want to guess wrong!

    Under bust: 39
    Waist :40
    Torso 14

    Haha I’m quite squishy too – if that makes sense?

    What size would I be??

  • amanda

    hi! I am also new to waist training and I just measured I am not sure if I measures correctly but I came out with

    33 under bust
    32 waist
    37 upper waist

    what size corset would I be.

    I am also not sure if I measured my under bust right does it have anything to do with bra size? I am a 36 around in bras but measured 33inches could that be correct

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Amanda,

      Yes, and you probably should be wearing a different bra size (34 and a cup higher than you are wearing now). As for corsets- I recommend a size 26 in most any style (not the 426) if you do not have an overly short torso.

      • amanda mateiko

        ok thank u for the advice! my bras seem to fit ok I think I wear the 36 on the tightest I could prob wear 34 on the loosest. but as for the corset my torso is about 11″ so the 411 I think is best. do you agree?! thanks so much

        • janet

          you are definitely wearing the wrong size bra. you’re supposed to buy the bra whose bands fits the tightest without being uncomfortable on the BIGGEST setting – generally rounded up to the nearest even number from whatever your rib cage measurement. then measure your full bust at the biggest point. every inch is a cup size. so if your rib cage is 33 and your bust is 37, that gives you a bra size of 34C. make sense? you use the biggest setting when you buy a bra because as time goes on the fabric relaxes and will become looser – so you tighten it by going to the next set of loops. hope this helps 🙂

  • dejai

    Hi, I’m not sure which one would be right for me, I weigh about 240 and I’m 5″4 my measurements are under breast 35, waist 40, hip 57 and torso 10″ I would wear it everyday, also I’m going through menopause so I do a lot of sweating which would be better cotton or leather and what size would you recommend….. Thanks

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Dejai,

      Cotton for sure!-The new mesh even better ( I can relate to “sweating”). Is the 57″ your full hip or you upper hip? A 17″ spread between your waist and your upper hip may be too much for any of our current corsets. The 201 should sit well above your hip, and if that is the case that will be your best bet…in a size 32. It will be difficult to get a really accurate fit, as your underbust is several inches smaller than your waist and it would appear your upper hip is considerably larger than your waist.

  • Jessica R.

    Hello!! I’m new to waist training and need help finding my corset size!! I’m 5’0-5’1 and about 103-105 lbs. These are my measurements:
    Waist: 25.5-26 in
    Underbust: 27-27.5 in
    Upper hips: 31 in
    I also measured my torso (from top of neck to iliac crest) and got 16 in. I really want to reduce my waist size and maybe, if possible, increase my hip size since they’re a bit narrow! Thank you soon much!!

  • Sydney

    Hi, my name is Sydney and I have…

    29 waist
    31 under bust
    36 hip
    36 bust

    I was wondering if an overbust corset would work for me, I already have a c-426 which works great! Can’t wait to hear back from you.

  • Mandy

    Hello. This is my first time buying a corset and I would like to start waist training. I am not sure which corset I should start with but I would really like your help. Thank you!


    Underbust- 34″
    Waist- 29″
    Hip- 38″

  • workout4life

    Hi there! I wanted to know if I purchased the correct corset. I ordered the 411 in a size 20. Here are my measurements:

    Bra size 32DDD
    Under bust 29
    Waist 25
    Upper hip 35
    Lower hip 37.5

    I workout often so I don’t have much squish ability except for the dreaded love handles.


      • workout4life

        Thanks for the quick response Cheri! I actually ordered my corset on the 23rd and I have been charged. Yet, I haven’t received a shipping confirmation. Nor have I received a reply to 2 emails sent out to the company. Can you please help me with my order? Thanks so much!

  • Giada Bigot

    Hello there, lovely people! I already bought a corset from you time ago, and I was totally happy with it! I bought a CS-411 size 28, but now I’ve lost a lot of weight and it doesn’t fit me anymore! I’d love to buy the CS-201, it looks so nice! Could you help me with the sizing? My measurements are now:
    UB- 30,7 inches
    Waist- 28 inches
    UH- 35 inches

    Thank you a lot already and I hope to purchase my new corset soon, I miss wearing it very much!

  • Cee

    Hi there,

    I’m really interested in waist training and would like max results. Can you please help me find the right corset?

    I’m 5″
    25′ waist
    32′ chest
    35′ hips

    I don’t have a measuring tape at the moment and couldn’t find underbust etc.

  • Ria

    Excellent blog and site. I’ve been eyeballing the CS-411 for a while and intend to purchase it so I can break it in before I head back to school and sit with it all day 🙂
    But I have questions on if it’s the right fit. Can I please have some help? I don’t want to return it if it doesn’t fit, and I’m so eager to start corset training.

    I’m 5′ 1″. A bit short!
    under bust: 28″
    waist : 25.5/26″
    waist stretch factor: 24-22.5″
    upper hip 34″

    The CS-411 is supposed to be for smaller torsos, but 10 inches would mean my breasts have to be pushed up just a little bit. Is this what good posture will be like? Haha. My measuring tape shows that the corset would fit standing up very well but I’m concerned how it will be when I’m sitting. My torso is 13″ from my hip bone to my arm pit, so the 8″ sides would work. The 10″ front would directly be on the center of my bra clasp to the middle of my pelvis unless I let the corset push my breasts up a whole lot. I don’t know. I’m not used to good posture, so this could just be me analyzing how bad of a posture I have. Do you think this corset would be good for someone of my height?

    As for the size. I do want to go to 20″, so I’m looking at the 20″ inch corsets. Is this a good idea? I keep on seeing sites saying to choose 4 inches below, or 6 or 5. But choosing the 20″ corset for me would be choosing 5-6 inches. I think choosing a 22″ corset when I can go to 22.5″ with a skin pinch might not be worth it. Is the 6 inch difference too much for my first corset?

    I’m guessing the CS-301 would be safer for the torso length, but I don’t see it as a proper waist training corset. It seems to sit lower on the ribs and I’m trying to move my very large floating ribs in. (And I’d prefer the CS-411 in white).

    I’m sorry for the long comment! I just want to double check!!

    • Cheri Dudek

      HI Leilah,

      If this is your first time corseting I would recommend a size 20 for you. I think you will find the 426 to be a little roomy at your hip in that size. You also need to have a torso length of at least 10.5 ” to wear the 426. Check out the 345-it should work in a size 20.

  • Sydney

    Hi, my name is Sydney and I have…

    29 waist
    31 under bust
    36 hip
    36 bust

    I was wondering if an overbust corset would work for me, I already have a c-426 which works great! Can’t wait to hear back from you.

  • Jan

    Hello. I re-measured after hearing that a size 30 in the style 426 may work for me… I curently wear a size 34 long line from another company and going down to a 30 sounds too good to be true, so I re-measured my curvy self… UB 37, natural waist 40, UH 47…

    I’m soo in-love with the black leather 426 level 3 silhouette but i am torn between a size 32 and a size 30… on one hand if I get the 32, it may not be tight enough UB, but fit nicely in the hip and waist…. but then I could get the 30 and it may bee too tight in the hip, making for A shaped lacing in back…

    Please help?

  • Staci

    Hello! I’m interested in starting waist training, but need help with figuring out which corset is right for me! I’m interested in an Underbust corset that will fit my shorter torso and be able to distribute everything evenly. I’ve got plenty of squish, a pooch, and prominent love handles which I’m hoping to tone down.
    My measurements:

    Underbust: 31″
    Waist: 30″
    Upper hip: 36″
    Lower hip: 35 1/2″
    Torso length: 9/10″

    Thank you!

  • Azeezaj

    hello.. i was wondering what type and size of corset to get. my measurements are under bust(29) waist( 27/26and a half) and upper hip(35)

  • shana

    Hey Cheri,
    This is Shana again. The 9″ I refer to is the length of my underbust to top hip. I had a baby 13 months ago and have lost all the weight (gained 19 pounds) except a small pooch in the belly area. I feel like my ribcage is preventing me from.being able to close the corset. Please advise. I sent my original comment at 8:05 last night.

