The Corset Diet: Fact or Fiction

Can I lose weight just through corsetry?

Not exactly…

scales-diet-concept-measuring-tape-wrapped-around-bathroom-weight-loss-healthy-lifestyle-33151076Hello OC Blog Readers! Like many of you, we have heard much about the “corset diet”. What is it? How do you do it? Does it work? Well I did a little research and it turns out to be a clever marketing campaign designed to sell more corsets (imagine that).

As we have said in several blogs (as did Sarah Chrisman and Deborah Roberts on the 20/20 corset story), corsets can be a bit of external gastric band. If you wear your corset during meal times (as many full-time waist trainers do), you will find you simply cannot eat larger portions of food. This is common sense to most of us-not the diet secret of the 21st century.

So yes, you can lose weight if you choose to corset for long periods of time (especially beforefood orgy and during meal times). However if you choose to snack often and frequently or binge eat when your corset is off (because you feel deprived)…you will likely find your weight yo-yo’s like any diet fad. Corsets are not designed for weight loss-but rather to reshape the waist (and provide posture and back support).  But many women have noticed that they eat smaller portions once engaged in a corseted lifestyle.

healthy foodIf you choose to employ corseting as a means to shed unwanted pounds-here are some things to consider. First, make sure you are getting enough calories! If you are new to corseting, you may find yourself only able to eat REALLY small portions. It is important that you consume enough calories for your lifestyle. Also, less food intake requires more careful meal planning. Make sure the calories you are eating capture the necessary proteins, vegetables, fruits and complex carbs your body needs to function optimally. If you find you are not getting the nutrition and calories you need, try loosening your corset-or just remove it completely when you need to eat. Allowing yourself to feel deprived often almost always leads to binge eating later. You will also find not all foods work well while corseting.

skylas-leopard-511-spoonAs is true for most things in life…common sense should reign supreme! Listen to your body and remember to consult a physician before making any radical changes. Corsets are well suited to add to your healthier lifestyle choices if you choose moderation over maximization.  Long term results come from lifestyle changes-not quick fix fads. Any success stories out there? We would love to hear them!

To Dye For: Orchard Corset’s Trade Dye Secrets REVEALED!

To Dye or Not To Dye…

Your Favorite Shapewear or Accessory

Hello OC Readers! We are sad to announce that we have eliminated our custom dye service. But don’t despair! We are sharing our highly coveted dye secrets! Now you will be able to choose any color you want for your garter belt, garter extensions, Rago and Cortland shapewear ( or really any garment without steel boning made from polyester or nylon).


In our experience, nylon takes the dye much better than polyester (hence the two-tone look in the fuchsia Rago piece above). You may want to grab a fabric swatch of a like material from your local fabric store and test dye to assure you get the right level of color you are looking to achieve. Also, as it is nearly impossible to get the color exactly the same twice, if you looking to create a complete look (fishnet stockings, garter belt, lace gloves and a petticoat for example) it is best to dye them altogether in the same batch. Follow these 3 easy steps to dye perfection!

Step 1: Choose your dye color! We use Rit Dye which can be purchased just about anywhere (WalMart, local fabric stores, K-Mart) If you don’t see the color you want, you can combine colors (like we did) to achieve different shades. Check out the experts at Rit Dye to help find your exact color combination!

Step 2: Determine if you need or want a tub or a washing machine. If you are dyeing nylon hosiery (not the fishnet), a pan or tray is best to prevent any damage before wearing the product. If you are dyeing larger quantities of items, then a washing machine is easier. It is important to note the newer machines don’t allow you to start the machine with the lid open, so you may find a tub easier.

Step 3a: Set your machine, to wash on hot and rinse on cold.  You will want to select a water level at least one step above what you might normally choose (so if you are dying one piece of Rago..don’t choose x-small load, select at least small or medium). The dye bottle will have instructions as to how much dye per volume of water (and you can use more or less depending on how dark you wish the end product). Stir the water and the dye with a large wooden spoon (or whatever you have handy) until fully dissolved before you add the garments.  Add the items and close the lid! That’s it! When the cycle finishes (longer wash is OK…but only one rinse cycle).

