More Crafty Cosplay: DIY Embellished Steampunk Corset

Clearanced Corset + Inexpensive Add-Ons

= Super Affordable Steampunk Corset!


Hello OC Blog Readers! Leanna is at it again-creating brilliance on a budget! This blog really only needs pictures…but I do love to talk :). We have a fun CS-301 mini waspie in a vintage gold newsprint (perfect for this) that we have clearanced (we had LOTS) to make room for new styles.

Seriously…just find some cool stuff at your local craft store and a few gold and silver safety pinsproduct tags and VOILA! Did I mention cheap accessories?  Are you seeing these prices? Most of these were under $3! Charms, belt and pouch were all under $15 and the corset is on sale for $45 (while supplies last!) The holes you create with those safety pins will not magically disappear when you remove them…so keep that in mind as you select your corset for cosplay renovation.  Your imagination is really your only limit! We would love to see what you create-make sure to share on our social media channels!

You Asked ‘em, We Answered

Questions to Orchard Corset’s First Live Q and A
Twitter Session!

Oh…and the Answers Too!

questions-answersOn Wednesday, August 20th, several members of our wonderful Orchard Corset family joined four of our fabulous, OC staffers for our first Twitter Q and A session. Lots of great questions were asked, a few awesome corsets were given away and much fun was had.

@orchardcorset: We’re LIVE for our first @orchardcorset #qanda!! Tweet your questions for the next hr & we’ll answer them! Use #ocqna #askallthequestions

Q: Does the cs-345 corset fit most body styles or is it like the cs-426 corset, where it only fits longer torsos?
A:  it’s the best of both worlds. Shorter and less hip spring. But some length in the front and same underbust cut.

Q: What made you want to start making corsets?
A: We don’t-we design them and they are made for us by skilled craftsman (and women) in Pakistan.

Q: Would you consider making a “longline” for short torsos? Like 11″ or 12″? The 345 is still too long :(
A: We have a prototype of our cs-426 in a shorter version on its way as we tweet! Very similar lines to our classic 426.

Q: Do you guys ever plan to get more corsets in with prints/patterns?
A: We have a couple of limited edition prints coming right now! Purple and Turquoise Paisley in the 411 and the 426.   **NOTE: They’re here now**

Q: timid about the mesh corset you guys have, I sort of worry that it’ll squish my fat strangely. Thoughts?
A: We haven’t noticed or received any feedback about that so you should be good. It’s a fabulous corset!

Q: Could you wear the mesh (mini wasp and the other sizes coming out) without a liner underneath? A: You can, but you still face the sweat and body oil issue, we still recommend a liner with our #cs201 (& upcoming mesh)

Q: what is your best selling corset style and size?
A: the #cs426 black satin size 24!

twitter q and aQ: what is it like being an employee at OC?
A: (Renee) It’s a dream come true! It’s such a fun team, products & customers. Everyday is different!
A: (Sky) Amazing! I love what I do and the people I work with. I get to be myself- wild, fashion forward, and creative!

Q: who wears the most corsets at work or do you all wear them on the job?
A: It’s either Skylar or Renee. The other ladies do too, but they (R&S) are the most active corset wearers.

Q: how do you make such quality products?
A: We have high quality control standards from our manufacturers-and they back up their work! We run efficiently and are…

Q: How do you guys sit around all those corsets all day without going crazy?
A: We don’t really. We have access to them & receive a great discount (plus, we get to test the new ones for R&D).

Q: Are you guys gonna be doing more things on twitter now? A: lol! We are definitely working on expanding our Social Media team so we can cover our platforms more consistently.

Q: Is there any news on a new over bust corset for fuller busts?
A: we released it earlier this month! Its called the #cs530 and it is AMAZING!! Super comfy and very *ahem* roomy.

Q: Are you going to do a more gothic-style corset with fancier clasps?
A: We have added the #cs-345 with buckles and are looking into some new steampunk styles in the future.

tess-red-411-train-station-Q: How did you guys team up with such great models like Tess Munster? I love her!
A: internet research. They either find us or we find them and if we’re interested, we start a relationship.

Q: How do usually come up with ideas for photo shoots?
A: The marketing team does a lot of brainstorming & pop culture research. We have some super fun stuff in the works..

Q: How was the move? Is it a dream come true?
A: Exhausting but SO worth it! Everything is so organized and we have more space than we know what to do with!

Q: If you had to pick your favourite corset that has EVER been carried by your company, which would you pick?
A: (renee) We had a black/green brocade overbust I’ve had for years and still wear to this day. A: (Skylar) Leopard print #cs511. Hands down! Love love love! I feel so pin up in it and I can wear it with anything!