  • shana

    Hello Cheri, I received my 411 corset in a size 24 on 7/6 and began seasoning it by wearing it 2-3 hours per day snug but not too tight. I find that even as of today, I cannot cinch it all the way closed. The modesty panel tends to bunch and is bulky. Along the bottom of my corset, I can close it and the modesty panel goes across. The corset does not close near the top and it appears I have 2 more inches before I could cinch it closed. My measurements are as follows: 34 underbust, 31 waist, & 36 upper hip, 40 full hip, with 9″. Please advise if I am lacing properly or whether I should exchange for a larger size. I would like to send you a picture of me in it. Please advise where they can send t he picture.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Shana,

      When you say it cannot close…do you mean completely or just to get the modesty panel to reach the other side? You should not be able to close a new corset (or it is too big). It does sound like you have a pronounced rib cage..but not a small enough hip spring to warrant wearing the corset upside-which would help. You could opt for a shorter corset (cs-301).

      • shana

        The modesty panel does not reach the other side except nest the bottom. I am not able to close the I panel all the way.

          • shana

            Well I think it is too late to return as my corset is not in “New” condition. However, the modesty is now able to reach the other side except for at the very top right below the bust line. I plan to keep wearing it and hopefully train down further until the panel does reach the other side from top to bottom.

  • Theresa

    Hi, I am a novice and a first time buyer, isn’t sure what size is right for me. I have gained weight after dropping 5 dress sizes and is working on getting back into shape for my health reasons. I have been working out daily but the belly area is very hard to lose.

    Here’s my size,
    Height: 5’4
    Bra: 36C
    Upper bust: 38
    Waist: 37
    Upper hip: 42
    Full hip: 47

    Please help me which one is best? I wanted my waist smaller back.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Theresa,

      I think a 411 in a size 30..but it would help to have your underbust measurement (not just your bra band size..but what you actually measure at the underbust)

      • Theresa

        I misspelled the word, my underbust is actually 38. Just measured. Thanks for the suggestion and am ready to buy one next week. I’m very excited!

  • Athena

    Hi! I’ve been interested in corsets for a while now but I’m not sure what size to get or if my torso is long enough for the CS-426? My sizes are: Under Bust: 43 Waist: 44 1/2 Upper Hip: 48 and my torso length is 11..Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  • Ashlee

    I’ve purchases the 426 steel boned corset in 24 I am able to fully close it comfortably. Looking to buy the 301 but I’m wondering if I need to order the 22 or 20″. Help please!!

  • Sif

    Greetings! I am looking forward to buying either the CS-411 or CS-426. I wished to see which I should buy and whether the the 28 or 30 inch corset. I’m relatively squishy, I have a bit of a pooch and a set of love handles that I’m worried about being prominent if the corset is not long enough. Here are my details:

    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 170lb
    Bra: 34E (UK)
    Full Bust: 41″
    Under Bust: 34″
    Waist: ~34/35″
    High Hip: ~42″
    Low Hip: ~41″
    Torso length: ~10/11″

    Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sif,

      You are right at the point of being long enough for the 426 (but no guarantees :)) and it should work for you in a size 26. If you opt for the 411, I think a 28 would be a better fit.

  • roannemarie

    My measurements are:
    underbust 39
    waist 43
    upper hips 53
    torso 11

    I spend a lot of time sitting at work, so I’m afraid the 426 might be uncomfortable, although I do have the hip spring for it. Also – seems I read that if your underbust is smaller than your waist the 426 won’t work? I have a lower belly pooch, so I would like to have something to cover that up. Or should I pull it up inside my corset? What do you suggest?

    Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Roannemarie,

      If you can pull up inside your corset..I would suggest that. And yes, the underbust measurement of the 426 is 7 inches bigger than the waist. The 411 or the 345 would be an option-either in a size 36 (and you will have to redistribute weight to the top end of the corset for those to work and not be too big at the top edge)

      • roannemarie

        I’m leaning toward the 411 because it’s shorter and I think it will be more comfortable at work. Do you think it is long enough so that I can tuck my lower belly pooch up inside it? I hate to think of it hanging out below, and if it did, would tightening the corset make it stick out even more?

        Thanks so much for your help!

          • roannemarie

            The lowest part of my belly is about 7 inches below my natural waist. Thanks for answering these weird questions!! LOL I can’t help but wonder what people at work thought when I went into the bathroom with my ruler. :o)

  • Courtney Frusher

    Hey guys! I’m 5’4″ and I’m looking for a overbust corset, my overbust is 38″, my waist is also 38″ and the biggest point of my hip is a 40″. My torso from my underbust to the top of my hip is 8″. I’m really looking to suck in my gut and hip area to eliminate that mom gut! What size do you think is best?

  • Kim

    Hi Cheri, I’m interested in purchasing a 411 but wanted to know what size to order… Here are my measurements:

    I have a size 22 corset and have fully laced it and am ready to go down a size but was wondering if I could skip to size 18? Please let me know what you think, thanks!

  • Keisha R

    Hi, I’m excited to start waist training. I’ve never had a corset before and I’m interested in the long line corsets because I have the kangaroo pouch after giving birth. My under bust measures 40 .. My natural waist 38 upper hips 49…and my torso 11. I have a lot if fluff.!!

  • Avi

    Hi, I’m rather petite but interested in corsets. I’ve never worn one before – every time I’ve looked at corsets for sale in person I’ve never been about to find any small enough to actually cinch my waist to a noticeable degree. My natural waist is around 21/22″, under bust 26″, over bust is 30″, and I don’t know my upper hip measurement but at the fullest part my hips are 31″. What size/type corset would you recommend?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Avi,

      We do size down to a 16…which should be enough of a reduction. The 301 will probably work best as you have a high ratio between your underbust and waist. The 411 could also…perhaps will fit better upside in that one depending on your upper hip.

      • Avi

        Thanks! I just did my measurements again and my waist is 21″ and my upper hip is 28″.

        I read that the smaller you are starting out, the harder it is to get smaller – would actually lacing down to 16″ be very difficult?

        • Cheri Dudek

          Hi Avi,

          It takes more time and diligence..but I fear with only a 21″ waist the a size 18 may not give you any compression at all. Even in the 16 your modesty panel would reach the other side with no compression.

  • Kathleen

    Hello I am interested in ordering a corset but I am petite and rather small I am 4’11 and my waist is 24inches. My fear is buying a corset and it being either too long or too short how can I be sure the corset will match the length of my torso?

  • Isabel

    Hi! I’m looking to buy my first corset, and I need help deciding which I should get and in what size.

    I’m 5’3″ and about 108 lbs. My bust is about 32 inches, underbust 26 inches, waist 24-25″, hips 34 inches


  • Jessica H.

    I’m looking to find the perfect fit.
    I’m 5’7″
    Under bust 45 (bust 53/54)
    Waist 42
    Upper hip and lower hip 50
    Torso (under bust to upper hip) 13

    I’m looking between the 426 and 345.
    I’ve got a good amount of fluff so I’m thinking of ordering close to 10 in off the waist. What do you recommend?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jessica,

      I think a size 34 would work well for you in the 426. You have ample curve in either direction so I am not sure you will want to size down any further than that.

      • Jessica H.

        Thank you for your help 🙂 I’m super excited to order from you guys. I’ve looked around and you guys are the best <3

  • rachelvonfleck

    Hello Cheri,

    I am interested in a long-line corset; however, I am not sure on which corset and size to go with.

    I am 5’10”, 155 lbs., and my torso is long enough to wear up to a 12″ length.
    Waist: 30″
    Hips: 35″
    Bust: 34″

    I have a fairly large rib cage and hips, but hardly any waist definition. I do have a bit of fluff in my mid section to work with though! 😉 😛

    Thank you, and I appreciate the help!

  • Kourtney

    Hi Orchard Corsets! I’m very excited to get started with my waist training. I want to order the cs426. I’m 5’5″ and my natural waist is 33 inches. I’ve had 2 c sections and its that bottom belly, the “mother’s apron” I’m trying to get covered which is why I’m going for the longer torso. My top hip, if I’m measuring correctly is about 45 inches. Although, I’m proportionate, I carry belly “fluff”, and some love handles and back rolls. Which gets covered up with my bra and girdles when need be. I’m torn between ordering a 26 and 28. What do you recommend? I don’t quite meet the measurements for your plus size blog. But by no means am I skinny. I’m a size 12/14 and have natural curves and hourglass shape. Just want my hourglass shape to have a flatter tummy and smaller waist! Please help! Thank you 🙂

  • Beth F.