Step 3b: Fill a wash tub or sink with enough hot water to amply cover the garment(s) and add the dye (quantity needed is on the label) and mix until you see an even distribution of color. Only then do you add the garments. Swish them around with a same stir spoon you used to mix the dye until fully saturated. Allow to sit in the dye for anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on the color you want and the fabric content (remember, nylon dyes faster and easier than polyester). Stir and swish around occasionally-and remember you can always make your item darker, but without bleach you can’t undo it! Once your desired color is reached drain the tub and add cold water to rinse. Continue to drain and rinse in cold water until water runs clear.

That’s it! It’s time to wear your beautiful custom dye piece from Orchard Corset. We have had some customers buy our steel boned corsets and successfully dyed them using a spray dye. We plan to have a blog about that in the near future as well!

Win Your Golden Ticket at Orchard Corset

We can’t offer you a chocolate factory-

but how about a $100 Gift Certificate?

Hello loyal OC Blog Readers! I am super excited to announce our next fun contest here at Orchard Corset to say THANK YOU! This is the easiest contest EVER! All you need to do is shop during the month of July. We will choose 10 order numbers that we will pre-select (using Those 10 lucky customers will each receive an OC Golden Ticket.

golden ticket video

How easy is that? If you have account with us, we will add the credit and it will automatically be applied during checkout (and you don’t have to spend it all at once). If you do not have an account (checked out as a guest) we will create one for you and add your $100 credit-even before your Golden Ticket arrives with your order!

Shopping for corsets and shapewear not in your budget for July? (even with our super low prices)-no worries. Not only will we still be running our weekly corset giveaways every weekend on our Facebook page - but we will have random social media “Golden Ticket” Winners who will win $100 shopping sprees at!


Say YES to Mesh! The CS-201 Wasp Waist Mesh Corset

Perfect Summer Accessory

CS-201 Steel Boned Mesh Corset

mesh 201 black cropHello OC Blog Readers! I love that I get to write about so many new and fantastic corset offerings we have at Orchard Corset. This will quickly become a fan favorite-especially for those living in hot climates. Who wants to wear a multi-layered corset in triple digit temperatures ? Rejoice and put away your electric fans and spray bottles-the mesh corset has (almost) arrived!

This ridiculously comfortable corset boasts 16 (yes, I think I said 14 in the video) flat and spiral steel bones, 6 panels, strong polyester mesh with 100% cotton trim, modesty panel and boning channels. This corset is similar to our CS-301 wasp waist but measures 9.75″ at the front bust, 7″ on the side and 8.5″ at the center back. Initially we will offer this in sizes 18-40. Ween fully closed the top edge will measure about 4.5″ more than the waist and the bottom edge 10 inches.

201 video

The 201 has a great level 3 curve, but just like our 301, the shorter style allows most body types to wear this corset (unless you have a really short torso, then you will need some natural curve). The single layer mesh lays so well across every curve that the corset seems to run “big”. Most of us here are able to size down a full two inches more on our initial wear than other corset styles; but when we measured at the waist we found the corset had not stretched and was still true to size. I believe this is due to the fact that the corset molds so closely to your own shape without any gapping.

We plan to add many other mesh colors and styles in the coming months! Anybody out there ready to say YES to MESH?

What’s Your Style? Choosing the Right Corset for the Right Fit

What is the best corset for you?

The corset that fits you best!

Hello OC Blog Readers! With so many new styles joining the corset line up at Orchard Corset, I thought the time was right to do a quick run down of the overall shape of each style and the body types that will work with them. Let’s take them one-by-one (and I will add new styles to the blog as we get them).  We have individual blogs on most of these for a more in-depth review of each style.

mesh 201 black cropCS-201 Wasp Mesh Corset:  This is a ridiculously comfortable corset with 16 flat and spiral steel bones that will work for most every shape because it is short enough that for most people it won’t matter if you have large or small hips or underbust measurement compared to your waist. Now if you have a very short torso (under 8″), then you might find you need some natural curve. This corset hugs the body very well as the single mesh layer lays flat. This allows folks you are close to sizing down (or you carry plenty of “fluff”) to often be able to drop down one size.