Q: Do you get any celeb customers? If so, any favorites? A: We do, but for privacy, we can’t divulge that information. Sorry!
A: (but we did provide many corsets to a particular material girl we cannot name)

Q: The people who make your corsets (in Pakistan), are they paid fair wages…? I would hope yes!
A: The stitchers and crafts people are highly skilled and therefore earn about 3 times the minimum wage (and get free lunch)…

Q: Which model is your favorite corset to wear and why?
A: (renee) the #cs201 or the leather #cs411 are by far my most popular I own.
A: (Sky) its a toss up between my #cs426 and my #cs411! I use my 426 for photo shoots & my 411 is my go to waist training corset.

Q: What is it like working with Lucy from Lucy’s Corsets. SHE is Awesome!
A: Lucy Lucy's Corsetrywas so incredible and SO smart. We were a little starstuck. We had a blast and look forward to her next visit!

Q: You mentioned in one of your videos about a collaboration with Lucy on a level 4 corset. How is that going?
Q: How are the collaboration between @Orchardcorset and Lucy’s Corsets coming along? A: Yes! I should have the second version of that prototype in my hands very soon (like next week). We are super excited!…

Q: Do you guys have something up your sleeves for upcoming contests? I missed out on the trip.
Q: do you have any future plans for vip visits or tweetups?
A: Nothing on the books yet…our new house isn’t quite ready for company!

Q: Would you ever consider running a design contest among customers?
A: hmmmm….interesting idea. We hadn’t really thought about that, but we will now!

Q: I’m new to corsets and corseting. Can corsets help out with back pain and poor posture due to a large chest size?
A: Definitely! Many of our customers find relieve with back pain with corseting!

Q: What is the most challenging thing you guys face working at OC?
A: Its hard to get any real work done because we have so much fun! Seriously!

Q: How have the Bra sales been going @orchardcorset? Will you be getting more styles or sticking with a limited selection for now?
A: Great! The #affinitas brand is amazing for all of us hard to fit women. We hope to add more styles as we have time to…

Q: Do you guys have plans on some holiday prints?
A: no plans for holiday prints BUT we do have some holiday surprises coming up! Stay tuned!

Q: What is the Boss like? goofball
A: (Skylar) hysterical! Jeff is so much fun to be around! I’ve learned so much from him! Friend, mentor, goofball!
A: (renee) kindest, fairest, most generous PUN LOVING person Ive met. He is the reason our c.s. standards are so high
A: (Cheri) They are the most amazing people EVER! Have allowed me to really grow into my own and discover many latent…[talents I didn't know I had. And, more about bacon that I ever did before].

Q: Do you guys dream about corsets? Lol
A: we all do! lol But often it’s nightmares on not doing things right for you all!

Q: who is one person you guys want to work with in the future?
A: (amy) @adamlevine …I’d LOVE to corset that guy!
A: (renee) I would love to get @stevienicks in one of our corsets!
A: (Skylar) @masuimimax I would LOVE to work with her. Gorgeous and super talented!
A: (Cheri) @adamaofficial What can I say…we go WAAAY back :)

Q: What is it like living in Wenatchee?
A: (Cheri) One of the most beautiful places-hiking, rafting, skiing…EVERYTHING! And over 300 days of sunshine-with a REAL…
A: (Skylar) beautiful but small- I’m from Miami. Its nice to live in a tight knit community, everyone knows EVERYONE!
A: (renee) a bit small so not much nightlife, but you make your own fun. And, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Q: I know the market probably isn’t huge but will you carry Men’s Corsets? (Speaking of @adamlevine)
A: We actually are looking into that. The 305 works alright, but isn’t very long. I have a prototype, but need some…

IMG_0354Q: Cheri seems so fun but about her business…what do u guys think? Did I nail it?
A: She is SOOOO fun (though she goes to bed too early)! We all do pretty good at having fun but getting things done

Q: If you could use ONE word to describe your job, what would it be?
A: (Skylar) Tight…. both literally and metaphorically! haha
A: (amy) #BestJobEvah!

Q: What was your FAVOURITE photoshoot ever? :)
A: (Skylar) The candy land shoot was my favorite! So colorful-candy for days. I was cleaning glitter off me for a week.

Q: have any of you tried making your own corset by hand?
A: (Skylar) I’m learning how…and working up the courage. I’m not that good yet! I end up frustrated and eating ice cream.

renee betty tinaQ: how do you find your models? I’d kill to model I corset!
A: The local girls are employees (who just happen to be BEAUTIFUL!). The others we’ve approached or they’ve approached us. 

Q: How do you choose sizes 4 your models in photos? Corsets that are within the 4-inch reduction range, more or less?
A: (Sky) its up to each model and what they wear. I personally do about a 6-8 inch reduction but thats normal for me.