    Hi!! Can you tell me what I should order? I am 36 Waist/ 34 UB/ 41 Hips. A friend of mine has the 411 and recommends it highly so that is what I am looking into. I plan on wearing this while working.., I sit at a desk all day.


  • Daisy

    Hi Cheri,
    I need your advise please.
    Measurements are ub 38, w 36, is 46. I am extremely squishy and curvy. I have a very long torso. Before I had children my w was about 27. I want to start waist training. I was thinking the cs-426, what do you recommend?

    I also, I am loosing weight. Would you recommend that I lose the weight before I start corset training or should I start now?

    Look forward to hearing from you.



    I am a size 38 bust 36 waist and a 39 hips. I want to be back to my old small self!!!! i don’t have enough money to keep buying sizes over an over so if i buy a smaller size that is fine right? I need a size that is going to get me to a 22 thats my goal. so if a buy a 26 waist that should be good right? i also have a small waist in height so i think i need a regular size not extra long. I want it to start under my boobs and get rid of my baby bump. i didn’t have a baby but i can’t get rid of this nonsense. help meeeee lol

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Alexandria,

      Actually no, you cannot size down into a corset that doesn’t fit as it won’t fit (like trying to by jeans 3 sizes smaller because that is the size you want to be in). You will like find the corset is very uncomfortable and also damage the corset. You might be able to size down to a 28 if you are soft enough in the 411 or maybe the 345 (depending on length-need at least 9″ in the torso).

  • Case


    I’d like to know which corset would be best for me. Ready to buy ASAP. I’m on the squishy side.

    Height: 5’10
    Underbust: 32″
    Waist: 33″
    Upper Hip: 39″
    Full Hip: 44″
    Torso: 10.5″

    Thanks in advance!

  • Kelli

    Hi, my waist was a 34 so I ordered a 30. I was able to close it completely with ease. It’s been a couple weeks and now my waist is a 32, lots of soft tissue. What size do you recommend I order now? My previous order was a CS 426. I would like something shorter this time…also interested in the mesh corset. Thank you.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Kelli,

      The 411 is shorter than the 426 and might be a more comfortable option for you. With a 32″ waist, I would recommend that in a size 26 (depending on your underbust and upper hip measurements)

  • Kori

    I just purchased the cs-426 online in a size 24 and I’m nervous that it may not be the right choice for me. My under bust is 34″. Waist 30″. Upper hip 37″.

  • shantel

    Hey I am looking for a corset to wear everyday to make my waist smaller for an up coming fitness competition. I have no idea which one is the best for this my trainer says under bust steal boned? can you help me pick the right one?

  • Ebony

    Hello I am interested in purchasing a corset. I am a novice and I wanted to know would the CS426 be a match for me.

    Underbust: 40
    Waist: 42
    Upper Hip: 44
    Torso: 14 (i measured from the middle of my breast just below my upper hip) hopefully thats accurate

    Would you recommend the CS426 for me just starting out. I have back rolls and lots of fluff.

    Thank you!!


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Ebony,

      If you think you are squishy enough to size down to a size 32, than a 426 will probably work for you. You will find you get a bit of a () shape in your laces as the top and bottom will close more readily for you. A better fit would be the cs-345 in a size 34.

  • Claudia

    I am interested in doing waist training but I am not sure which corset. I do not want an over bust corset. I have a soft midsection, short torso and broad shoulders. I love the way the 426 looks but I don’t think I can sit down with it. These are my measurements:
    Under bust – 35
    Waist – 31
    Upper hip – 39
    Torso sitting (UB to top of lap) – 9
    I’m 5′ 2″, 143lbs and 36DD
    Would be much appreciated any suggestions, thanks.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Claudia,

      You are probably right about the 426-but now we have the 345 which should work for you. I suggest a size 24 or 26. Sometimes ladies with shorter torsos cannot size down as far as there is no place to move around inside. The 301 would be a good fit as well.

  • Denisa D

    Hi Cheri,

    I have been reading quite a bit about sizing on your site for a corset but am not sure which would work best for me. I’m most attracted to the CS-345 partly due to the shape (the elongated V at the bottom which hides the ever-growing belly and the point at the top which accentuates the bust). I am 5 feet 8 inches tall with quite a bit of fluff as my weight has sky-rocketed the past year (health issues and lack of activity – not ones that could pose a problem for wearing a corset). I’ve started exercising for a while but need the extra push in order to get better results. As wearing a corset implies eating more often in smaller portions and a better posture I thought that would work best for me at this time.

    My measurements are:

    Underbust: ~36 in.
    Waist: ~36 in.
    Hips: ~42 in.
    The length of my torso is ~11 in.

    Could you please let me know if the CS-345 is OK and in what size I should order to get the best fit? Thank you very much in advance!

  • Tolulope Angela Ayeni

    Pls i am lost which corset to go for. I would prefer an under bust corset. However my Silhouette Level is a little off .. I kinda fit in both moderate and Enhance

    For example

    Waist: 28
    Under bust : 29
    Bust : 34
    Upper Hip: 36
    Lower hips : 39
    Shoulder : 39
    Torso Length from under bust to upper hip: 8.7

    So my waist to underbust ratio i have no idea which level i am

    But the waist to upper hips is enhance level

    Help pls

  • Amara Oguhebe

    Im so excited for this journey. I severely want a small waist. I am exerciipsing but i want something extra to whip my tummy and this annoying muffin top into shape. With correct diet and exercise i believe i should be able to cinch my waist to a natural size of 26 without the corset. (im currently a 30). What corset should i pick?
    Underbust: 34
    So you see by my measurements…. I have no hips. But i do have a butt (which is kind of weird)
    I love my butt, but what is a but without an appearance of hips. The corset that I am looking at is the Steel Boned Underbust Corset (CS-411) Pinstripe. I want that one in a 24 because that is the desired shape i want for my body. Since my body has no hips I figured I would cinch my waist real small. However, Im not really sure wish size. What size would help me get at 4 inches smaller in a course of 1 year or so???? This is with diet and exercise. Please reply. I need all the feedback I can get.

    • Amara Oguhebe

      And please tell me what would be a good corset to start with if the one i chose is not right. Please reply

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Amara,

      A size 24 is a good choice, however I fear the 411 will be too big in the hip. You may find it works for you if you wear it upside down as you have a pronounced rib cage. The CS-345 in a 24 may be a better fit.

    • Amara Oguhebe

      Thanks for the feedback but the reason i wanted the 411 was so the extra fat that is cinched from my waist could like sort of cinch its way down to my hip area. I dont know if that makes any sense. Because i was thinking of tightening the upper top to the waist a little more than the bottom half so that extra fat could sort of mold itself on my hips. Please reply. Im so lost now

      • Cheri Dudek

        It does, but you don’t have that much fluff to move down at just a 30″ waist-and the 411 is only 10″ long so it will not come down over your hips. Once you train your waist smaller and you have more natural curve on your own you will be able to move into a curvier corset.

  • Laquize

    Hello! I am interested in doing waist training. These are my measurements
    I was wondering which would suit me best. And of course my size. Thank you so much for your help!

  • Jackie

    Hello, I just received my cs-345 today, I was so excited, I’m a little concerned, when I put it on I have some over flow at the bottom(tummy) & sorry on sides. Do you think it’s to short for me?
    Thank you

    Underbust – 38″
    Waist – 40″
    Hip – 46″
    Side – 11″
    Middle measuring down – 12″
    Sitting – 10

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jackie,

      A corset can really be too short for you, as they are only intended to cinch the waist (they can certainly be too long). It is not unusual to expect some overflow as you are redistributing weight. You could try not cinching the top and bottom so much and focus on the waist.