CS-305CS-301 Wasp Waist Mini Corset: This corset really works for almost every body type. It is short and very curvy with 12 spiral and flat steel bones. The 8″ length allows this to fit most body types as your underbust and upper hip measurements are less of a factor (unless you have a VERY short torso…then this will fit you like a 411 fits someone with a standard torso). Excellent option to wear when you need more mobility while engaged in waist training.


black cotton corset CS-305 Standard Corset: This corset is designed for an average torso length and someone with less natural curve, especially at the hip.  The 305 is about ten inches long with a moderate curve. and 14 spiral and flat steel bones. If you have little to no hip to waist ratio-this is the best corset for you (until you train your waist down and move into a curvier style)


CS-345 black coton corsetCS-345 Hybrid Corset: This corset offers some great versatility. It rides higher in the back to help avoid back bulge, but not as long in the front to allow for standard torso lengths. The 345 boasts 16 flat and spiral bones spread throughout the corset for real comfort. It offers the same curve at the waist as the 411 or the 426 (and the contoured bustline of the 426), but almost any body type can wear-from a slim athletic build to the super curvy. If you have a torso length of 9″ (as tested by the 426 video method) you can wear this corset.

cs-411 black satin corsetCS-411 Steel Boned Standard Corset: One of the all-time favorites here at Orchard Corset. This corset has 18 flat and spiral steel bones (most are in doubles) and will fit many shapes. It has the same curve at the waist as the 426, but is a couple of inches shorter and does not require an ample hip spring. It is similar in length to the 305, but has a greater curve from the waist to the hip.


Double Steel Boned Black Brocade CorsetCS-426 Longline Steel Boned Corset: This has traditionally been our best-selling corset (of course that was before the addition of all of our new fabulous styles!). The 426 has 24 spiral and flat steel bones (most in doubles). It offers a extremely contoured underbust and extends down over the hips for most. You need to have a longer torso to make this corset work as well as ample curve at both ends or this corset will not fit you well.

black satin overbust corsetCS-511 Longline Overbust Steel Boned Corset: This piece of gorgeous is the overbust twin of the 426, also boasting 24 spiral and flat steel bones.  You will need to meet all the requirements of the 426 to wear the 511 and have the appropriate range of cup sizes (which depends on the corset size) to don this stunning corset.



Newest Addition to the OC Line-Up: CS-345 Steel Boned Corset

A Beautiful and Functional Blend of the CS-426 and CS-411

Superior Curves for Most AnyBody

cheri-345-gold-new-print-front-prodcut-shotHello OC Blog Readers! I am super excited to introduce you to our fabulous new corset, the CS-345. This corset has the contoured underbust and front center length of the 426, with a cut out for the hips that begins at the hip flexor to allow those with average torso lengths to comfortably wear and sit corseted.

It also has a narrower upper edge circumference (similar to the 411), but has a higher back to help avoid dreaded back bulge! The CS-345 measures 13″ front center and only 9″ on the side. The curve at the waist is the same as it is on the 426 and the 411-but with the hip cut out and smaller underbust you don’t need to have an extreme curve on your own. We have had several folks here from the slim-no natural curve to the super curvy try this corset and it has fit everyone marvelously! The top edge when fully closed will measure 5″ more than the waist, and the bottom edge 9-10 inches more.

The corset has 16 single steel bones spread throughout the corset. This provides a more345black cotton even pressure distribution than our double boned corsets. I like to use the analogy (albeit an extreme exaggeration) of lying on a bed of nails…you never see anyone lay on six nails! A bunch of nails closer together is much better than a dozen nails spread out-even distribution of pressure.