Q: Can we hear a compliment you’d give to the last person (that you work with) that you talked to? :) 
A: (renee) I talked to the amazing @ChicagoChicBlog today. She is absolutely beautiful! And, her blog is well written.
A: (Skylar) I just helped a gal named Brittany with her #cs201 and she is a PEACH! I also helped my momma… bias!

Q: What do y’all think is the “next step” in corsetry?
Q: (Elaborating on my last question) What do y’all think is the corsets of the future will be like? 
A: Corsets becoming more mainstream.

Q: Would you ever do a Edwardian-esque photo shoot?
A: It’s always an option. And, a great idea!

Q: The hour is almost over already! I hope this becomes a regular thing! (No question)
A: I think we can make that happen!

Danielle-school-girl-411-white-with-chalkboardQ: Any final thoughts before we’re done for tonight?
(Skylar) I have so many! Mostly just thank you, everyone! We wouldn’t be who/what we are without you all!
A: (renee) You guys are the best! I love seeing the #facebook posts, #Instagram pics & #tweets. Loved reading these?


Missed participating this time? Don’t worry! We had so much fun we’ll have another Q and A session soon.

Crafty Cosplay: How to Paint Your Way Into a Unique Steampunk Corset


On the hunt for the perfect Steampunk Corset?

DIY in as little as 10 minutes!

"Edwina Scissorhands"

“Edwina Scissorhands” 

Hello OC Blog Readers! Would you believe the “Edward Scissorhands” on the left is really our own lovely Alma? And would also believe that she is wearing a CS-305 black leather corset-painted silver?! Leanna discovered a quick and easy way to turn an ordinary leather corset (not that there is anything “ordinary” about our leather corsets) into an extraordinary piece of art!

All you need is an some metallic finish craft paint (can be found in any craft store) and a couple of soft cotton rags or cloths (cloth diapers work great!).  Remove the laces from the corset and lay out your two halves on some plastic. Leanna  recommends wearing rubber gloves to keep your skin paint free.  Once you have all your supplies gathered you are ready to create a stunning steampunk corset.

Use one piece of cloth to dip into the jar of paint and rub in metallic paintcircular motions over a corset panel. Use the clean cloth to wipe away any excess and create any particular design or texture. The paint dries very fast so you need to work quickly in one localized area (like a corset panel-depending on the size of your corset).  I have attached a quick video clip of Leanna “painting” a brown leather CS-301 (steampunk paint video). The paint does not impact the suppleness of the leather-which really surprised me!

steampunk paint accents sharpieLeanna also dabbled with some fun Sharpie colors for a more customizable look to your steampunk dream corset.  This is a (clearance) CS-305 brown leather with a little champagne colored metallic paint and metallic Sharpie marker designs. Again-this craftiness does not impact the suppleness of the lambskin leather. Think about the endless possibilities! We will have a blog out soon about using fabric dye on white satin corsets for that perfect color to accent your (non-steampunk) special occasion or cosplay needs!  We would love to see pics from our customers on any OC corset customizations-please share on our social media :)


Waist Training 101: How Long Before I See Results?

Want to train your waist? What is the “average” time?

THE OC Waist Training FAQ (Video Blog)

Hello OC Blog Readers! This must be one of our most challenging FAQ’s asked of our Customer Care Team. It seems everyone wants a finite timeline to waist training success. Anyone who has ever entered into a long-term commitment knows the path is different for each us.

If you pay for gym membership-would you expect the trainers to know when you achieve your fitness goals? Of course not! The act of buying a gym membership does guarantee anything. How many hours a week will you work out? Will you adapt healthier eating habits? How rigorous will your workouts be? How consistent will your workouts be? Will your family genetics help or hinder your progress?

mesh 201 black crop

No waist training

You can see how quickly each of these variables will affect your individual timeline. The same is true for waist training. How many hours a day will you wear your corset (this can range from just a few hours to up to 23 hours per day)? How many days each week? Do you plan to incorporate diet and/or exercise into your waist training regiment (as opposed to just the body modification aspect of waist training)? Will your genetics help or hinder your progress? I do not waist train, per se, but I wear corsets with some regularity at work (and for special occasions)

Wool Skirt and blouse

Sarah Christman-serious waist trainer

In short, there is no “average” time it takes to see results. We hear from customers who lose an inch the first week (out of their corset), I would not consider this typical, but it happens often enough to not be a fluke. Others find it takes weeks to notice even a small difference outside of their corset. Everyone notices their amazing new figure in a corset-but most who engage in waist training are looking for changes once the corset comes off. It is important to remember that even once you reach your goal, maintenance waist training is necessary to keep your new curves (for most people anyway-I had one gal comment on a blog that she has not corseted in two years and still has her modified waist-but that certainly is NOT the norm).

Waist training is not a sprint. It takes time and dedication to achieve lasting results-like all good things in life!