  • Elizabeth

    I feel utterly clueless going into this and would rather have some guidance on which corset I should start waist training with.

    I’m 5’4.
    150ish pounds.

    Waist: 31″
    Upper: 32″
    Upper Hip: 38″
    Torso Length from under bust to upper hip: 9″

    Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Is the 32″ your underbust? If so, then I would suggest a size 26 in the 305 or a 24/26 (depending on how firm vs soft you are) in the 345 or 301.

  • Kiyah

    I am interested in waist training, back support and help with posture. I’m an inverted triangle with short waist. My measurements are

    Under bust 35 (42 bust)
    Waist 33
    Upper and lower hip 40
    Torso 9
    Weight 190
    Height 5’9

    I was thinking of starting with the 301 in a 28. I’m also curious about overbust corsets. I know my body is not typical and I would need a custom one, but is the overbust corset beneficial for minimizing? I mean can I train my breasts? Lol, that sounds like a silly question but I just thought I’d ask. Thank you for your response.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Kiyah,

      The 301 will work, but I think so will the 345 in a size 28 (as you have a short waist…so I think a 26 will be too small). An overbust corset will help with back and neck pain by taking the weight of your breasts of your shoulders, but will not minimize your breasts. Corsets often create a push up effect actually. If you have one custom made I imagine you could design one that has a minimizing effect while the corset is on.

  • Jackie

    Hi Cheri,

    I’m interested in waist training but I don’t know which corset would work best with my measurements.

    I’m 5’4″ 160lbs, slight muscular, curvy
    Bust: 39
    Underbust: 31
    Waist: 29
    Hips: 43


  • Sophia

    Hi. I tried A long line under bust corset and it fit well in the bust and waist…but my hips are too narrow and the hip area of the corset stuck out a few inches in each side. I looked like a bell. Are you planning on offering longlined underbust corsets designed for narrow hips?

    My measurements:
    Bust 34
    Waist 28
    Hips 30

    Thanks! Sophia

    • Cheri Dudek

      Yes! We are pretty close to perfecting that prototype! I will post a blog as soon as it is available (it will be the CS-530) so keep checking (or subscribe) for news!

  • Melinda Lundqvist

    Hi, I was wondering which size I should choose if I were to buy one. I have almost the same measurements as Kirsty in the previous comment, except that my waist is around 36-37″ instead. I’m 161cm tall (5.3 feet). I’m interested in the new 345 that you mentioned in Kirsty’s comment. What size should I choose if I wanted that one. Figuring if I should buy one later this year.

    Thank u! 🙂

    • Melinda Lundqvist

      Oh, and it’s not for costumes or anything. I want it to really slim me down so I get my wanted figure. I’ve heard that one should take a size smaller than usual then. That’s true or..?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Melinda, I don’t see see Kirsty in the last couple of pages of comments (I get comments from all the blogs in one list…) so not sure what her other measurements are. I would guess a 30 or 32 depending on your upper hip and underbust measurements.

      • Melinda Lundqvist

        Okay, well here’s my measurements:
        Underbust 36″
        Waist 36-37″
        Upper hips 40.5″
        Do u think the CS-345 would fit or should I choose one with a long line like the CS-426? If so, would the size differ if I choose the other?

        Thanks 🙂

          • Melinda Lundqvist

            Hi again! I’ve worn my corset (size 30) for 2-3 weeks and now I can close it entirely without even feeling that it’s tight at all. My waist was 36-37″ then. But now when I take the corset off, I have around 33-34″. What size should I take this time? Since I can close my corset, size 30, entirely. Should I just take a size 28, or should I skip that and go to size 26 instead? I think I’ve lost this much in my waist because of the corset, healthy meals and many walks.

          • Melinda Lundqvist

            My new measurements are:
            Underbust: 33.5″
            Waist: 33-34″
            Upper hips: 40.5″

            My hips stayed the same since I have wide hipbones, But my waist shrinked and so did my underbust as well. But I’m pretty sure my underbust won’t shrink more than 1 inch at most. I have a large ribcage as well. I guess my genes gave me curves, and that is what I want to show off. 🙂 So which size do you think I should choose now? A 28 or 26? Last time I bought a CS-411 size 30.

          • Melinda

            Hi once again!
            Now I can also close my 28″ corset ( CS-411 ). Should I go straight for the 26″ one now? It’s impressive how wearing the corsets can change ones body. Even if I now take the corset off and do not wear it for 1 or 2 days, I still keep the same figure as I have directly after I have taken it off. Nothing starts go back to how it usd to be. Everything is in place. 😀

          • Cheri Dudek

            Awesome Melinda!

            You can get a 26 and start the seasoning process..but keep wearing your 28 for longer periods of time until your 26 is fully broken in. You can still use your 28 as long as it feels compressed. Maybe over thicker winter clothing as well 🙂

          • Melinda Lundqvist

            Hello once again!
            I’ve been very healthy these last few months and have gotten some new measurements.
            My new ones are as follows:
            Underbust: 33.5″
            Waist: 31.75″
            Hips: 39.5″

            I feel like the CS-411 size 28 I’m currently wearing is a little too big and maybe 1 or 1.5 inches too short. I thought about the new CS-426 (Short) and it seems like a good one. Do you think it would fit me? And if, what size should I order? Or do you have any other options?

            Thank you! 🙂

          • Cheri Dudek

            Hi Melinda,

            I would say with those measurements it is surely too big! (and congrats, btw) The 426 short in a size 26 (unless you are completely closing your 411 and are able to wear fully closed for long periods of time-then a size 24 might work for you).

          • Melinda Lundqvist


            Yes, I wear my CS-411, size 28 fully closed from its bottom to its top and I wear it almost every day. So I guess a CS-426 short, size 24 will be the best option then. 🙂


  • Kirsty

    Hi I’d like to buy one of your corsets but I’m not sure on the size my measurements are:
    Bust – 40″
    underbust – 36″
    waist – 39″
    upper hips – 41″
    hips – 41″
    Everything is very close I know
    I’m completely new to wearing corsets it’s more for costume than for anything else which I assume would make a difference but I still want a well fitting one. I have a short torso and full breasts it’s not that I have a broad back or shoulders.

    Thank you. =)

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Kirsty,

      I think the 305 in a size 32 (I think a 34 will be too big at the underbust), or the new 345 (as long as you have 9 inches from under your breast to your lap/hip bone) in a size 32 as well. If you have a really short torso…the 301 will be perfect.

  • Tegan

    Hello , I would love to shrink my waist but not sure what size to get,

    underbust: 32
    im about 165 cm tall

    Thank you 🙂

  • R Nicole Joseph

    Oh yea..One more thing. Id like cotton fabric. Im assuming the corset can be worn at night as well. Im concerned about possible allergies to the material the corset is made from. Thanks so much

  • R Nicole Joseph

    New to waist traning. I have that God forsaken pooch. I can see my abs trying their best to come through. Former BBW (256 down to 179). I want to cinch my waist. But not too sure how small. I dont really have hips. Minimal back fat and as I mentioned a little pooch. Underbust 33 Waist 32.5 Over hip 38. I dont have all the curves I use to and am looking to get back more of a coca cola shape instead of the soda can I currently have. I watched your videos for the measurement fitting of the CS-345 (13in from nipple to hip) And the intro of the CS-301 Waspie. I love them BOTH. Do u offer BOGO? Or something similar? Im in the Army and in uniform for 9-12 hours daily. Can the corset be worn right against my skin? Or do I need to invest in Tank Tops? Im stationed in S. Korea how long does it take to ship? Id like to get it here by Friday, Saturday the latest. Email please help. Thanks

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Nicole,

      Welcome to OC! I am not sure on shipping to S. Korea (my daughter is headed over there as a foreign exchange student in a couple of months). If you have an APO you will still receive free shipping. I think a size 24 will work well for you in both styles (and both are available in cotton). I always recommend wearing a fitted camisole or tank top underneath simply because you cannot wash your corset (spot clean and dry clean only). We do not have a BOGO as we run a very lean operation in order to keep our prices low (and offer free shipping in the US). Many people do sleep in their corsets…just be sure your corset is fully seasoned first. I do not think you can have a corset in S. Korea even with Express Mail.

