Orchard Corset Spring Blogger Invitational 2014

Lucy’s Corsetry, The Lingerie Addict, The Corset Authority & Strait-Laced Dame

Together at Orchard Corset Headquarters

Hello OC Blog Readers! We are excited and honored to once again play host to some of premiere authorities on corsets and waist training. Lucy from Invigorator_corsets1893Lucy’s Corsetry is returning along with some amazing new faces: Cora aka The Lingerie Addict, Brandy (Miss Miasma) and Scarlet from The Corset Authority, and Heidi aka The Straight Laced Dame (and guest moderator for The Corset Authority). We are honored and thrilled to welcome this beautiful bevy of wisdom and talent to Orchard Corset Headquarters in Wenatchee!

Most of our readers are quite familiar with the lovely Miss Lucy of Lucy’s Corsetry. In her own words “I’m a long-haired, piano-playing, corset-loving, health-obsessed nerd.” Lucy studied biochemistry in her undergrad and worked in a microbiology lab for several years, and she loves to combine her knowledge in health sciences with corsetry. Lucy plans to one day go back to school for degrees in dietetics and nutrition and then naturopathic medicine. Her Informational and instructional videos have over 11 million views-and over 40,000 subscribers! And if that isn’t enough, she is also one of the sweetest, caring people I know! We feel blessed to have such a great relationship with Lucy and appreciate how generous she is with her knowledge.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Cora, aka The Lingerie Addict, a few weeks ago when she popped over the mountains to visit our warehouse. Cora founded The Lingerie Addict in a tiny studio apartment in 2008, and it has since grown to become one of the most popular lingerie blog in the world with over 200,000 visitors per month, over 100,000 social media followers, and mentions on the websites for Vogue Italia, CNN, Fox News, Time, and Today. Cora currently resides in the Seattle area with her husband Nick, and when she’s not blogging about lingerie, she’s a passionate advocate social justice issues. The mantra of The Lingerie Addict is “lingerie for who you are,” no matter your size, shape, age, ethnicity, or sexuality.

Heidi, aka “Strait-Laced Dame” and guest moderator of The Corset Authority, is a young career woman in the infrastructure industry. She has made her mark in the online corset community as an example of how one can incorporate corsetry into daily life and professional wear. As an advocate for personal physical fitness, she also seeks to demonstrate how to maintain strength and endurance while pursuing a corseted lifestyle.

brandy headshot


Brandy aka  ”Miss Miasma”, along with Scarlet, is one of the two original moderators for The Corset Authority.  In addition to the design and layout of their site, Brandy’s work ensures the blog has a continuous stream of fresh content. She has been wearing corsets since she was 19 (4 years), but does not consider herself a waist trainer. I am especially excited to meet Brandy because I hear she has a degree in and passion for baking and pastry!

Dani aka Scarlet


Scarlet is the primary moderator and co-founder of The Corset Authority.  She has been waist training for 6 years and she is currently training for the world record for smallest waist!  In addition to her role on The Corset Authority, Scarlet is also sole moderator of the Facebook group The Scarlet Court, a heavily modded corset community group with a heavy stress of safe space and a sense of belonging. When she isn’t busy moderating or studying (did I mention she is also a student), Scarlet is the sole proprietor for L’amour-Propre, a hand-made brand focusing on making made to measure outfits for corseted waists with a focus on historical costuming and vintage reproduction. This year she will be moving into making full corsets and launching a bespoke line by 2015.

Once again Orchard Corset will host a round table discussion with all 5 of these women and will provide them full access to our warehouse and team. We have another brilliant photo shoot planned (“Hollywood Red Carpet”)-we will make sure to post a few BTS pics. And just time to share and learn with other industry exports with a passion for individuality and promoting confidence and acceptance for everybody. The week will culminate in Seattle at Old School Pin Ups for a Meet and Greet with Lucy and Cora.



The Lingerie Addict and Lucy’s Corsetry-Together!

Cora aka “The Lingerie Addict” and Lucy of “Lucy’s Corsetry

Meet & Greet Event at Old School Pin Ups!

Meet and Greet with Cora and LucyHello Fans and Friends! We are so very proud to be a part of history in the making here at Orchard Corset. As many of you know, we host Bloggers and Vloggers here at OC Headquarters in Wenatchee, WA to collaborate and learn with known experts in the corset community. This spring we will be hosting a returning favorite, Lucy (Lucy’s Corsetry) and have invited a few new-to-us fantastic ladies: Cora (The Lingerie Addict), Heidi (Strait Lace Dame), Dani & Brandy (The Corset Authority).

I will have a follow up blog for the Invitational coming soon, but right now I just want to focus on the culminating event that is open to the public.  Our loyal fans are very familiar with the phenomenal Lucy, but some of you might be unfamiliar with Cora. Cora, aka The Lingerie Addict,  is a well-respected blogger in the complex world of lingerie and hosts a bevy of brilliant writers on her blog.  Cora is almost local-as she hails from across the Cascade Mountain Range in Seattle, WA.  This proximity is what led to birth of an idea…Two Amazing Ladies-One Incredible Event!