Go Live With Orchard Corset on Twitter!

Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!

 OC Answers All Your Questions During Our First Twitter Q&A

All the questionsWe’re excited to announce we’re hosting our very first Twitter Q&A!! On Wednesday, August 20th, from 5-6 p.m. PDT, join Cheri (R&D/COO), Renee (Social Media Manager) and Skylar (Customer Relations/Sizing Expert) as the ladies answer your questions – LIVE!

This Q&A is a great opportunity to ask us anything corset, sizing or Orchard Corset related! You ask, we’ll answer! It’s that easy (you don’t even need to raise your hand). Just tweet your questions and be sure to include #ocqna so we’ll see it.

Who has a question?

We’ll be answering as many questions as we possibly can during the hour and at the end we’ll pick one lucky participant to win a fabulous Orchard Corset prize!

If you’re not on Twitter, simply click here to sign up. Once you’ve registered, or if you already are, follow us @orchardcorset. We’re excited to hear from you and we’ll talk to you on August 20th!

50 Shades of Safe

Corsets Go Kink

The dark side of the lace

CS-411Hello OC blog family! Skylar here with a fun, informative and just awkward enough blog- You’ll want to stick around for this.

As the world transitions from the ‘50 shades of Grey’ book craze and moves rapidly into the ‘50 shades’ movie craze (don’t act like you don’t have a countdown going) we have begun to get a plethora of questions and ‘how-to’ instructions on corsets in BDSM. Since this is something that, if done carelessly or without instruction, can cause harm- I felt like now was as good of time as any to address BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism); as it pertains to the corset world, head on.


As with any book/movie frenzy, people are introduced to something they didn’t know existed, or CS-411in the case of ‘50 Shades of Grey’, it is painted in a new light that makes it more appealing than previously regarded. I loved when the book came out because at the very least, it mainstreamed something that for years has been considered taboo and thus, was kept “underground”.

Now that having been said, let me make this clear: BDSM is no joke! You can and will get hurt (or hurt someone else) if you don’t know what you are doing!

Its like driving around a car without ever having driven one before and with no instruction. You may be the driver (dominant), you may be the passenger (submissive) but if you don’t know what you are doing, both of you are at risk.

I have an extensive background in BDSM and have also previously taught classes/on-line seminars on the safety end. I wanted to share this with you because in the past week or so I have come across questions such as:

“Do you make a corset that locks?”

“I’m using my corset for S&M- Do you have any tips?”

“If I’m using this for _______ how many yards of laces do I need?” 

“I’m using _____ of _______ and this happened- is that normal?”


I’m trying to keep it PG, folks- But you see where this is headed. So while I educate our sizing experts so that they can help answer these types of questions, you cant fake experience so I also want to extend this offer: I am an expert in this field (both as a participant and an educator), I’m not at all shy about that and I would rather use my information to teach people so they can practice BDSM safely, rather than guess at it. My name is Skylar S., my email is If you have any questions, want to try something new, need to know how to change your corseting/lacing habits to fit your new needs or anything else you can think of- you are welcome to write me and I will do my very best to introduce and educate you on safety in BDSM.


A New Overbust Corset at OC-the CS-530

Looking for the Perfect Overbust Steel Boned Corset?

Versatile, sexy and comfortable-CS-530

Hello OC Blog Readers! I am thrilled to announce the arrival of a new overbust corset with plenty of style-and a design that will work for many different shapes and sizes. This double steel boned beauty boasts 24 spiral and flat steel bones to cinch, shape and support. We will initially offer this new style in a black and a white satin, black brocade and black with purple brocade. GORGEOUS!

The CS-530 is a little shorter than the CS-511, especially on the side as we cut the hip and out of this corset (similar to what we did with the CS-345) to allow a wider variety of body types to fit this corset (check out the video). The cup comes up high enough to keep the girls secure, and this height continues around the back to help avoid the under arm and back bulge. The dimensions are: Center Busk: 15″, Center Bustline: 16″, Side 11.5″, Back 12.5″. The bottom edge sits about where the 411 does (except the 530 has more of a point at the center) The Silhouette Level works for both a 2 and a 3 with the hip cutout. On the prototype size 22: Waist 22″, Bottom 31.5″, Top 30″.

The above photos feature the lovely Julie. We had several women here of different frames (but who all wear a size 22) try the sample black satin 530. It fit everyone: Alma with her slim build, Jasmine and her slim physique and shorter torso, and myself-full of ample curve and a longer torso. Admittedly I was unable to close the top as much (a definite “V” shape), but I do wear a 32 F cup!

But the higher cups would at least allow me to wear the corset for a special occasion.  It is a very comfortable corset to wear and we excited to have an alternative to the CS-511, as that is not a corset that works for everyone. Check out the stunning new CS-530 collection!