  • Annie

    Like everyone here, i would like sizing and style suggestions for my first corset. I would like this for waist shaping and routine use. I would prefer an overbust with a plunging centerline (sweetheart style?)

    My sizes are:
    Bust: 40.5″
    Under bust: 33″
    Waist: 33″
    Upper hip: 40.5″

    Thank you very much!

  • Lauren

    I would love to buy one of your corsets, but I am insure as which to get..
    My underbust is 40
    Waist is 37
    Hips 47
    And torso is 13
    Any suggestions would help!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lauren,

      Sounds like you have lots of natural curve! A size 32 in the 426 should work for you. If you are very squishy (and the 47 is closer to your full hip than your upper hip) than you might even want to size down to a 30.

  • Anon


    I was hoping you would help me with sizing as this would be the first corset I have ever bought. I am trying to use it for waist training. My current measurements are:

    UB: 27.5
    W : 25.5
    UH: 34

    My torso length is ~ 11 in and I am quite ‘squishy’. I am unsure what size/style to get. I like the 426 style, but worry about the length. Would the 411 or 345 be better? And what size?


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Anon,

      I think a size 20 in the new CS-345 (which should be here in black today or tomorrow but you can sign up for stock notification alerts now). You should have the length for the 426 with your 11″ however.

  • Heidi

    I’m new looking to train my waist but also wear. My measurements are:
    38″ under bust
    37″ waist
    44″ hip.
    Not sure how to measure torso.
    Thank u!

  • Jennifer

    I’d like to start waist training so I can develop more of an hourglass shape. These are my measurements:

    Under Bust: 35
    Waist: 34
    Upper Hips: 39
    Torso: 10

    Thank you for your help!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Victoria,

      Well you seem to still have an hourglass shape :). If you have the length, the 426 in a size 30 should work for. The 411 will be great also (and the new 345 when it is available)

  • Kiondra

    I plan on purchasing a corset but i am lost as to what size/style to get. I was hoping you could help. My measuresments are
    waist: 42
    underhip: 46
    I am quite short in my torso and i would perfer an underbust style corset. Please help!

  • ef

    P.s. I would also like to know which silhouette level to choose as the indications are not clear… does hip-waist ratio refer to my upper hip (where the regular length corset hits) or my full hips… same thing with the bust-hip ratio (is it full bust or under bust measurements)… knowing I would pick a under bust style.

    thanks a ton!

  • ef


    Planning on ordering my 1st under-bust corset in order to waist train. I’m 5″5, 138 pounds and looking for something that can be subtly worn under clothes.Can you also recommend the best type of fabric, knowing it will be worn daily and with nothing underneath? Here are my measurements”

    Bust (fullest part)= 35″ (C cup)
    Underbust= 30″
    Waist= 28.5″
    Upper Hip= 35.5″
    Full Hip= 38.5″

    My torso is not extremely long, from the middle of my breast down it’s barely 11″ and from the front-middle down it’s barely 12″ when seated and sitting straight.

    Thank you in advance & have a great day!


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Ef,

      I recommend a size 22 in the 411 or a size 24 in the 305 (cotton). We don’t generally recommend you wear directly against your skin as you cannot wash the corset in the traditional sense. We will have mesh corsets out in another month or so (just the waspie to begin with). The 301 might be easier to hide under clothes.

  • beautifulme82

    I am interested in starting waist training but don’t know which corset to get. I am 5’4. My under bust is 45′, waist is 52′ and my hips are 54′. Could you please guide me in which style corset and the size?

    Thank you

  • beautiful_me

    I have been doing research and I am interested in the waist training. I noticed that you carry bigger inches in the corsets now. My measurements are: Busts 51 in. Waist 52 in and hips 54′.
    Which corset would you recommend?

  • S.S

    Unsure where to begin as I’ looking to purchase my first corset. I wanted more focus on bringing in my waist so i was considering the 301.
    My measurements:
    underbust 27″
    waist 26″
    upperhip 31″
    hips 38.5″

  • Courtney

    Hi my measurements are
    38 waist
    37 bust
    41 upper hips

    I was wondering if you could help me choose the right corset. I’m not sure which one to get. Thank you so much.

  • Mary Smith

    Hi, I’m interested in purchasing my first corset but I’m unsure about which one to get. I am 5″ even and 150 lbs my sizes are under bust: 34 waist: 35 and upper hip: 38. Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Amanda Stachowicz

    I’m interested in purchasing… But need some help with sizing… Measurements: UB 38 W 36 UH 43… I’m 5’6″ and about 200 lbs…I have a fairly long torso and lots of “squish” lol… I’ve tried other corsets- but they seemed too short and I felt like I was squishing out of the bottom- I’d like to avoid that, lol

  • christa

    Hi, my name is Christa and i have been interested in beginning waist training and after researching it for awhile im convinced! I was hoping you’d help me, i want to make sure that i pick the right one to start with for my body type.

    Waist: 33in
    Upper hips: 36in
    Lower hips: 39in
    Under bust: 33in
    Weight:145 lbs
    Height: 5’1

  • Bri Law

    I’m interested in purchasing my first corset. I’ve been looking at both the 411 and 426, but I can’t decide. I am 5’8, about 150 lbs and my measurements are UB 32, waist 28.5, Upper hip at 35. Measuring from right below my breast to the top of my thigh (while sitting) I get 10″.

    I’m leaning towards a 426 in 20″, as I have a tiny bit of fluff around the upper hip area.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Bri,

      With those measurements you will find the 411 in a size 22 will be a much better fit for you. A 20 will be too small in any style (the 22 will just work unless you are very soft). But you don’t have the hip spring to support the 426 at this time.

    • Gena Lewis

      Hi Cheri!

      My measurements are:

      Height: 5’3
      Weight: 128
      Full Bust: 36 D
      Under Bust: 29
      Waist: 28
      Upper Hip: 35
      Full Hip: 38 1/2
      Torso length: 10

      • Cheri Dudek

        Hi Gena,

        I think a size 22 in the 301 or 411 should work for you. The 305 in either a 22 or a 24 depending on how firm vs squishy you are would be a great fit as well.

  • Chanda

    I just recently purchased the 411 in a 24. I’m not sure if I purchased the right size…there seems to be extra pooching on both sides at the ribs, meaning it’s not flush against my body. I don’t want to continue pulling for reasons including discomfort and its not broken in. My underbust is 33″, waist 29″, & upper hip 33″. I’m a firm athletic build standing a 5′ 5″. I want to purchase another to switch out on occasion so ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Chanda,

      You sound like a solid 24. If anything I would think the top edge was a little small. Have you checked to make sure it isn’t upside down? Pins on the left and loops on your right for the front busk is right side up.

  • yuri

    I need help I’m super obsessed with how beautiful the cs 426 !!!! Do you think I’ll be okay with that specific corset my measurements are

    Under bust 32
    Waist 27
    Upper hip 37
    Weight 137
    Torso length 10
    I would love to order tomorrow plz help !!!!

      • yuri

        I don’t personally find it uncomfortable being a little extra tight after birth my mother practically forced me to wear some sort of a girdle I couldn’t even breath at first but eventually got used to it !!!!! Know I’m looking to change my silhouette , my question is do you think I might be able to wear a 20 would it fit or should I just stick to a 22 ??

  • MJ

    So glad you provide this real response reply for beginners!!! My measurements are underbust: 31 waist: 32 upper hip: 39 and I have a pretty good “squish” factor lol. I’m 5’6 162 lbs and I’m trying to find a good fitting corset hopefully w/ the least amount of boob push-up.

    Thx MJ

      • Mwanamke Jordan

        this is MJ again, you suggested the 411 so that’s a “no” to the 305? I thought it was shorter.

        • Cheri Dudek

          The 301 is shorter. Unfortunately there are so many questions here that when responses come back days later I have a hard time locating my original response is pages back and I am not seeing it.

          • Mwanamke Jordan

            this is MJ 1 last question b4 I order. You suggested the 411 my measurements are underbust: 31 waist: 32 hip: 40 weight: 162 height: 5’6. I was asking if the 301 would help eliminate my breasts being pushed up. Thx so much!