Cora and Lucy will hold a “Meet & Greet” graciously hosted by Trixie and Lance at Old School old school pin upsPin Ups at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. The ladies will be there to answer questions, showcase products and visit with fans. We will have some hors d’oeurves and wine to please your pallets, and so many pretty corsets to please your other senses! This once in a lifetime event unfolds Saturday, March 22, 2014 from 3-6 PM PST. If you plan to attend, please let us know so we plan enough of everything!

Please join us for an afternoon of fun, inspiration and information. Cora and Lucy will be available for photographs and questions. Lance and Trixie will also be on hand should you find your inner Pin Up needs a chance to shine! We hope to see you there!

NEW Corset at OC! The CS-301 Wasp Mini Corset

The Perfect Waist “Cincher”


CS-301 wasp waist corsetHello OC Blog Readers! I am thrilled to announce the arrival of a new corset style here at Orchard Corset- CS-301 Wasp Mini Corset.  This too cute corset is so comfortable that it can be worn just about anywhere.

This corset is just 8 inches at the front and back and 7 inches down the sides. It has 12 spiral and flat steel bones, metal grommets and waist tape (all the good stuff you expect from Orchard Corset).  We currently have available in black satin, from a size 16-46 (that’s right…16!) We are anxiously awaiting samples in cotton, leather and other fabrics and colors-and expect to have this amazing satin print (seen below) on the shelves in the very near future!

I have no problem wearing this corset all day! What I really love about this corset is its versatility-curvy steel-boned waist trainer AND fashion accessory to make any outfit POP! I wore this out last night to a local wine bar and received tons of compliments (and remember, Wenatchee is a small farming community) Long or short, curvy or straight-this corset works for everyone! The CS-301 is the perfect addition to your corset collection…or perhaps the ideal gateway corset :).

video cs-301 vs CS-411

Calling All Pin Ups…to Old School Pin Ups in Seattle

Corsets and Shoes and Garters-OH MY!

The Ultimate Pin Up Experience

Hello Guys and Dolls! I had the most AMAZING experience last weekend and I had absolutely feel compelled to share it with our readers!  Orchard Corset and Old School Pin Ups have enjoyed a great relationship with our shared love of corsets and Rago Shapewear, but I had never had the pleasure of meeting Trixie and Lance and seeing the studio until I made the short trek (~2.5 hours) over to Seattle on Saturday.

pike placeTrixie and I have chatted much over emails…and I suspected would love her. I had no idea, however, just how fabulous and full of life she is until meeting her in person. My boyfriend, Gary, and I made our way up to the studio located right in the heart of the world-famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle on Post Avenue. Lance Wagner, photographer extraordinaire, was there to welcome us with his warm, gentle smile and professional demeanor.

I left Gary to chat with Lance while Trixie escorted me to her wardrobe and make up “boudoir” (OK, so it’s a just a room separated by a velvet curtain-but it was so “boudoirlicious”!).  Trixie has such a collection of corsets, bustiers, shoes, bras, panties, dresses and accessories that Victoria’s Secret would be jealous. Believe me when I tell you there is something for everyone and everyBODY! But first…we need hair and makeup.

curly cheriTrixie is an absolute genius with hot rollers-I had no idea my hair could do that! I really felt like an Old School Hollywood starlet.  Add some false lashes, garters and stockings and sensational shoes and I was in a time warp.  Trixie doesn’t allow her clients to do what we women do all too often-put ourselves down and pick apart our bodies.  She truly believes all women are beautiful, radiant beings-and she will have you believing the truth in that as well.

Now this transformation from modern woman to vintage pin-up takes some time…but you will love every minute of Trixie’s pampering! During this time Lance will is prepping and lighting sets. Did I mention there are many retro “sets” to choose from? Pink Poodle Kitchen, Tiki Room, Bachelor Pad, Round Vegas Bed,Bamboo Lounge, World of Tomorrow and more. (Now might be a good time to mention Old School Pin Ups also does a Retro Photography for couples and families – I can see next year’s family Christmas card-as the Cleavers. But I digress.) Lance is a master with camera and lighting. I almost enjoyed watching him work his magic as  I did watching Trixie work hers on me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now ladies, if you are concerned that will be embarrassed or too shy to parade around in garters and ruffle panties-don’t be! Trixie is your own personal cheerleader, and Lance has such a calm, quiet professionalism about him that puts you at ease immediately. He has a long resume and the quality of his photography is unparalleled.  Almost before you are redressed in your modern attire, Lance will have selected a bevy of beautiful photographs for your approval. The whole experience was so much more than I could ever have imagined or hoped it would be.