We think the new CS-345 will work for many different body types and will quickly become a fan favorite!  The Vintage Gold Newsprint will only be available as a limited edition. The other fabrics and colors will not include the snaps and will be suitable for daily waist training over or under clothing.

Check out this review posted 6/11/14 on this versatile new style from a customer:

 CS-345 TOTALLY ROCKS THE WARDROBE! 06/11/14 by Stephany C.

I just returned from a trip to find my new limited print CS-345 begging me to start conditioning YIPPIE! Now, I own every corset style OC makes and love each style for different uses. The CS-426 is fantastic for training and creating a long, lean elegant look over the hips, the CS-411 is versatile for travelling or required comfort over unusual outfits. The Waspie is a super every day alternative to a belt. But I have to say, in just one day the CS-345 corset became my fast favourite. This is OC corset #12 for me, but it’s #1 in my book. It’s like all the others rolled into one incredible design. Comfort for everyday use, fabulous fit, waist training, and a unique print that can be worn dressed up with a skirt/blouse or jeans and a t-shirt. I’m long bodied and curvy in the hips (38-31-41), so up to now the CS-426 was my favourite and I could even wear it comfortably on my motorcycle. But the 345 rounds over my hips dipping in the front perfectly and is long enough that I don’t have a breakfast sausage roll under bust or in the belly. It’s also comfortable for just about any activity, driving or riding a bike. I’m sure this will become the best seller and I will surely buy more colours as they come available. Thank you OC for making off the rack corsets that totally ROCK every piece in my wardrobe!

“Leslie” by Affinitas Bras: Full Figure Coverage in Leopard Print!

Super Sexy meets Super Comfortable

This bra is PURRFECT!

Cheri adorned in Orchard Corset

Hello OC Blog Readers! This is my LONG overdue review of the “Leslie” bra from the Parfait line of Affinitas lingerie (style #6501). I abso-frickin-lutely love this bra! I adore all of my Affinitas bras-but this is the most comfortable of the 4 or 5 I have tried. I have written reviews of the Charlotte and the Sophia and they are both comfortable-and the Sophia is great for wearing under T-shirts and fitted clothing (we will have that in black soon).  But the Leslie….

Is even more comfortable and can be worn discretely under just about any darker clothing..,fitted or not. I find the sizing to be similar to the Charlotte, but I went one cup size smaller as it has a fuller coverage cup (not so much of a push up) as the Charlotte (style #6901).  I asked some fitting advice from Cora (The Lingerie Addict) when she was here. She suggested than when you have ptosis (breasts that have succumbed to gravity) that you measure your underbust (which for me is 29.5″), and then instead of measuring the circumference of your full breast (36″ for me) while upright, take a “leaning” measurement instead. So if I bend over and take my full breast measurement I get about 37.5″.  Using the add a cup size for every inch rule that puts me in about a FF with the more accurate leaning measurement.

I am currently wearing in a size 32FF. I did try the 30G (a “sister size” to the 32FF) and it works, but I find the 32FF more comfortable to wear. I will have to work my way into the super snug band, which really does take a load off your shoulders! (For those of you wondering about sister sizIng…it’s getting about the same cup room moving up and down band sizes. So a 34D would have about the same cup room as a 32DD or a 36C.) As we here on this side of the Atlantic catch up in bra sizing and learn to wear tighter (more supportive) bands, we will find our cup sizes moving up as our band sizing moves down. We sized Renee as well. Her measurements were 34″ underbust and 40″ hanging full bust and the 34DD fits her great!

Leslie_Contour_Bra_6501_Boyshorts_6505_Animal_PrintBlack_cropThis is not only my favorite Parfait bra to date, but the favorite of Leanna (OC owner) and Jessica over at Pin Up Persuasion. We hope to add this in purple animal print soon! And a special THANK YOU to Old School Pin Ups for some amazing photographs of me wearing the 6501 “Leslie” from Parfait by Affinitas. We offer the matching high-waisted briefs and/or (why choose one?) sexy boy shorts with detachable garters.

parfait panty sizing