          • Cheri Dudek

   would indeed. But if your torso length is long enough, the 411 won’t push them up either. It has only a mild contour unlike the 426.

  • Jennifer

    Hello! I’ve been swaying back and forth between 426 and the 411. Mainly because I do have a really long torso. My measurements are underbust 28, waist 24, upper hips 30, and torso measures from center of sternum to where my legs bend when I sit is between 13-14″. Thank you for your help!

  • Roxine

    Hello it would be my first time trying the corset. My underbust is 34in, waist is 33in, and my hip is 38 in..I was thinking of the cs-426 but not sure what size to get..I want a flat tummy and small waist..I want to order today..looking forward to hearing from you. .

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Roxine,

      In order to wear the 426 you will need a longer torso and be squishy enough to size down to a 24 in order for the hips to work for you. That is a pretty sizeable reduction to begin with. I recommend the 411 in a size 26 (or 28 if you are a firm 33″)

  • ose

    Hello, am interested in getting a corset and it’s my first time. I want an underbust corset, my measurements are; underbust 31, waist 30, hips 33. I hope to achieve a very small waist. Thankyou.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Ose,

      I think a size 24 in just about anything except the 426. If you are interested in the 305…you may want to size up to a 26 if your are more firm than soft.

  • Mwanamke Jordan

    Hello!! I have a steel boned corset from another company but have been wanting an orchard corset. I had been wearing my corset for 7-10 hrs a day but hated how my breasts sat up so high in all of my clothes. I really like the 305 because it looks like there’d be less push-up. I’m 5’6, 160 lbs, waist 29-30 (started @ 31), hips 40 inches. Do you think this is the best option and what size? ☺️

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Mwanamke,

      I need your underbust and upper hip measurement as well (not your full hip) to determine if the 411 or the 305 will be best for you. A size 24 is likely what you will need.

  • miumiu0


    I bought a 22″ corset, my measurements are waist: 26″, bust 36″ & hips 35″, really want a smaller waist to emphasise my bust and hips (which aren’t as big as I desire for a proper hourglass figure)

    anyway after my third day of the corset training, the laces in the upper area can be pretty much fully closed and the middle (waist area) are about 1.5 inches from closing fully (when I wear it very tight, but comfortably).

    I love the waist it gives me when I have the corset on, but is that the exact waist I’ll eventually be getting or will I naturally add a few more inches when the corset is removed?

    Do I need to purchase a 20″?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi 🙂

      You will be fine in the 22 until you have it fully closed. At that time if you wish to go smaller you can start in a size 20. Most find you will need to do some maintenance corseting to keep your corset size.

  • metzy

    Hi.. im interested in purchasing my first corset but not sure what size or corset to get. Im 5,2″ and my underbreast is 35 waist is 34 and hips 38.. please let me know your suggestions? Thanks

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Metzy,

      I think a size 38 in the cs-305 or if you are interested in the 411 and are more squishy than firm, a size 36 in that style. The 301 is perfect if you have a shorter torso (36 or 38 depending on firm vs soft)

  • chelsea

    I am interested in purchasing a underbust corset. My measurements are
    full bust 40
    under bust 36
    waist 33
    hips 39
    I am 5’5 and my waist is pretty short.. Please let me know your suggestions:)

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Chelsea,

      I think a size 28 in the 411 or 301 will work well for you. You might be able to size down to a 26 if you are pretty squishy and not too short in the waist

  • roannemarie

    I’d like to give wearing a corset a try; not sure what size I should get. Underbust 39.5; waist 40.5; and upper hips 53. My torso length is 12.5″ What do you suggest? Thanks!!

  • Savannah Vannah Stewart

    hello my name is savannah .
    I am ordering my first prom dress online .
    and the top part of it is a corset. The dress is 230$ ! they only have very small sizes like 2 going up to a 12 I believe. The site told me to measure myself so I did. my bust size is a 36 at full and a 34 for under breast. my waist is a 29 at smallest. And my hips are a 36 I think. So could you please tell me what size I would need in the dress I’m getting. I want to look my best for prom ! and I don’t want to spend almost 300 dollars for nothing ! please and thank you 🙂

    • Savannah Vannah Stewart

      ps. it’s important I don’t wear something that I any breathe in ! I have very bad organs to begin with so I can’t have something squishing them to tight ! thank you again lol

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Savannah,

      I am not sure what size you would need in the dress..I can only tell in a corset you would want a size 24 (my guess would be a size 6…but really just a guess as all clothing manufacturers size differently).

      • savannah Dowling

        okay thank you ! I understand if you don’t know for sure . it’s from a fancy disginer so I think that’s why the sizing might be so small . maybe if I go to a dress store or something maybe they can help. but thank you anyways 🙂

  • Kathy


    I am looking at picking up my first corset and I am uncertain which size or style might work best. my measurements are with all my fluff:
    under bust 38″
    waist 39″
    hips 44″

    I was thinking of the a 305 or 411. I am not sure if the 411 might be to curvy for me or not. I was thinking that a 34 would be my size but again I’m not sure.


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lori,

      I think probably the 411 in a size 26 or possibly a 24 if the room to redistribute some tummy room up or down in your corset. If you have the length for the 426, you will need to size down to a 24 to wear that corset.

  • msexceptiontotherule

    I ordered the 411 and then a couple days later I also decided to order the 301 – now that I’ve gotten both delivered…:P…the 411 does for me what the 426 does for someone with a longer torso, while the 301 is definitely easier to spend more time wearing because it allows for a greater range of movements. I think that the 301 will also have a shorter time period required for the seasoning process, and both corsets can be easily cinched solo using the knob on the bathroom door (I live in a loft, so that’s pretty much the only actual door besides the front door and the sliding glass one for the patio), but I may end up sewing an extra few inches of fabric on the side of the modesty panel that isn’t stitched to the corset to make it easier to keep from bunching up – I’m having a heck of a time keeping it from going all wonky and it’s next to impossible to get that thing straight with the laces cinched so that in theory the gap is the back lace guard panel width.

      • msexceptiontotherule

        If it weren’t a possibility that I might want to wear a shirt that’s another color besides black, I can see why removing the modesty panel might seem like a good idea. And it may just be me, but the idea of having a rectangle of pink shirt (or whatever color) visible in the back of a black corset doesn’t work for me, visually it disrupts what should be an uninterrupted band of color. 😛 At least I’m not planning on adding Velcro to hold the panel in place. lol.

  • Lindy King

    I can see how many requests for help you get so I’ll add mine to this long string. I’m a ballroom and latin dancer and looking for a steel boned corset to help my posture. I tried an overbust one but find it really uncomfortable as it pushes my bust up way too high 🙂
    I would like to know which model you would think would be suitable to keep my back straight and stop me from “crunching” my sides. Even with the imperfect corset I tried I had a definite improvement in both posture and shape. I don’t particularly want to cinch my waist, it’s well defined anyway but I want to stand up straight.
    I am 5’4″ and have a long torso (many years of battle with one piece swimwear)
    Waist 30 1/2 ”
    Hip 38 1/2 ”
    Under bust 31 1/2 ”
    Length of torso from underbust to hip 11″

    Thanks for your help.

  • Chloe

    Hi Cheri,

    I want to buy CS-411 satin
    and my measurements-

    Underbust: 27.5
    Waist: 26
    Upper Hip: 30

    Could you recommend my size? 🙂

  • Tira


    Measurements: 33 underbust, 33 waist and 39 hips.

    I was hoping the 301 might fit? Id like something that will give me shape but also is realistic to wear while running after my two toddler boys constantly. I am a little afraid of there being pudge at the bottom after a corset that small is laced- what do you think? I don’t want to make my love handles any worse than they already are :-). Also- I’ve been losing weight fairly quickly (12 pounds in March) and I’m still going strong. But I’m just unhappy with my shape so far. I tried contacting you guys on Friday early afternoon through chat (while the sale was still happening) and I never heard back :-(. I was really hoping to take advantage of that 15% off.