If you live anywhere near Seattle-GO! And if you don’t, well it has much to offer as a vacation destination and Old School Pin Ups is at the top of that list!

Corset 101: Firm vs Squishy

Not all bodies are created equal-

“Squishability” matters when sizing for a corset

skylar-cupcake-411-ivoryHello OC Blog Readers. We receive lots of emails, chats and social media sizing help requests. Often, we find that people are in between sizes or have sizing options based on the corset style, their goals and comfort level, and yes-how squishy they think they are. But what does that mean?

Really just what it sounds like. For example, someone who does core strength training several days a week and has a 30″ waist will likely be much firmer than someone with a 30″ who never works out. You will want to test out your squishy vs firm factor when you are relaxed, not with your abs fully engaged. Firm folks don’t necessarily need to be gym rats. Some people just have less “give” in their midsection than others. Since corsets work by cinching it at the waist, it only makes sense that those who are softer and more easily squish will be able to size down a bit more than someone who feels more solid.

human-ribsAnother consideration for determining your “squishability” is torso length. The area between your floating ribs and your high hip bone is malleable for everyone (firmer folks just take more time and effort to get there) as the tissue and organs in that region can move around quite easily-just like they do when you are pregnant. So if you have more distance, the corset may not meet any resistance like it will with someone with a much shorter torso. This is not necessarily a factor of height as my loyal blog readers know-tall people can have short torsos and vice-versa.

Here are some hard (or soft) numbers to help out. Right now over my dress I have a 28″ waist waist cropwith the tape measure just taught. I can pull the tape measure tight and get 26″ without too much struggle. I do have a longer torso which gives me a bit more “squishability”, but overall I am more on the firm side (all those hours at the gym fending off Father Time). My beautiful friend Julie stopped, and she went from almost 29″ down to 25″-so definitely more squishy than myself and sizes down to a 22 as well. I measured my lovely daughter (through her flannel shirt) and she went from 30 inches to 27 inches-so she has more squish factor than me..but not a lot.


Is this too tight?

Like much of OTR corset sizing, this is not an exact science. We all have difference tolerance levels for what is snug vs too tight. Squishability is more pertinent on smaller frames than plus-size women (or men) who tend to have more fluff. But you should not discount this factor. A 38″ waist can also be more firm or more squishy. Remember, just because you can’t start off sizing down more doesn’t mean you cannot achieve that goal through waist training.


Valentine Day Pin-It to Win-It Sweepstakes

Boost Your Boudoir with Orchard Corset

$250 Shopping Spree

Hello OC Blog Readers! I am super excited to announce our first ever Pinterest Contest-as we continue to give back to our fabulous OC family in 2014. Everyone and Everybody can feel sexy and alive (seriously I am a 46-year-old mother of two)! We want to help TWO lucky Pinners spice up their wardrobe this Valentine’s Day.

pin it video

                                                                  Entry Form

The contest rules are easy: 1) Follow us on Pinterest 2) Create an Orchard Corset board on your page and pin at least 10 items from OrchardCorset.com 3) Complete the entry form. You could be the lucky recipient of a $250 shopping spree at OC! Bras, hosiery, gloves, garters, laces and of course CORSETS!

pinterestThe contest launches January 21, 2014 and will run through February 13, 2014, 12 Midnight PST. Then at 12 Noon PST on February 14, 2014 using we will announce two lucky Pinners who will each win a $250 gift card to OrchardCorset.com. We will use random.org to generate our lucky winners.  So follow, pin and enter to win!


Win a Trip to Orchard Corset Headquarters!

Welcome to our January Corset-a-Day Giveaway

and your chance to be an OC VIP!

Hello OC Blog Readers! I am so excited to write this blog and share this amazing news! Jeff, OC owner, has decided to do something amazing for our wonderful fans and customers to bring in the New Year. We have been blessed this year at Orchard Corset and we want to say THANK YOU to all of you!

jeffs video giveaway

We are suspending our Weekend Corset Giveaways for the month of January. WHAT?! I can almost hear the gasps of shock and horror! Don’t despair OC Family-because instead we will be giving away one corset EVERY DAY in the month of January. You will only need to enter once during the month as we will do a random.org selection every day using entries from the entire month.

Amazing, right? But there is MORE. On the 31st of January we will be selecting one lucky fan to be an OC VIP. That’s right-an all expenses paid trip to OC Headquarters in Wenatchee, WA USA!


You read that right-3 days (almost) and 3 nights in beautiful Wenatchee from April 16-19, 2014. Well how can I enter?, you ask. Simple-when you enter for the corset-a-day giveaway you will have an opportunity to enter the OC VIP contest as well. We are asking for a short essay (150 words or less) to tell us “Why you would like to be an OC VIP.”

All the rules and eligibility requirements will be posted on the entry page once the contest launches January 1st. Good Luck and Happy New Year to ALL!