    Thanks for your input!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Tira,

      The 301 fits EVERYONE 🙂 You will want that in a size 26 (as you are losing weight). You might find the 305 pretty comfortable and little bit longer to help with covering love handles 🙂

  • Brittney

    Hi Cheri…. I received my CS 411 size 26 in the mail tonight. When I tried it on, I noticed there was a gap on either side of the underbust. I noted it to be upside down, and put it on the right way, but the gaps continued on the underbust. I could not close the corset the whole way (as expected). Is it the wrong size? Would love to hear your thoughts.
    Underbust 32
    Waist 32
    Upper Hip 38

  • Melanie

    Hi Cheri, my measurements are

    Underbust: 36″
    Waist: 36″
    Upper hip: 41″

    I am 5’7″. I weigh 190, but people tend to guess my weight in the 150-160 range because I have more muscle. I want to have a 22-24″ waist eventually.

  • msexceptiontotherule

    Not sure if my last comment went through, but I’m trying to decide between the 426 and the 411 along with what size to get:
    Height 5’1″
    Full Bust – 38
    Under Bust (bra band) – 34
    Waist 29 (fluctuates between 29 and 28″)
    Upper hip – 34
    Lower hip 38
    Distance from under breast mid-point to seated hip/leg 9″

    I plan to use the corset for waist training as well as wear it to events. I bought the 511 previously for a photo shoot and found it to be rather long so I needed assistance to get my shoes on and so forth once I was in it. There was a small gap at the lower edge but that may or may not be due to the fact that it wasn’t fully seasoned. I expect to be lacing whichever style I get this time on my own for the most part, if that affects the selection at all.

  • Sydney

    Hi My name is Sydney,

    Waist: 31
    Hip: 38
    Underbust: 33
    Over bust: 37

    I am 5’1 and have an 12″ torso length. I weigh 150 pounds. I would like an underbust corset and I was wondering how a c-426 would fit me. I have watched all the videos and 11” in length I believe would suit me. I have a wide hip with fluff. I am a first time buyer, so I’m not completely sure what would be best for me! Thank you(:

  • Brittney

    Underbust 32
    Waist 32
    Upper Hip 38

    I need sizing help for a steel boned corset.
    I am 5’11” and 182 lbs. Torso length is 13″. I would like an underbust corset to start waist training at a beginners level. My goal is to have a 24″ waist. If someone could please recommend the style I should go with for me being so tall, and having a long torso.
    Thank you.

      • Brittney

        Hi Cheri…. I received my CS 411 size 26 in the mail tonight. When I tried it on, I noticed there was a gap on either side of the underbust. I noted it to be upside down, and put it on the right way, but the gaps continued on the underbust. I could not close the corset the whole way (as expected). Is it the wrong size? Would love to hear your thoughts.
        Underbust 32
        Waist 32
        Upper Hip 38

  • Claudia

    Hi Cheri! It’s Claudia… again lol

    My measurements are as follows:

    Waist – 35″
    Under Bust – 34″
    Upper Hip – 40″
    Fullest Hip – 45″
    Fullest Bust – 42″

    I just received my CS-411 with a 30 inch waist and everything fits perfectly (I can actually cinch it closed completely on the first shot lol) but my underbust has a huge gap :(. I called in to see what other options an adviser might be able to provide me and the lady I spoke with suggested that perhaps I try the CS-305 with a 30 inch waist and the underbust gap could be because of the silhouette level. What do you think? I absolutely adore the shape the CS-411 gives me, but the gap just doesn’t look right. She even suggested maybe trying to break it in for a couple of week and see how that works. I’d love to keep the 411 but I’m not sure if the gap will get closer in a couple weeks though. Please help!

    Thanks again,


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Claudia,

      Actually the underbust of the 411 and the 305 is about the same curve at the top edge (the 411 is much curvier at the bottom edge). I would have you make sure it isn’t upside down…and I think you could size down to a 28.

  • Joanna

    Hi there! I’d like to start waist training and was wondering what will best suit me.
    I’m 5’4, about 116 and my:
    Underbust 30
    Waist 29
    Hips 33

  • Mamba626

    I would love some sizing help. I’m interested in waist training, and am fairly squishy. I’ve had 2 children so my lower hips are where I am most fluffy and I’m an H cup, so my body proportions are super hard to fit…
    Underbust: 40
    Overbust: 48.5
    Waist: 43

  • Shannon Mahan

    Hi there! I’m doing as much digging as I can to find the correct size for me but I am still afraid of purchasing the wrong one! I am hoping to achieve as much of an hourglass figure as I can. I’ve always had a smaller booty and hip area and want to accentuate my hips as much as possible, and cinching my waist in to help that. I would prefer an underbust corset rather than an overbust. My measurements are:

    Overbust: 35″
    Underbust: 31″
    Waist: 28″
    Hips: 35″
    Torso length:11″

    I am about 5’6″ and around 135lbs. Thank you so much in advance! I’m very excited to get started 🙂

  • Brenda

    I am interested in starting serious waist training i used to have a very small waist but i had my 3rd child about a year ago and all that changed so i am pretty soft
    underbust 36
    waist 34
    upper hip 40
    torso length 9.5
    Thanks for your time

  • Amelia

    Hi! I’m looking to buy my first corset but I’m not sure what to get. I’m 5’1 and about 104lbs. My measurements were 29″ under bust, 28″ Waist, and 32″ upper hip. I’ve also heard that corsets can help with diastasis reci (abdominal muscle separation). Is there any truth to this? My dr wasn’t sure.

  • yvonne


    I am new to waist training, and I am looking for a corset that would fit me.
    I was hoping to reduce my waist to about 24″/25″ and I am not so “squishy” as I workout regularly, which corset would fit me better?

    My measurements:

    Bust : 31″
    Waist : 28″
    Upper Hip :33″
    Torso Length : 10″

      • Simone


        I am a beginner at this, but am really excited to get started with my collection of Corsets! I have always thought they were just beautiful and elegant, but recently discovered they have other positive attributes as well. Initially my interest was for fashion, but since this new found information I am also interested in the option of some modification. I would like to start my collection with the purchase of 3 of your Corsets (overbust, underbust and longline), however I have No idea where to begin and what sizes would be the best for me Your help with this would be much appreciated as I am really ready and anxious to order! 🙂

        My measurements are:

        Overbust: 39.5″
        Underbust: 33″
        Waist: 31″
        Upper Hip: 42″
        Torso Length: 10″

        Thanks in advance! 🙂

        • Cheri Dudek

          Hi Simone,

          Welcome to OC! I would love to put you in the CS-426-but I don’t think you have the length for it. The CS-411 in a size 24 and 301 in the same size. At this time, our only overbust is also a longline.

  • Bailey Carter

    I am very curious about waist training and the CS-426. I believe I have the length for it (I’ve watched the video and measured myself), but I have atrocious posture. Does waist training help correct posture?

    I’m not sure where I fit on the squishy/firm debacle – I’m overweight, but I can feel muscles if I do crunches or tighten my abdominal muscles. There is also only about a 2-3″ gap from where my ribs end and (wayyy in the chub) my hip bone begins, so I’m technically short-waisted, I guess?

    What would you recommend for me?
    Bust 42.5″
    Underbust 35″
    Waist 34″
    Upper Hip/Right above panty line 46″
    Full Hip 49-50″
    Underbust to Upper Hip measures about 11″
    Height 5’9.5″
    Weight 220lbs

    Thank you!

  • Annie


    I just received my CS-301 in a 28, my waist is a 34, today is day one of seasoning and I have a big gap at the top near my bust. I want to sinch the top so bad to close the gap but I know I’m not suppose to make it any more than snug, is this normal? Also with wearing slightly snug I only have about 2 1/2″ max before it’s completely closed, should I have order a smaller size?


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Annie,

      You can pull snug…just not really cinched. This should be a really easy corset to season as the boning is so much shorter. If you are a soft 34″ (and not super curvy), then I can see how a 26 might work better for you.

      • Annie

        Yeah I think I’m a soft 34, I just had a baby 5 months ago and it’s seams as though the back will shut completely very soon. Darn =\ how do I exchange hun? Thanks so much, I’m was so excited how fast it got here and now I’m super bummed I have to wait to get another one 🙁

        • Cheri Dudek

          Hi Annie,

          There is an exchange form on the back of your invoice. You could order the right size now and return the wrong size for a refund as opposed to an exchange (just indicate that on the form)

  • Jenn Sullivan

    Hi. I’m 5’9″ and I’m looking for an under bust waist training corset. I’m fluffy with a long torso.
    My measurements are: (in inches)
    Waist: 38
    Under bust: 37
    Upper hip: 43
    And under bust to upper hip: 10

    What cost would be right for a beginner like me?

  • Icis

    I have a 25in waist … But considering my height and weight it’s a normal waist size for 5ft 108lbs … I would still like to cinch my waist…. Do you carry any products for someone my size?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Icis,

      We do! In fact we have a brand new style that will be perfect for you-the CS-301 wasp waist mini-corset. With your waist you will want that in a size 20, which unfortunately wont be here until Monday. If you think you are soft enough, you could try sizing down to the 18.

  • Claudia

    Hi Cheri,

    I just wanted to get some insight on a corset that might work best for me. I had purchased the CS-426 @ 30 inches and received it a couple days ago. And as ecstatic as I was to break it in, it simply didn’t work the way I thought it would because I was thinking that it would fit my frame, but boy was I ever wrong! I tried to put it on for the first time yesterday. My measurements are as follows:

    Waist – 35″
    Under Bust – 34″
    Upper Hip – 40″
    Fullest Hip – 45″
    Fullest Bust – 42″

    I’m 5’8″ tall and I’m pretty rectangular in shape, but my bum sticks out alot lol. I want to start corset/waist training and I definitely want to exchange my corset for something that might fit my body frame much better and I’m hoping you can help. The one I purchased was way too big as far as the hips are concerned, but around the under bust and my natural waist it fit perfectly. I guess my hips aren’t as big as they need to be to fill up the bottom portion of the corset. At first maybe I thought it was brand new and needed to be seasoned, but the space underneath (around the hips) is way too big!

    Please help me figure out what you think my work best for me! I have a pretty long torso and sitting with the CS-426 was fine, it was merely the hip part of the corset that just looked off. I also don’t have a lot of squishyness so I know it’ll be harder for me to cinch down as easily as some other women. However, I do have a bulge (lower abdomen) that I’m trying desperately to get rid of with more exercise and diet and hopefully with corset/waist training!

    Thanks Cheri 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Claudia,

      Yes, I definitely think that the 426 is probably too hippy for you! Even if you sized down to a 28. I think you will find the CS-411 much more to your body type (not as long as you might like it…but it will align better). If you are more soft than firm, than I suggest that in a size 28..if more firm than stick with the 30 🙂

  • Laura S

    I’m looking to buy my first true corset and after much online searching, the quality and quantity of information available on this site makes it a winner. My preference is toward an overbust, but after poking about, I’m unsure if my bust can be accommodated. Measurements as follows:
    Height 5′ 5.5″
    Weight; 130-135
    Top of hip 34″
    Waist: 27″
    Underbust: 28.5″
    Fullest part of bust: 35.5″

    I’m naturally curvy, but work out regularly so I don’t have much fluff- except in my bra. Most brands I run about a 32DD. I’m looking primarily for an alternative means of support for the girls and my back but also for something that will give me the option of a little waist training. The information on the site alone has been insightful and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Laura,

      I do not think our 511 will work for, I am afraid the cup will be too small and the hip of the corset too large! The CS-411 or the 305 will actually be the best fit on a size 22.


    I’m seriously thinking about waist training using one of your corsets. Here are my measurements:
    Underbust:33 inches
    Waist: 33 inches
    Upper Hip:29 inches
    Full Hip: 42 inches

  • Rachel

    HI 😀

    I’m interested in waist training. I heard great reviews about this site. So, I’ve chosen you guys to be my first 🙂

    height : 5’1″
    weight : 97lbs
    under bust : 25
    waist: 26
    upper hip : 27
    torso : 9

    what would you suggest?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Rachel,

      Welcome! I think a size 20 in our CS-305 will work for you. We also have a brand new mini corset that should be available later today (CS-301) that is only 8 inches long!

  • lisa

    Hi Cheri,

    I want to buy my first corset but im having trouble picking the right one for me.

    Height 4″7
    Weights 138pounds
    under bust 31inch
    waist 31 inch
    Upper hips 39 inch
    torso 14.5 inch

    I’m a thicker lady with curves to.
    I was going to pick out size 26 but not sure if its the
    right size.

    Thanks lisa

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lisa,

      I think a size 24 will work for you actually. With your height, you should be able to handle the 426. The 411 will fit easily in a size 24 (unless you are a very firm 31″ waist)

  • An Nguyen

    Hi I was wondering which size and corset model would be best for my size?
    Weight: 105lb
    Height: 5’4
    Under bust: 25.5
    Waist: 24
    Upper hip: 29.5

  • Frances

    I’ve just learned about your shop and corsets from an online friend, and I’m thinking of ordering one because the first/only corset I have doesn’t feel like it has quite enough curve. I’m quite pear-shaped, and have a minor ribcage deformity (my sternum pushes out slightly instead of in) that makes me look exceptionally flat-chested.

    My measurements are:
    Underbust: 30.5″
    Waist: 25″
    Upper hips: 38″

    and I’m 145lbs and 5′ 6″.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  • Julie Wooding

    Hi Cheri,
    Im looking for my first corset with the intention of using it for fashion and also thinking of waist training. I used to have a really wonderful waist, sadly the sands of the hourglass have slipped somewhat. I really love the look of corsets but I have quite chunky thighs and wonder if being cinched in at the waist is only going to make my thighs look chunkier. However I see some pics of your more luscious sized ladies pulling the corset off with flair. I also want to commend you on your clips which are so informative – esp liked how comfortable you are with measuring yourself in public! I think you have a gorgeous figure yet when I measured myself mine are nearly the same as yours and I think I look huge! Go figure! I think this corset journey is a very healthy look into appreciating my curves. So after measuring 3 times (mostly because I didnt believe they were so close to yours yet you look stunning) my numbers are:

    Underbust 30
    Waist 29 (used to be oh so much smaller)
    Upper Hip 37

    I have a long torso and often waists in dresses are too high for me so figure I can wear the 426. I live in New Zealand so want to make sure I get the right style and size, Im thinking a black leather one in the 426 and a fabric one in the 411? Also you showed in a clip a lovely very dark maroon corset and also a red and gold one but dont see these options anywhere. Do fabrics change from time to time?

    kindest regards

    sooo excited to begin my corset collection!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Julie,

      Thank you for your kind words! First to sizing…in the black leather 426 I recommend sizing down to a 22. In the 411 you will probably want to order a size 24. We have the maroon in a satin 426, but the red/gold brocade has been discontinued, but we have some other lovely brocades. If you feel your 29″ is pretty squishy, then the 411 will probably be OK in a size 22 (for waist training…for fashion I would stick with the 24).

  • Erica Y

    Hi, so I’m having trouble figuring out how small I should go for waist cinching. This will be my first corset.
    UB – 36.5″
    Waist – 38″
    UH – 43″
    I’m chubby so I have plenty of “fluff”, but I’m not sure if I should go down as far as a 30″ corset? (I’ll be getting a CS-411 by the way, since I have a short torso)

  • tiffany

    Hi I am wanting to buy a corset but am unsure of the size I should get, some feedback would be greatly appreciated
    ub33 w32.5 uh36 torso 13

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Tiffany,

      I suggest a size 24 or 26 depending on how squishy you think you are. You have the length for the 426, but not the hips to fill that out, so you will want to stick with the 411 or the 305.

  • Vanessa

    Hi I’d like to purchase a corset but am having trouble deciding which will best suite me. I’m currently exercising to gain mass on my hips/ass and would like to shrink my waist drastically to achieve a hourglass figure. I really like the cotton CS-426 best but am unsure if it will work with my current figure UB27″-W25″-UH32″ (height 5’6″). Advice please! I can’t wait to start waist training! 🙂 thanks!